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John’s Happy Tails Report
8/11/14 Mostly Happy Tales About The Future Kennel, Current Dogs Available For Adoption, And The Detroit Tigers Pitching Woes If We Get That Desperate.

Como Se Yama

Como Se Yama

As of this moment we have seven greyhounds available for adoption. The dogs available are three senior citizens, of which two have lost their homes due to owners moving and not allowed to bring them to new homes. Apparently this happens commonly to our Armed Forces service people. We also have two youngsters, two years old, and two four year olds. Como Se Yama is known as Yammy, she’s ten and was picked up wandering the streets. It would be great if she could get a loving home and some security for the remaining years of her life. No dog deserves to have to try to survive on the streets and we are doing our best to make sure no greyhounds are out there. Not sure if our loving casino/track friends have any provision for helping those dogs. Actually I know the answer to that, but try not to say anything negative about their lack of commitment to the dogs, there are people out there already doing that and I hope their voices will be heard loud and clear. From what I’ve seen personally, the racing kennels have done their best to take care of their dogs. As in the rest of society, there are good and there are bad, the good outweigh the bad, but the bad usually make more noise and get more attention. Take care of your car and it usually runs for you, take care of your teeth and they won’t get infected and kill you, I would imagine it would be better to take care of your dogs, they are directly related to your living. I hate to write ‘duh’, but in this case, ‘duh’. Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue are both nine years old, and both black and white, or more probably white and black. They have lost their owners because they are not allowed on the base where their humans had to go. We’ve mentioned the advantages of returned dogs before, experienced, understand the term housebroke, etc. We don’t have to try to promote them, there are certain people out there that are looking for the older dog, understanding that it will be a short friendship, but willing to give them their final years filled with love and dignity. These dogs seem to know and understand it and will often show more love and affection than the regular adoptee. Yammy and Sue have tested as cat tolerant, but Otto hasn’t, so we’re hoping that Otto and Sue can go out together, if you are a cat, you may want to pass on this pair. The two four year olds are Benny of Ruckus and CV’s Candy. Benny has the luck of the Polish; he’s come close a couple times, got a chance with another dog, but proved to be too alpha. He also is not cat tolerant, so he will probably do well in a house by himself with his people of course, and maybe a potted plant or something good to eat on the kitchen counter. CV’s Candy is a gorgeous little fawn girl, my daughter knows her personally and describes her as ‘’sugar and spice and everything nice’’ which would be quite appropriate for a dog named Candy I guess. Acehigh Jessie is a two year old girl, another victim of owner moving, and Homeless Boy I believe ended his career with a broken leg, so he will be sitting home healing for the near future, but will be available for adoption. This is my story on the inhabitants of the kennel as it stands now. You can call Michelle or Jerry for complete up to the minute information, or check the website. The dogs have a much more flexible schedule for viewing now, the one good thing we did get by moving from the other kennel, and it’s entirely possible that you can schedule a house visit for one or two of the dogs to check them out in your space. That’s the rundown on the kennel as of this moment as I know it, but feel free to check the website or talk to Michelle or Jerry personally for accurate information.

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

Pinball Wiz is now officially adopted and living with his sister and doing fine. Keltie is going to be adopted by her foster dad, another beautiful ‘foster failure’. O Ya Shotgun Red was in the process of being returned but I have no information on whether he is actually with us yet or not. Quadrophenia was supposed to be joining us, but he’s been running so well, he’s decided against retirement for the time being.

Acehigh Jessie

Acehigh Jessie

We will be having fundraisers and fundraisers and fundraisers. We still need volunteers, but for people work more than with the dogs. We need help with the process of grant writing, people with good business writing skills, so we can show the who, what, where, when, and why of the kennel project. People want to know where their money is going and what we’re doing with it. We want to show what’s needed, what’s planned for what we get, how we’re going to do this, and all the other answers to the questions that are brought up. Between that and the endless job of trying to raise the money, we’ll be needing 48/14, which puts a strain on Michelle and Jerry who are already heading down the 24/7 path, so if you are able, and you don’t want to join the Marines, who are also looking for a few good men (and women), feel free to give us any assistance you can, whenever you are able, we need a few good people as bad as they do.

