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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/8/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel

The first thing I’d like to suggest this week is to check the home page for the Latest news, written by Sloan, one of our inmates. It gives a little inside information on a couple of our new hounds. It is cute, I wish I could have done that one, but since Sloan didn’t give me any information about himself and the others, I was left out in the cold with a stocking full of coal. Also, these neat writings seem to come out on Monday, coincidentally, just before I have to come up with something neat for my blog. Just kidding, anything and everything that will help the hounds get to their real homes is fine with me, the more information out, the better chance they have. I do have one VERY NEAT AND IMPORTANT bit of information that was not elaborated on enough for my satisfaction. If you have previously adopted a dog from FOG, whether it be twelve years ago, or last month, and you adopt one of the current inmates that we have, the adoption fee will be waived. This means the dog is yours for no adoption fee. You are free to make a donation if you wish, but there will be no cost to give one of these guys a home. This offer is good between now and Christmas, I’m sure Michelle would even deliver on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. There are, according to my count, six dogs available, you can check the website for further information on them, or call Michelle or Jerry. I’ve heard it said countless times that having two greyhounds is no harder than having one, having three is no tougher than having two, etc., all the way up to six. I would have another in a heartbeat, however I also have two cats and two regular mutts, and in my case, the mutts give me all that I can handle. I would never trade them or say it to them to their faces, but my Diffy is so much easier to care for than the other two. Once again, I wouldn’t trade my two mutts for the world, but I’ve also seen firsthand the truth in the statement, ‘they are big dogs, but live small’. So if you already have one of ours, or ever had one, and you’ve thought about possibly bringing another into your life, this would be about the perfect time to do it. As you know, we don’t dump and run, we deliver and support all our dogs, kind of a lifetime guarantee so to speak. We take returns in case it doesn’t work out for either the adopter or adoptee, so you won’t be getting stuck for life with something that didn’t quite work out. We are currently in transition, we’ve only got a few dogs, it’s not in any way their fault that there was a breakdown in our regular operation of moving dogs to good homes. They don’t care whether it was the adoption kennel’s fault or the fault of the racing industry for interrupting their smooth transition from racing pro to house pet, the bottom line is that they are the ones that have to pay for humans acting the way humans act and it’s not fair to them because they have nothing to give but love and they don’t really have a voice in the matter.

This breaks my heart, I’d have one of these dogs in a heartbeat if I could, so please, there’s got to be six people who feel the same way about this and have the ability to take in another beautiful grey. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to give a good home and new life to a beautiful animal, who probably doesn’t have a motorcycle, but on the other hand, probably doesn’t play the drums either, so you will get nothing but appreciation and love for the rest of their lives from them. I’ve got that from my guy Diffy, who was actually a dead dog walking with a broken leg, on his way to the vet of no return when we got him and the joy he’s given us cannot be duplicated by any or all of the materialistic gifts you see advertised on the television. I really don’t have to tell any greyhound owners out there about that.

In other news, Jerry and Michelle are celebrating their 75th anniversary this Friday. I don’t think it’s their actual 75th, maybe she meant it just seemed like it. Michelle was sitting around the table with Sloan the other night and they came up with a little song/poem that they’ve been singing all week. It goes something like ‘On Bella, On Lucy! Hey Max, grab that toy! With Slash and with Rocky, we’re out to spread joy. Our kennels are ok, but they’re not a home. So read the new blog by our home boy Sloan’. I think they broke into the Kahlua and Cream or something, maybe that’s how the ‘waive the adoption fee’ thing came about too. I’m very excited about that, I’m hoping that it will result in six quick adoptions. Why not? You have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain, remember, as previously stated, we support our adoptees and adopters, if it doesn’t work out, they are always welcome back at our kennel, their perfect home is out there, even if it’s not found the first time every time, so think it over, it’s a win/win situation for you, the greyhounds, and us. Yes, as always, the dogs are ready to go. Some already have house living experience, they are already spayed/neutered, have their shots, teeth cleaned, and frontline protection, adoption fee covered, your cost $ 0, the satisfaction, peace of mind, and love you receive, priceless.

