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2007 Holiday Wish List

>Landscaper/ Gardener: Someone to make us a pretty spot at the kennel where we can photograph the dogs for our Internet listings.
Our Database: Still looking for someone to take information about dogs and vet care and adoptions and put it into an interlinked computer database. Is there an Access guru out there with some time?
Web Auction Person: We’d like to get into some online auctions. We’ll need computer work, help getting donated items and managing delivery & thank yous.
Track Table:
We are required by law to sit at the Mardi Gras/ Hollywood dog track Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Two people have been covering this for a very long time but we’re about to lose one of them. Could you work a night every other weekend, maybe? You can take your own dog.
Seamstress/ Sewing Person: We have an accumulation of machine sewing that needs to be done. It’s not complicated but there’s getting to be a lot of it. And we’d love to find someone to make fleece d
og coats for the shop. We had a batch of them made a while ago that sold like crazy. I have patterns and a sample.
For The Dogs: I asked them what they wanted and they said “Squeaky toys and dog cookies.” There are othe
r mature things they can use (floor cleaners, laundry soap, food add-ins like rice, mackerel & veggies, etc.) but in reality, the holidays are all about the fun things aren’t they? They want plush Squeaky toys and lots of dog cookies!
Land To B
uild a Kennel: Four to seven acres of Agricultural land (preferably Broward) to build a kennel of our own someday. We envision a complex to house and adopt out retired racing greyhounds seven days a week and house all the subsidiary things to support and compliment that. We would still run the weekends at Florida Kennels but we may not always have use of that building and we need to be prepared. We can serve the community while saving greyhounds. We have a plan. We need a place. That would be the best present ever.
Lots More
Adopters: We have a virtually unlimited supply of wonderful greyhounds who need good homes. Most of our current dogs are ready for delivery. If you have adopted from us before, you’re eligible to take a dog for a “free home trial”. See you at the kennel!