There will be events coming up, please check the website and facebook, they will be posted. If anyone knows Lebron, Dwyane, or anyone with some big bucks that they can part with, talk to them about us. This can all happen sooner if we get five one hundred thousand dollar donations instead of five hundred thousand one dollar donations. So, dig in and see what you can come up with. We’ve done nineteen hundred dogs so far, this is not the time to quit, there’s still more out there that deserve a chance to live the rest of their lives. They have no one to speak for them, especially those that find themselves on the street, or with broken legs, or seizures, or aren’t quite as fast as the others. They still feel and love the same as the good racers and the money makers. Just looking into their eyes and being around them made it a life changing event and worthwhile for me. I wish I could put my money where my mouth is, but unfortunately I am one of the five hundred thousand, one dollar people, and I wish I could be one of the five, one hundred thousand dollar people, but there’s a lot of us loyal greyhound crazies out there, and we know a lot of people, we just need to hook up the right ones to the cause for the paws and we will be on our way. In other news, we at the south end have taken to the dog park in Miami Springs every Saturday and Sunday around seven p.m. If you are looking for a nice park in Dade, this is the place. We have Diffy, Charlie, and Newie as regulars. Diffy is the only official greyhound, Newie is a black bear appearing mixed who loves people, and Charlie is a pain in the ass, but he’s still our Charlie. We had Joan O’Brien, (the greyhound, not the actress) out there last Saturday and she had a great time running with Diffy until Charlie torpedoed her. Yes, torpedoed. Rammed her at a perfect ninety degree angle, sent them both rolling. No blood, no foul, everyone ended up ok. Why? I have no idea. He’s a PITA, but we love him. Anyway, we’re hoping to get together, the northern force is working on a suitable area, but they haven’t come up with one yet. Until we get the new kennel, we will have to be content to do what we can.

Univision Canal 23 – Buscan hogar para perros de carrera abandonados

Los perros raza grayhounds son usados para carreras en sus primeros 6 años y luego los abandonan. Michelle Weaver necesita ayuda salvando estos perritos.

Haga clic aquí para ver el informe de Univision Canal 23.

Yappy Hour Fundraiser at Funky Buddha!

Bring your furry and human friends to Funky Buddha to help raise funds for Friends of Greyhounds.
Sunday, August 24, 2:00-6:00 pm
Funky Buddha Brewery, 1201 NE 38th Street, Oakland Park, Florida

A $5.00 donation will get you $1.00 off all Funky Buddha brews during Yappy Hour.

Raffle Prizes every Yappy Hour!


News from the Daytona Beach Greyhound Track

The Daytona Beach News-Journal published an article concerning the Daytona Beach Greyhound Track on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

Click here to read the article.

Boot Kamp Beast is Helping FoG on August 16

Donation based Boot Kamp classes with 10% of the donations to be given to Friends of Greyhounds.

Saturday, August 16 at 7:00 AM
RSVP – phone or text to 954-693-6333 or

final class flyer 2

John’s Happy Tails Report
8/4/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Greyhounds And Their People And Occasionally Some Fog Information When It Surfaces.

There is good news on the horizon. On my horizon at least. We have a couple of Michelleograms recently posted, which will give you a much better picture of our current status. This takes the pressure off of me to provide accurate information of things which I don’t know. First and most importantly, we are still a functioning adoption agency. The kennel is currently a little smaller and there are fewer dogs, but we still have several dogs that deserve a loving home and will still give you years of love and devotion. What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

Last I checked we were almost have ten percent of the one hundred thirty thousand dollars we need to put down on an excellent piece of property for the new kennel. I wish I had a best friend like Dwyane Wade or Dan Marino who could hand me a couple hundred thousand out of their pocket change, it would be nice, or perhaps we could get some footage of Jerry standing on the Sawgrass Expressway with a sign and it would go viral and we’d have a few hundred thousand grand by tomorrow morning, but I don’t foresee any of that happening, so we’re going to have to make it happen ourselves. If you have a couple hundred grand lying around that you don’t need for anything special, let us know, or if you have a great idea for a fund raiser, let us know, it might just be the one. Anything and everything will help and all ideas will at least be considered.