The fundraising has slowed a little due to the season, we still have some things going on, and you can check the website for all events. The meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket in Sunrise is still on for this Saturday, 10-2; I hope to be there if I can. We also have some updates of our alumni in the “Letters from Home” page and the newest ones are included on the home page. Have a greyt week.

Hey, is this thing on?



Hi. Sloan here. Momma Michelle left the computer on and I know I shouldn’t mess with it but I’m a dog on a mission. I don’t know who is reading this dog-blog thingy but here goes. . .

I am Sloan, the greyhound. I’m the slender fawn guy in the corner kennel. I was raised and trained to be a racer but I never made the pros. Momma says that’s okay because I didn’t get hurt, either. I’m more the curl up on the couch and watch TV kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong – I can corral a dust bunny with the best of them. But then I like a nap and maybe a snack and good squeaky toy.

When I first met FoG, Momma found me a nice home. Really cool place. Lots of room and good food and a family with human puppies (they called them children), too. We all moved to California for a while and then moved back again. But now they have to go back and they said there’s no place for me. I promised I wouldn’t even take my toys or the extra bowl. But they called Momma Michelle to come get me. She had room for me. She has room for all the greyhounds. She has promised I’ll find a new home but I’d really, really like to be in one for the holidays. I remember four Christmases in my old home and I know how special this time can be.

So, with a little help from the guys, I hijacked momma’s computer. I am eight years old but mom says I act young for my age. I am tall and slender and I promise not to mess with the cat. I am friendly to everybody even that package guy at the door and the mini humans. I travel well in the car. I like leash walks and I like to just lay in the sun. My old family took me to the doggy doctor before I left for a checkup and they cleaned my teeth so people would want me more. It hasn’t worked though.

I’m not the only one here either. There’s a guy in the next kennel who is pretty nice, too. Guess that’s why they named him Slash so there’d be something tough about him even if it was only his name. Slash had one pro-race so we kind of have a lot in common. He’s six years old and smart enough but he’s not steal-the-computer smart like me.

Slash was in a home for four years, too, but his mom got sick and he had to come to the kennel. He tells me a lot about her and his old family but I nap a lot and don’t hear most of it. He really, really loves to go on long walks. He said he doesn’t eat cats either. He’s not as good looking as me, of course. But some people like that white with brindle spots look. Slash misses the holidays just like I do. But mostly we miss having a human of our own and just laying around the living room watching tv.

So anyway, before I get caught in here, what I want to say is that there’s some great dogs in here waiting for you to come get us. Some are younger – like Lucy, the hot brindle chick 3 doors down. She’s cat tolerant and playful and ready to go. Can’t believe she’s still here! She is ready to run – – all the way home.

We’re not all perfect with cats or have perfect figures. Bella is a shorter, kinda squatty, black girl with a high, high energy level. She could run a race and dismember a stuffy and eat a cookie all at the same time! And then she would nap, nap, nap. All she wants for Christmas is a nice fenced yard and a family to love her. She comes across tough and strong but between you and me, there’s a really sweet dog underneath those pointy ears. But please don’t tell her I said so. She’s only five years old but she can probably beat me up! Let her take it out on her stuffies!

Max is ten years old. He’s living at Jerry B’s house now because the kennel was just too rough for him. He’s looking for a place to settle in under the table and wait for turkey to fall. Your house, maybe? I hear good things about him. Momma says even an older guy deserves a good home and a big dog like Max looking through the curtain will scare away bad people. As long as he remembers to drop the stuffie first.

HEY – NEWS FLASH!! – I just overhead something. Momma said we have to shake things up around here. Momma’s birthday is two weeks away. She said she’d like to sleep late that day. To do that, she’s got to get all us guys out of the kennel so she doesn’t have to jump up and walk and feed us that morning. So she is waiving (I don’t know what that means, do you?) the adoption fee for all the people who already have FoGdogs. I know you are all busy this time of year but there’s no better holiday gift than love. And love comes pre-packaged in us. I hope we’ll see you at the kennel. We’ll have our bags packed and ready! (Boy are my paws tired!! Nap Time!)

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Proofy (I’ve Got Proof)

Hi Michelle,

Proofy turned 13 but she is doing very well!

