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September Events

Adoptions have been busy. Seems like once we got past Labor Day, people settled in again and decided to look at dogs. It has been a bit of a handicap not having the open house our people are used to, but with a little flexibility, we’re making it work. Last week, Keltie got a home but that one was easy. Steve Holloway had been fostering her and he “flunked fostering”. Keltie is part of his family permanently now. Also last week, Acehigh Jessie was made official by her new mom Jennifer and she’s a full time resident of Weston now! Homeless Boy is no longer homeless as of Thursday night when he got a mom and her two lovely daughters to offer him a place in their hearts. We all wish him lots of luck. He’s had it tough and to give a home to a big black dog with a broken leg that’s still healing and still limping, that’s one special family.

The fun continues, too. I’ve had very serious calls about Benny of Ruckus and Shotgun Red. Plus today Jerry & I drove part way up to turnpike to meet a couple of previous adopters who now live in Gainesville. We met halfway to adopt CV’s Candy to them. We thought she had an app last week but the people who submitted the application wouldn’t return a call or an email so we had to presume they changed their minds. So when Bill and Terry were looking for a girl to go with their 11 year old boy, it was a perfect match. Bill does painted signs and sells them at craft festivals. Many of you have seen some of his work in our old office. Remember my sign – “Kids must be on a leash”? That came from Bill. He gave us a whole big box of his goodies to sell at our raffles and auctions. You’re going to LOVE them! My favorite is “In Dog Beers, I’ve only had One!” (Makes sense to me!) You’ll see a bunch of them at the Dog Dude Ranch BBQ.

We are still pushing hard to get a kennel for the dogs. We are asking you to dig as deeply as you can to support this effort. And there are lots of ways to do that, too. Yes, we need cash, checks and credit cards. But I mean other actual ways to help build the down payment. We’re doing all kinds of events and fundraisers. Spread the word to the friends and neighbors and co-workers. Tell your vet and the petsitter to come. We’re trying to have things in all three counties so everyone has a chance to party with the pups. If you have ideas of where we could do something, let me know! Our party at Funky Buddha Brewery was wonderful fun and raised good money. Let’s repeat that again and again and get into that kennel! For the immediate future, we have:

  • GREYT TUESDAY AT YOLO on Las Olas – This hot spot is going to the dogs from 6 to 8 pm on Tuesday (Sept 9). For a $10 or $20 donation you’ll receive a free drink, appetizers and raffle tickets. We’ll have lots of goodies there and well behave, leashed dogs will be allowed on the porch with you. Strut your pooch on the patio. We’ll see you there!

  • POT LUCK BBQ AT THE RANCHSee the flyer in our events area. For your $20 donation and bring a dish, you’ll have BBQ chicken and ribs, baked beans and whatever other wonderful goodies our people bring. And if you’ve ever been to one of our weekend parties – a pot luck BBQ should be wonderful! Your $20 ticket (which you can purchase online on our website) also gets you all your beverages which are expected to be soft drinks, beer and wine (for adult guests) And we’ll have lots and lots of tables of silent auctions. We are aiming for 100 auction items. The ranch itself is a delight to see and the dogs will have a ball running around. We will require all dogs be on leash unless in the designated off-leash (fenced) area. It will be lots of greyhounds but other breeds can come too. (Okay – no cats. Gotta have some limit!) It’s going to be so much fun.

  • AMERICA’S BACKYARD HAPPY HOURS – yes, we’re doing lots of happy hours but this one is a lot more than a happy hour. First of all, it’s FIVE hours on Friday September 26th.. America’s Backyard is letting us sell a $20 drink ticket which will get you 2 for 1 drinks and some other especially priced drinks from 5 to 10 pm. There will be lots of raffles, goodies & giveaways. They’re promoting this on WKIS Kiss Country Radio (my station!) and they are going all out for us!!! I’m so excited. It’s going to be one heck of a party. And this is a very large, very popular venue. Should be just great!

We’re looking for other new places to have parties so let me know if you have ideas. And make sure you bring friends and neighbors to our events. Feel free to post our flyers on bulletin boards at work or school, too. We are also doing some other things. We’ve had a few items donated that Jerry (Mr. President) is attempting to sell on Ebay. Keep us in mind if you have an old car that you’d like to donate (we have a very easy vehicle donation system in place) or a collectible we could sell or auction or if you have or can get things that would make good raffle items or silent auction pieces. (Autographed goodies are extra special!) Yes, we have a learning curve in all this fundraising but we can do anything if that’s what it takes to get a place for these dogs.

And speaking of the dogs – we’ve come full circle in this blog. Please be sure to browse our available dogs list once in a while. Your perfect pup might be getting his photo posted right now. Remember, it’s all for the dogs. We placed 300 dogs last year. Without a kennel situation, we can’t do that. People need to come to “open house” and see more than two dogs. We need places for the ones that take a bit longer to get a new home, like our seniors do. And while I am thrilled to have adopted out a handful from the house here, just stop and think, how do we handle the other 290? What becomes of them because my garage is full? The dogs need us now more than ever.

See you at YOLO and at the BBQ or at America’s Backyard! Call or email me if you have ideas for our dogs or our kennel! Have a GREYT week!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,