Benny Of Ruckus

Benny Of Ruckus

In adoption news, we have Pinball Wiz successfully completing his home trial with his sister Miniature Rose and it looks like they are both together in a loving home. Quadrophenia will be arriving shortly. He is one of the siblings of that litter. All of them are beautiful dogs, August 21st will be their second birthday, so you still have a chance to adopt Quad and help him celebrate his birthday. We’ve had seven of these siblings pass through us and all are gorgeous, you can also ask That’s a Fact Jack’s humans, last I heard he was doing great and enjoying the retired life. These youngsters are puppies and do act like puppies. The returned and older dogs may not be puppies but there’s also a lot to be said for dogs that already have been there and done that and know how to act in a house and make virtually a seamless transition to your household. Stanley, Benny, and Chase went for a home visit in Boca, which resulted in Stanley, aka, Fuzzy’s Legend, winning that forever home. I’m feeling a little sad for Benny, aka Benny of Ruckus. He’s come close a few times now, was too alpha for one home with another dog, now he lost a three dog race for this forever home. The way I look at it is that he hasn’t met his real people yet, they’re still out there. Hang in there Benny, it will be worth the wait, I can guarantee it.

Chase The Storm

Chase The Storm

We’ve taken over the Miami Springs dog park. Well, not really, but we’re getting some of the ‘down South’ people out there now, for those who can’t get up to Broward as easily. Yesterday we met up with BS Bob, Cry Colby, and their humans. Bob is now Lucky, and Colby is still Colby. Both are looking excellent, they get to run every day in their back yard and they look as good as I dreamed I did back when I was 21 and fit as a fiddle. The other people and dogs we’ve met at the Springs are nice and the small dogs actually stay in the small dog area, so our guys are free to run and they are something to behold when they are galloping together. Of course you have to look quickly, the running ends pretty quick. BS Bob still has his curly Q tail, it does a complete circle and goes a little beyond, just like a true Q. Colby is aging gracefully, and another ‘best dog ever’ quote, of which I’ve heard too many to count. She was adopted on the last day of the kennel by humans that weren’t even looking for another dog, but one interaction between Colby and the daughter was all it took to make a life changing difference for all concerned. A loving home for one and a lifetime of loving memories for the family. This sure beats the heck out of being a Publix bagsenile or Wal Mart greetergeezer.

Ok, we’ve just about run it out for this week. Just call us Timex, we’re taking a licking but we keep on ticking. Remember, we have dogs for adoption, check our website, call, they may even bring the dogs out to you to check out. If you have ideas on how to get some big bucks, let us know, and if you have a few thou laying around, we’ll gladly accept it. Some have the means, most don’t. The story I’ve heard most often is about when I/they hit the lotto, they’ll buy a kennel and set it up, etc., etc. Unfortunately, it seems whoever has these dreams are not the people that win the money. Well, it’s still fun to dream and if we work hard enough our dreams will come true. Have a greyt week and check the website for updates, we’re moving forward, just not quite the speed we’d like to be at.

How our lives have changed!

How our lives have changed! Wow! Friends of Greyhounds’ primary focus has always been Adoption. And we are still focused on adoption but that is tied with fundraising, a newer, larger, more focused form of fundraising than we have ever used before. We have never pushed our supporters too hard about donating or helping us raise money. We often struggled but managed to get by. But now getting by is not enough and fundraising is a major goal, every day.

Yes, we have dogs for adoption that really need homes. Our 9-year old sweethearts Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue should be lounging on dog beds in front of your TV rather than in kennels in my garage. Big boy Benny of Ruckus is too young and sweet and rambunctious to sit in the corner kennel when he should be tearing a racetrack path through your perfectly manicured back lawn. That lawn never made you laugh. But that expression of pure joy on his face when he runs will do it. Please, please remember that we still have dogs for adoption. Fewer, but they are here and waiting and I’m getting in more each week and my garage and living room are very full.

The fundraising for the new kennel is progressing. Our mailing list was awful. So many of you have moved since you adopted and we have not kept track of where you went. If you are an adopter and have not received the mailing from us, click here to see what we sent so you know what we are doing.

