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2013 Independence Day Party

John’s Happy Tails Report
6/24/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes A View From The Volunteer’s Kennel.

First order of business is a subject very near to my heart, actually directly below it, occupying most of the space between there and my […]

Full to the Brim. . .

Our kennel and our schedules are full to the brim!  And do we have some great dogs! Truck Report. . .  First, let me tell […]

Lots of things I ought to mention…

Okay, I get lazy because John does such a great job on the weekly kennel report and  I don’t push myself to get a “Michelle […]

Tis the Season – for losing dogs!

It seems to be the season for losing dogs.  We have had one after another.  The latest one, Lulu (Tb’s No Limit) was found safely […]

Our Golden Girls – the Sweetest Pair

We have a pair of very special dogs in our kennel that are being overlooked.  They are M’s Pretty Lori (sometimes called Stella) and Dynamic […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
6/9/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel Told Quickly Because Sometimes The Dogs Are Gone Before They Arrive.

If it’s at all possible for me to be brief, this will be the best chance yet to find out, it’s late Sunday, I’m ready […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
6/3/13 Happy Tails From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes From Behind The Tail Of An Escaped Fleeing Greyhound.

“And a-wayyyy we go.” Heard countless times by those of us old enough to remember seeing the Jackie Gleason show, ‘The Honeymooners’, one of the […]