Here she is in one of her favorite napping beds!


John’s Happy Tales Report
12/1/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And In Desperate Times, The Outter Limits And Twilight Zone.

Having once again had my thunder stolen by Ms. Michelle, with a timely blog of her own, I must resort to digging for news of the FOG greyhound and their people. The good news is that it’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so it should be accurate and up to date, as compared to mine and my outdated smoke signals system that I use to get most of my information.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and hope you got to spend it with family. It has for me, great memories of family together, which isn’t quite as common as it used to be. I used to like Christmas best, but it seems that most people have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, but Thanksgiving is still trying to hang in there. I received a tip from an old greyhound about the leftover turkey. It’s a little late, but for those of you who have turkey for Christmas, you can take the turkey carcass and boil it down. Let it cool and remove the bones. Use the bits of leftover meat mixed with rice boiled in the turkey water and it makes great stuff to go with the dry dog food. If you have any questions about this, you can check with Michelle, she is the old greyhound that I got this info from. Am I allowed to call her that? I guess she’s been called worse than that.

Worth repeating is the fact that the Paws for the Cause made almost four thousand dollars and if that keeps happening, the light at the end of the tunnel will be seen within my lifetime. I am old, so I would personally like to see it stepped up a bit, time is a factor with me. Michelle thought her blog a little long winded, maybe I could be a little more concise. I am the king of discursive, verbose, and if prolixic was a word, I would probably be the prolixic king of blog.

P1070510I’m still thinking about the Paws event, so many people and beautiful dogs, now I wish I had written down all of them because my memory and knees are almost beyond repair. I’m getting the knees done but I don’t know what to do about the memory. Whether or not I remember each individual, it was still a thrill to see them again. We need to find a spot where we can meet regularly again. Whether or not you can make it every week or every other week, it would be fantastic to have a set spot and time so that those who would want to and can make it, could have a spot where at least you’d have a chance to meet another greyhound. Speaking from personal experience, Diffy is just so much happier when one of ‘his people’ meets him at the park, and I think a lot of other greys would be that way. If you have any ideas, email Michelle or myself, we’re open to suggestions. I got a couple of suggestions at the water park party and since I didn’t write them down, they are lost to me, so if you are serious, let me know.

P1070518We will be glad to get any holiday pictures of you and or your dogs, so we can post them on our website and blogs. This is also the time of year that I remember the Combined Federal Campaign people coming around looking for donations and they wanted us to pick something to make the office look good with a hundred percent compliance. Even before I knew about greyhounds, I would pick an animal group to donate to, so if this happens to you, you can check the book and look for us, and we’d definitely appreciate it, every penny counts with us. Some of the businesses will even match the donations, so if you’re in that kind of scenario, please consider us if you can.

We currently have seven dogs available and I try to get some information on the three new arrivals, so I, here and now, publicly make an appeal to Michelle and Jerry to send me some information on them so I can get them profiled up, because I think I am the profile person, but am lacking the information. FOG has a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket every other Saturday So I’m going to make arrangements to work that and maybe I can take one of them, Sloan, Lucy, or What’shisName, just kidding, it’s Slash, and get to know them at the Pet Supermarket at 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. from ten until two o’clock, and meet some humans. Last time out I heard that Lucy got some serious inquiries, so maybe we can meet some nice humans and get a home for one of our dogs as well. I’ve also seen a few dogs go out as Christmas presents in the past few years. Michelle or Jerry brings them out and delivers them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, which has made quite an impression on the recipients as well as giving a beautiful animal a chance to live out his life as a loving pet. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving, you can ask just about any of our dog owners not if, but how much their lives have been enriched by living with their greys.