Then we used a mailing service to send out an email to all of you who gave us your email addys when you adopted. Those addresses are just as old and the mailing system (Mail Chimp) became hostile when so many of them bounced back. We almost got marked as a spammer. We were able to explain our way out of it but we cannot mail to most of you. We just got the ruling a few minutes ago. (Well how do they expect you to know that the address has changed if you don’t mail to it? I guess I’m just too old to comprehend.) I’m not sure what we do about that. If you are a supporter but not an adopter or just a curious bystander, please click here to see what’s going on.

We have a goal of $130,000 which should (hopefully) be enough for the down payment on a wonderful property, get a couple of appliances and a load of kennels and turn on the utilities. Total purchase cost on the property we have found will be about 500,000 but we can’t even begin negotiations until we have enough for a downpayment. There is a gray & purple bar on the home page of the website that will keep you posted on our progress. As of this writing, we are only at 8%. The economy has hurt all of us and recovery is slow. Everyone is doing what they can but we need to reach further to get this dream of having a safe and loving place for the greyhounds to reality. And we need to reach it soon or lose this property. Believe me, places with layouts as good as this for our needs are extremely rare.

So here’s the plan: (you knew I had a plan, didn’t you?) We all need to reach out to all of our co-workers, friends, relatives and acquaintances from the dog park, facebook, twitter, church and the corner tavern. For all the times you bought their kid’s candy bars and raffle tickets, donated for the baby shower or the choir robes, and everything for strangers from kidneys to shoes, it’s your turn for them to give back. Ask and ask again. We need to encourage all of our online and in person friends and relatives to donate to help the greyhounds.

And we need some parties and gatherings and events. Events get people out of their cocoon and help them understand our dream of a place for the dogs. If we keep it simple, we don’t need a lot of lead time. But I need a few hard working volunteers to help out. I want to do some “porch parties”. (drinks & snacks, dogs & raffles, on the outside patios of taverns and restaurants) They tend to be fun, easy and profitable. I have locations in mind in Dania, Boca and Plantation. I also was thinking of a get together in South Miami and a donut sale at Bass Pro in Dania. I would really like to get at least one person to volunteer to help out with each event. If you’re in those areas, can you email me? Let me know if you will help liaison with the location and keep me on track, help set up and run things that day or evening, etc. Each one won’t take a lot but if I have help, we can run them all and the total should at least help that purple bar make it’s way to the right. Besides, we really need some greyhound dog events!

And don’t be afraid to let the kids (or yourself) loose with other ideas. Lemonade stands still work and a box of Sam’s club chocolate chip cookies, packed two cookies to a baggie could sell for $1. That’s a profit!

We are looking for people who can figure out other programs. I only have so many hours in a day. I would love some help. Set us up projects like:

  • let people donate their excess airline miles and it becomes cash for FoG. (How do we transfer them and cash them?)
  • Help us run a “Change a Greyhound Life” program and have people donate their change jars and piggy banks. Those cents make sense! We would need collection areas.
  • Everybody has old watches lying around. When Jerry & i used to hold yard sales, there were always people looking for old watches. How do they cash them in? What are they looking for? Could we collect old watches from our people and help pay for the kennel?

Can you help us set up just one of these things? Please be committed to it and be willing to take charge and run with it. Have another idea you’d like to try out? Email or call me! Want to adopt a dog? Call me for that, too!

And YES we need the BIG donations to make this work. If you have the ability to make a large donation, please don’t wait to do it. We really don’t want to lose this property. We can accept cash, cards, checks, stock, land and even used cars. If you know someone who is capable of making a large donation, please step forward and tell them about us. Tell them about the greyhounds and the kennel we need. Tell them about the sweet gentle nature of these dogs and tell them about the lives their donation could save. You never know.

I can’t wait to tie this place down so I can make you a video tour of it and let you see how special it is. Please, help us help these dogs. If you have any questions at all about what we are doing, please email me at I will be happy to answer just about anything! And if that answer makes you more secure with our approach or intentions or devotion to this project, I will hope you will show that by donating to help us build them a kennel and a home of their very own. Hope to see YOU at the grand opening party!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds – – -Michelle

Email Sent to Our Subscribers on July 29, 2014

new kennel enclosure

Dear Friends of Friends –

I think most of you know by now that we are no longer working from the Hialeah location because the track felt having an adoption group was too much trouble and expense. While they did donate use of facilities, they did not bear the lion’s share of the expenses of our adoption group and as you are WELL aware, we are always broke. But they felt we were a drain on their casino earnings and we are no longer there. (Sorry – that was more than I meant to say but I have a lot pent up!)

