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2013 – Already? All Ready!

Oh my!  It’s already a week after New Years.  If this year continues at this whirlwind pace, it’s going to sweep me away in the tidal wave of dogs and paperwork!

tempOn New Year’s Eve,  I slept.  On New Year’s Day, well rested (for me),  I reflected.  I get caught up in the current needs and that’s not going to change.  But for now, I want to tell you that in 2013  I am especially grateful for – – –
•    starting the new year with 4 deliveries on the first day. A good compliment to placing 200 dogs in 2012.
•    my husband and family that support this silly dog business. But mostly for my husband, Jerry, who complains about my over-involvement but went out at 1 AM on New Years Eve to help find a lost dog and made room for our 6th dog to get on his couch.
•    our new, beautiful greyhound print curtains in the office that brighten our weekends courtesy of the Iredale family overseen by Killer Lizzie.  No more faded palm trees!
•    that we are starting to work with a few small groups to move dogs up into the northeast.  17 dogs will leave for Connecticut and New Jersey this Friday. Bon Voyage, my babies!
•    our first large donation for 2013 is sitting in our driveway – a 2006 Nissan Altima.  Now I have to figure out how to sell it for maximum value.  Suggestions accepted!
•    this year (December 2013) Jerry will be stepping into retirement, a healthier, happier man with more time to be an active president with FoG.
•    all the people who understand how special these greyhounds are and how badly they need our help to transition from track to home, and to stay in their homes or find new homes.  Strangers, adopters, friends, neighbors, relatives, thank you for things left on our doorstep anonymously, received in the mail, recurring donations and one time checks, and for random batches of students that show up at the kennel with collections of things we need. Greyhounds bring out the special people!  Sometimes whole families of them!
•    this computer age that lets us reach out to the world and for the wonderful people who make it work so well for FoG. Jerry Berlin, our webmaster, repairman, search engine guru and so much more, had his own greyhound website before we did!  (See

And I am thankful for all of you who read our blog and continue to support us in so many ways and there is so much more.  I am long winded and I could go on and on. But I need to be off and running for 2013!  Come on out and take over a project. We are one of the last of the “all donation, all volunteer” charitable organizations out there.  The new laws and gimmicks make it harder and harder to exist.  But if we can hang on until we run out of dogs, that’s all we ask!