Ok, better tie this up and wrap it, need to save something for the next time. We have fund raisers and events going on weekly, so please check the website for times and dates. There’s a ladies night out coming up immediately, like Wednesday night, at O Lounge in Yolo. Check it on Facebook or on the website for the details, the donation is five dollars, which is affordable in most cases hopefully. Thanks to all who have helped the FOG cause in whatever way, every effort is appreciated, still plenty of work to be done to get to the final destination. After working with these dogs one time, I was hooked. They truly are noble, gentle, beautiful creations of God that deserve to live. Without getting too political, our position is not with the pro racing interest groups or the anti-racing groups, I’ve worked here five years or so, was taught adamantly from day one, that we are neutral, that is what I have seen in front and behind the scenes regardless of what misinformation some rectals have put out, which has done more harm to the dogs than anything else. I do have a problem with those that do not or will not understand that in our position, if you trash the racing industry, that supports you financially and materialistically, you don’t survive, and if you trash the racing kennels and owners, you don’t get the dogs. So we’ve managed to do what, a dozen years or more and distribute over nineteen hundred dogs in the process and suddenly the FOG isn’t doing the job correctly anymore? Something wrong with that picture methinks. The bottom line for FOG isn’t about the casinos or the kennels, it’s about getting a forever home for the dogs period, and that’s enough challenge in itself.

Ladies Night at O Lounge in YOLO

Wednesday, December 3, 7-10 PM
Click here for more information.

Better Late than Never!!

Yes, I know. I should have had an update for you soooo long ago. I am sorry for the delay but here we go . . .

Paws for the Cause was a Greyt success! Our net profit after expenses was $3488. A huge thank you to all those who donated items and all those who came out to support FoG and to buy up some of our goodies. We owe a lot of gratitude to the Miami Showmen’s Hall and Maggie their tireless manager, and to Maurice Mizrahi (father of Hermes & Draco) and his staff and crew of Temptations Catering. Maggie did all she could to help us and made us feel so at home in the Hall. And Maurice’s food and staff were just wonderful. Without their help and support, I would have gone stark raving mad. (Hey, no comments!!)

So many people donated things and time to make this work that I cannot mention them all for fear of leaving someone out. But Jill and Jan and Beth and the people who jumped in and helped with everything from building baskets to manning the entry table worked tirelessly for the dogs. A big chunk of our profit came from the collection of artwork we had on display. The vast majority of those pieces were donated by Ralph Brescia and Deanna Thau of Stuart and their greyhound Lilly (formerly CRT Ashley). I had been considering an auction event for some time but Ralph’s canvases were what made it truly possible. Those of you in the Stuart area, please keep an eye out for Ralph and Lily at the dog park and thank them in person for all of our dogs!

A lot of planning went into the party and we had about a hundred people come out. I would have liked a larger turnout but we sure enjoyed visiting with the owners and doggies that did get there. I think everyone had a good time and it really reminded us of how much we miss the weekends at the kennel. We really need to get into a place where we can all get together again.

So what have I been doing? Well, it took me another couple days to get things sorted out, put away and figured out. That’s been a lot of detail. (Thank you Steve Holloway for storing so much of the artwork in your guest room!) Plus I had the pleasure of driving to Titusville to adopt to some long-time greyhound adopters who found themselves between dogs. Seems all the local groups in Melbourne and Orlando area decided Titusville was too far away or they didn’t have any dogs. I don’t understand it but their loss was our chance for Charley (Chase the Storm) to get a good home. FoG still goes the distance for our dogs to get a great home like that and we wish him all the best.

And yesterday was our Pet Supermarket day. In case you didn’t know, we sit at Pet Supermarket, 801 E. Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, every other Saturday from10 to 2. It’s a great store with the best staff and customers I have ever had the honor to work with. I used to hate going to sit at things like that but now, at this store, I look forward to it. And they love our greyhounds! Stop and visit on a Saturday sometime! We are right at the front door.

Before leaving for the store, we had a flood at the house. It turned out to be a broken something in the toilet but we had water everywhere in no time. I spent an hour sopping up the floor and wringing out the towel into a bucket. Sop, wring, dump bucket. Repeat. I was really glad to get out and head to Pet Supermarket with Lucy (NAD Easy Does It) while Jerry visited with our favorite plumber. Easy got some good interest and we hope someone comes through for her! She’s such a great dog.

Our next event coming up is another party at YOLO (Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale) on December 3rd. This is a Ladies Night Party but guys can come too. Ladies pay $5 at the door and drink free for happy hour. FoG will be there doing raffles and fun stuff. I think the door money comes to us but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. Our last YOLO event was really fun and the calamari was the best ever! See the flyer attached for info. Hope to see you there!