There is, however, still a need for these retired racing dogs to be vetted and adopted, as much now as ever. Friends of Greyhounds, Jerry, myself and our loyal supporters which I hope includes you, can carry on the work we have started if we band together.

Over the years we have moved 1900 dogs from the local tracks to get them into homes. I have been a good dog-mom and doggy chauffeur but a not so good “secretary” and I need you to pull me out of the fire! We sent out letters to almost 900 adopters asking for their help and financial support so that we can buy a property to have a kennel for FoG. But our mailing list is woefully inadequate. People who adopted years ago have moved and the mail was returned.

We are truly going to need to reach deep to get a home for the dogs that are coming off the tracks right now. My house can only hold so many and it is a difficult place to show people adoption dogs. Please help our dogs get a new home.

Your gifts are critical to their lives. Some of you only know us by email or internet and some of you have practically lived at the kennel on the weekends. Most of you are somewhere in between. But if you love your greyhound, if you love the greyhounds as a breed, or if you can find it in your heart and in your checkbook to support a group that is helping put these wonderful dogs into safe, loving homes instead of the alternative, we need your support. We need it now. And we need you to reach deeply.

We mailed a letter to adopters. I know some of you already received it and I am sorry to bother you again, but I don’t have the email and snail-mail lists coordinated. (I actually don’t have an email list, I am pretty much winging this.) And I’m praying it doesn’t get caught in the spam traps.

Please donate through the website using the paypal button or send a check, payable to Friends of Greyhounds (or FoG) to 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322. Bake sales, collections at work, yard sales, every penny gets us a tiny bit closer.

The dogs send their love! And look for more fundraisers and gatherings soon. Kiss the dogs for me. I do so miss our weekends at the kennel. Can’t wait for you to see the new location. Keep in touch!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle & Jerry
Michelle – 954-937-9663
Jerry – 954-937-3647

Problems or questions, you can call me anytime. We live for these dogs and we really need your support. And feel free to share this with your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.

Letter Sent to Adopters on July 23, 2014

new kennel enclosure
Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds,

As many of you know Friends of Greyhounds, a 501c3 charity, was asked to vacate the kennel location at Florida Kennels for reasons that are certainly still unclear. We had a decent 11 year relationship with the track, took no stand on dog racing in the state and just did what we did best, moved over 1900 dogs into homes all throughout the states. Some arrived at our kennel healthy and happy but many, many arrived with broken hocks, injuries of many sorts, tired or scared. But FoG always accepted them and found them homes. Sometimes the homes were lost due to foreclosures or jobs or divorce and we were still there. Our founders have tirelessly given time, tears, sweat and fortune to the dogs.

Now we are at a crossroads and we need to reach near and far. We need to keep Friends of Greyhounds on top of the greyhound rescue groups for the most important reason — the dogs need our help.

We have never written a fundraising letter, have never asked the Greyhound community as a whole to dig into their pockets and support this wonderful organization. This letter changes that.

We have found a property where we can continue our mission. It would allow Friends of Greyhounds the ability to care for and adopt out available dogs and be a gathering place for anything that has to do with the good of the dogs. As always we would be open for returns and retiring dogs. But we would also have the greyhound dog park, the student group visits and be a place for the community to continue to gather and honor the dogs that we have all come to love. We want to see a permanent place for the collars to hang and a facility where we can continue being one of the largest adoption groups in the country. And we want a special homeplace for the senior dogs who might have to live out their lives at the kennel – FoG’s own sanctuary for seniors.

