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>We Need A HERO

We need someone to do the hardest job ever.
Are you the person we’re looking for?
Qualified applicant will have…
  • A home with room for one more greyhound.
  • LOTS of time to love and spoil a special dog.
  • No cats or small dogs.
  • Prefer a home in Broward but may consider other.
  • Fenced yard so leash walking is minimized.

This is a temporary job that will only last a few weeks or months. This is the hardest job in the whole world and you’ll never forget it.

The Greyhound Prayer: Lord, when I die, please let it be as a pet so someone will remember me.

S Go Unruly is a handsome red brindle boy who has been in the kennel waiting for adoption since his arrival in September 2007. About a year ago we decided that perhaps this sweet, easy going boy who no one ever even considered was being held back by his name so we began calling him Rudy. It still hasn’t helped.

This week Rudy developed a lump on his nose and some discharge. We thought dental problems or sinus. But x-rays and our vet told us there is a lump above the roof of his mouth and it is osteosarcoma (cancer). We are still awaiting some test results and we may take the tests to a specialist for further evaluations so we know what to expect. But, at this time, what we know for sure is that Rudy only has a few weeks or possibly months left with us.

Please don’t let this sweet, playful boy die in a kennel. He is not cat or small dog tolerant but he’s a real love. We’re looking for someone to adopt him (no charge) and love him for the rest of his life. We will handle the vet costs, food, supplies and whatever you need. We’d all love to do this job but we have committments and would not be able to give him the attention he truly deserves. He’s eating well and loves to run and play. He kind of makes some snorting noises sometimes and on bad days, he has a runny nose and it may become bloody. That’s about it for now. He’s on some medications but make meatballs with his dog food and he wolfs it right down. We’ll provide food, meds, etc. Can you find room in your home for one more dog? Can you love him and spoil him and then kiss him goodby?

I told you it was the hardest job. Please call me (Michelle) at 954-937-9663 if you’re the adopter we’re looking for. Please be our Hero.

PS – I know I may not be able to find just the right person for Rudy but I had to try. We only need one person with some time and some love after all. If you can’t help Rudy by taking him, we’d really appreciate a donation towards his special needs and those of the other special dogs we care for. Donations are slow, adoptions are slow but the vet bills keep going. Can you help? Please?

Follow up report: Rudy spent Saturday, 2/13, at the kennel to say goodby to all of his friends and that night (after a long cold day at Ren-Fest) we drove him to his new home in West Lake Worth. The Nothhelfer family already has 3 greyhounds and a shepherd mix. They have a lovely home and a huge, wonderful fenced yard that is a greyhound heaven. The house is littered with big fluffy beds and they have a reputation for taking in the older, returned dogs. They are close to the local vet who they tell me is the greyhound go-to vet for the area and a family friend. We officially adopted Rudy to them so he has a real home now. We are however going to handle all of his medical costs (we’re hoping Dr. Miller will be gentle with us). Rudy loves squeaky toys and we took a big stash of them for him to share with the family. They will keep in touch with us as things develop. Thank all of you for your offers of help and support. We think this was our best choice for him.

Another Follow up: On Thursday, March 25th, Jerry & I visited Rudy in his new home while on our way to Orlando. The tumor on his nose and face was quite large but he ran and played catch and showed us how much he loved his new home. The Nothhelfers obviously loved him so much. The house was decorated for Easter and Rudy’s tumor caused his nose to drip blood. Rose joked as she followed Rudy around while he sniffed a shelf full of little bunny decorations and she followed with a paper towel to wipe the blood drips off. It was their ritual “sniffing of the bunnies” that occurred about three times a day. They let us have some of the recent photos (he is so handsome!) and showed us the little pillow with lavender oil that seems to help him breathe and sleep better. His breathing was a hoarse sound that was already hard to listen to. We kissed him goodby, knowing it was probably our last visit.

The very next day, the vet said that the tumor was pressing on his tongue and he was amazed that Rudy could eat and breathe. It was time to say goodbye. Rudy is now lovingly buried in the back yard so that he can stay with his family forever. Jerry and I are so grateful that we had that one last visit. And I treasure those photos. Tim and Rose Nothhelfer are some of the toughest and most loving people I have ever met. I thank God for sending them to us and to Rudy. Rudy got a wonderful, loving home if only for a few weeks. We wish we could have done better for him, sooner. See you at the bridge, Rudy!


  1. Anonymous says:

    >I have four dogs at the house, and even though we only had him about six weeks I still miss Rudy. He lived for walks and weekends when I'm off from work.
    When his time came on a Friday morning made it all harder. And then it rained the whole time I prepared his place in our back yard. He was a really good companion with excellent manners. He never complained.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Tim and Rose what a blessing for Rudy. For him to be able to spend his last days with a truly loving family. Tears are streaming down my face as I read this story. I know he is in the best place now. R.I.P. Rudy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Tim & Rose – you are truly angels for giving Rudy a home, if only for a little while. God bless you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    >God Bless these wonderful people for giving this boy a loving home in his final days. Please keep us updated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Can you also give us an update on ride'em fella, did he find a home?

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Michelle, I would take him in a minute if I still lived in Florida. I pray someone adopted Rudy already. xoxozoe