On another matter, we need to acknowledge the passing of an old and dear friend. Fred Weatherbee passed away at his home in Miramar leaving behind his two dogs, Cindy and Mitzi. We met Fred’s sister at his home to take the dogs. When we got Cindy, she had a massive, inoperable tumor on her leg. Fred had been too sick to take care of her and it had gone too far She went to the Rainbow Bridge that afternoon and I’m sure Fred was waiting for her there with Echo who had passed just a few weeks before. Mitzi is now living at our house. She had a few days of confusion and concern but she proved to be cat tolerant and has now settled into our crazy household.

We loved Fred and we miss him. But I tell you about this because many of our adopters are single people and you need to give some thought to what would happen to your dog if you don’t come home or pass away at the house. FoG is part of your family and you are part of ours. We can help – we want to help – if you need us. Whether it is just to care for your dog until others can step in, help get the dog to relatives, or whatever the situation, find a way to let your friends or relatives know that we are out here, ready to be a safetynet for your greyhounds. You and they are family to us.

Fred Weatherbee

Fred Weatherbee

Fred’s ashes are going with Echo and Cindy’s into our Greyhound Memorial Project plots at the Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. He will be our first human to go into the site. But not our last. Jerry & I will be going there, too. There’s more information about the Project on our website. I hope you’ll check it out. Greyhounds and non-greyhounds – Everyone is welcome.

So… I’m sure there’s more to dish but I’d like to get this out today. We’d love to have another edition of our Auction if anyone has an idea for a location in Miami or Palm Beach. A lot of the paperwork and organizing is already done! No sense letting it go to waste. And be sure to keep an eye on things as we are constantly working on fundraisers and events, small or large. We intend to get these dogs into a decent, working kennel so no greyhound goes without a home. Please join us and help support this goal. Kiss your dogs for Jerry and me!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Friends of Greyhounds Ladies Night

Ladies_12-3_FOGAn Evening of Fun for a Great Cause!

Hosted by Mamie Brisker and an amazing DJ.

$5 donation to benefit Friends of Greyhounds charity.

Wednesday, December 3, 7-10 PM

O Lounge in YOLO
333 East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

Complementary cocktails and half-off appetizers.


  • The Trendy Truck
  • Sweet Treats from Sucre Rouge
  • Jazzercise Fort Lauderdale
  • Complementary Tarot card readings by Veronica of Angel Workshop!

John’s Happy Tales Report
11/24/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.

P1070460After a couple weeks of vacation and lounging, we again face Monday without a lot of exciting news. It would be great to be able to start off with ‘we’ve reached our goal and we’re on our way finally’, but that’s not going to happen this week. We just had a fabulous party in Broward, great venue, lots of great items up for auction, food and drinks for all that attended and even a nice surprise (to me) buffet meal, which I heard was great. I am pretty sure we have Maurice to thank for that. Not knowing about it, we dined at The Field before attending, and it was good, but I heard the buffet was better. Some greyhounds are socially adept, as were my two friends, Mardi and Nanook, unfortunately my Diffy is not ready for prime time so he spent most of the night with his tail tucked under his butt. We did get to see a lot of old friends and catch up on the gossip of the past few months that it’s been since we’ve seen most of them.

P1070464Michelle and Jerry will probably be posting the results of the evening, in regards to the money raised for our four legged friends, I won’t because I don’t have that information. One of our volunteers who does a lot of the work with the pictures and records of our alumni, picked up a virus and lost all her work for the past seven years. Those who have had a computer crash or destroyed through a virus know that it’s devastating, and it’s sad to think that people have nothing else better to do in life, especially to people who are trying to help and make a difference in the world. The good news, for me at least, I managed to come up with about five years of records that she had given me and I actually kept and was able to find within my own lifetime. So we have a start and I still have a lot of pictures that I can also send, so it’s time to stop feeling bad and move forward, with that project at least.

P1070459Once again, FOG is still fully operational, we are still taking in returns and dogs who have lost their homes, and we are still adopting out dogs, however we currently have only seven dogs instead of the four dozen we used to have with the full kennel. We’re still hoping that it’s just a matter of time to getting the new kennel up and operating with a greater selection of dogs. Until then, we will keep on keeping on as best we can.