We have found an ideal location. We need $750,000 to purchase, remodel and open the new facility. I know it sounds like a huge amount but its really not bad. We have placed almost two thousand dogs. About 25% went to homes through other groups. But if you will help us, working with just our direct adopters, if each dog owner was able to donate $350.00 per dog we could get the dogs into that property. We are searching for grants and we will certainly need some larger commitments from a few of you, but many people and organizations want to see that we have the backing of our own adopters. Please help us to show them that YOU realize how important this mission and FoG’s commitment is to the lives and well being of these wonderful, innocent dogs.

An immediate check in that amount would be the easiest and fastest way to help. FoG also has an online Paypal system. Please commit to this worthwhile effort today. Many of us work for companies that provide matching grants to non-profits (American Express, Home Depot, etc.) and FoG is eligible at every company match. That could double the impact of your donation. And we sorely need that money and any extra that you can spare.

If you are unable to make this commitment now a small amount now with a commitment of $20 or $25 a month on an automatic payment can accomplish this dream, too. Those kinds of payments will help keep the kennel going.

Friends of Greyhounds never said no to a dog- We always made room and we always took our returns. We will continue this mission with your help.

Please share this letter with your relatives, neighbors, coworkers, friends and with your other rescue friends. Post it in your facebook posts. Please honor the dogs that we have and those who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge by making a donation in their name .

My dream is that we can enable Friends of Greyhounds to never have to think about money again. Jerry and Michelle are giving up their home and everything they’ve built in Sunrise to commit all of their personal resources to this chance to provide for these dogs. Can you please pledge 350 dollars in the name of each of your dogs? We have enclosed a way to do this. It is not a lot of money for something so important. It is for the dogs we have loved and lost, for those we have with us now and for those who are still to come and do not know what their future holds.

With your donation, Friends of Greyhounds can continue to be their future. Please donate using the website link or send a tax deductible check to Friends of Greyhounds at 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322. The dogs will thank you for it and so will we.

Thanks with love,

Maurice R Mizrahi
Fundraiser Chair
Friends of Greyhounds, Inc.

John’s Happy Tails Report
7/28/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Greyhounds, Some We Know, Some We Don’t And Other Related Events.

10501907_777178752302428_9081623554479343774_nWell, we found out first hand that the letters have been mailed out. We will probably be doing a lot of time fundraising for the new kennel unless we find a few very generous sponsors in the immediate future. I am in Dade and the action is in Broward. I’d lean on Michelle to supply us with the information and updates straight from the horse’s mouth, but I’m sure she’s got her schedule full working on the new kennel. I originally wanted to just write some news because she was always busy and I enjoyed updating and filling in on what was going on in the kennel. Of course, this was back in the days when almost all the action was on the weekends and I was there all weekend. Now it’s a little different, so I must be content with mostly filler material until the real deal comes along.

Como Se Yama

Como Se Yama

We currently have eight dogs listed as available for adoption. The latest arrivals are Como Se Yama and Pinball Wiz. Como is a senior lady, almost eleven years old, she was found wandering the streets and is currently in a foster home waiting for someone to let her finish out her life in her own real home. She is cat and other dog tolerant, and is house trained; she just needs some love and attention. Pinball Wiz is a youngster, may have been good at pinball but not at racing. He is currently on home trial with his sister, which may or may not be permanent. He is a beautiful pup and he will definitely find a home pretty darn quick. For more information on them and any of the other dogs, you may contact Jerry or Michelle. One advantage we have over the other kennel, we’re not limited to weekends, you can set up an appointment to see any of the dogs anytime during the week.

In other less important news, we had four greyhounds running loose and wild at the Miami Springs dog park last Saturday evening. Diffy was ecstatic when he saw Lizzy and Trent enter, and even Joan O’Brien stopped in, so I’m glad to hear she was feeling better. There was a gathering up in Coral Springs this evening which I haven’t heard a report on. We missed it, got company in town and we had to take him to the airport this afternoon, but I will or Michelle will let us know how that turned out. I also have this happy tale from the new humans of Atascocita Degas, one of our up north girls who found her little bit of heaven on earth. I Will share this with you unless they edit it out. [Click here for Atascocita Degas happy tale.] Even though we’re temporarily almost running on empty, we are still making an impact throughout the land. Hopefully I will have more of these stories in the near future. Remember, we’re still open for business, we still have greyhounds and hopefully you will get some good news in the near future straight from the FOG’s mouth.