P1070507I can review briefly the available dogs, according to my records, but for up to the minute and totally accurate information it’s still best to contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel and you can also set up an appointment usually at your convenience to see any of the greys that you might be interested in. We have two girls, Lucy and Bella, 3 and 5 years old respectively. Lucy is cat tolerant and is a cute little brindle sweetheart. Bella is a five year old feisty lady, not for the faint of heart; she’s more of an energetic and party animal. Five guys are available. Max is our senior citizen, ten years old, but doesn’t act it. Max is currently in a foster home, so he’s definitely experienced with the rules of house living, he gets along with other greyhounds, but does not care for felines. Charlie and Rocky are each five years old and ready to go to their forever homes. Sloan is a new arrival; he’s eight years old and was rendered homeless when his owner moved. Yes, my first thought is moving is not an excuse, but I have learned over the years that there are circumstances where it is impossible to take a dog to a new home, so I’m hoping this is one of them, and a big positive note for returns, he is already experienced at living in a home, so he could be just the one you’re looking for. Slash is six years old and a return, I don’t have the complete information on him either, but he is with us now and looking for a loving home. That’s the lineup, if any of these may interest you, don’t hesitate to contact us and check them out. That’s most of the news as I know it at this time. Michelle and Jerry and all of us at the FOG kennel want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe on the road if you are traveling. We’re not exactly where we’d like to be at this moment but there’s still a lot to be thankful for all of us, and the over nineteen hundred lives that we’ve changed over the years.

Never Big Enough

I could get a bed the size of a trampoline…..wouldn’t make a difference.

Mark & Taylor & Face


Emerson (Tiki’s Torch) Celebrates Her Birthday

Our Emerson on her 11th birthday. She just had some delicious tuna w her dinner. A very happy girl. Thx so much for letting her come home with us. We just love her, & she loves it here w our other greyhounds Max & Morgan. Such a sweet, beautiful girl!!


Atascocita Venus – “Nova”

Good afternoon,

I wanted to write to you all to give you an update on one of your greyhounds that was sent north, Atascocita Venus. Venus, now known as Nova, came to me on March 1st through James River Greyhounds in Richmond, VA. She was originally a foster with intent, as I was looking for a companion for my other greyhound, Luna (Boc’s Duchess). Luna is a spooky girl, and I always felt that she could benefit from a companion. She’s also a very bossy hound, so I assumed that she’d prefer to live with a goofy male, but after she was indifferent to the male fosters who came to stay with us last year, I wanted to give a female a shot. I knew within days that these two girls were a perfect match, and Luna and Nova have been as thick as thieves ever since.

In the following months, watching Nova discover her roll as a retired pet has been such a pleasure. Right off the bat, she has been extremely easy, and fell right into our routine. She is such a sweetheart, and is always happy. She loves getting hugs, and chatters her teeth and leans in on anyone who stops to say hello. Soon after I adopted Nova, I got a new job teaching at a university in the Nashville area, so we had to move 650 miles. Both hounds took it in stride, and have adapted well to our new area. We also took a month-long vacation to Wisconsin over the summer to visit my family, so Nova is becoming quite the traveler.

She has recently discovered toys, and haphazardly tromps around the house, diving and pouncing, all while displaying a wild case of helicopter tail. She loves treats of all kinds, and has no problem telling me that she would like a cookie. She has also decided that retirement is all about being as lazy as possible, and outside of a couple of daily walks, she can mostly be found sprawled out on one of her beds. Nova loves walks, and, in particular, loves to meet the neighborhood school bus as the kids come home in the afternoon. She adores the kids, and has used her gentle nature to help many of them overcome their fears of large dogs.

As you can see, the three of us have been very happy, and I am so glad to have both of my girls in my life. I want to thank you for all that you do to help these wonderful greyhounds find adoptive homes after they have retired!

I am attaching a couple of photos. The first is of Nova and her hilarious radar ears. The second show Luna (left) and Nova (right) on a typical car ride. The last is of me and my girls on our moving day.

Take care,