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It’s been a while since I did a blog for our site but some things have been moving faster than I can document them and others aren’t moving at all – like our adoptions!! Now – Where to start?. . Well this will be disjointed but I need to start with the most important things, first… Then the explanations. So bear with me, please.

Pet Expo in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center – We will have a corner booth at the November 15th Pet Expo to showcase our dogs and hopefully find them homes. We’ll be at booth #530 which is between the Lure Coursing and the Mega Adoption Area. I hope you’ll stop by and visit. The hours are 10 to 6, admission is free and they expect 8,000 to 10,000 people to attend. There’s a costume contest and free nail trims. Find more info at: Needless to say, I could use some volunteers! And while we are there, we will be passing out flyers for our next event, too…

Paws for the Cause – Yes, we are buried in the efforts to care for dogs and find them homes but we have not lost sight of the need to establish a new kennel for these gentle beasts. On November 22nd, we will hold our first major fundraising event. We have been blessed with some amazing donations for our dogs and Paws for the Cause will be an evening of wine, food. dogs and silent auctions. We have every intention of giving you a memorable evening while denting your checking accounts. This is a full out fundraiser like we have never had before. The items that have been donated are spectacular. We have some beautiful artwork and unique antiques. There are greyhound items and even small dog items. Colorful, tropical handmade signs, lots of gift baskets and some very, very unique collectibles Lots of certificates for places and food and services and there’s no way you will not find something you love! Our auction catalog will be up on the website soon and you’ll be able to see for yourself. But nothing beats coming in person. Admission is $10 per person and that gives you wine, beer or soft drinks and light snacks for the evening. Your greyhound is welcome, too. (Please, at least one human per dog.) The location is the Showmen’s Association Hall on Griffin Road which is next to The Field (Irish Pub). Our flyer is here for printing and our auction catalog is an online work in progress so check it often. We hope you will bring all of your friends and their wallets. Proceeds go to the FoG Kennel Fund. And this is going to be an awesome evening. Don’t miss it.

VOTE FOR MAX: Before I get into complicated stuff, let me also say that one of our doggies, Max, is in a contest on Facebook sponsored by If you have time, please go vote for Max’s picture. He’s our greyhound calendar boy!

The Dog Splash was a wonderful, wonderful party. An hour of just playing with the happiest doggies ever! It wasn’t just a nice, clean shallow pool full of offleash greyhounds but you should have seen them when they found that huge, shaded, SAND play area! The pack took off like they had a telepathic connection. It was breathtaking! They had so much fun and I swear I laughed for the whole hour. My jaws hurt from smiling! Huge thank yous to the Broward County Parks, to Quiet Waters Park and especially to Katherine, David & Isis for being such wonderful hosts and putting together such a great party for us. Our raffles even made us $260 towards our new kennel. But most of all, we made some great memories!

We did have a couple of items leftover from the Dog Splash party. We came up with a very nice, large insulated glass (Tervis Tumbler Type) with a JM Family logo and a pair of low style, black socks. I washed and dried both and have them available to be claimed if you lost them. Just call or email me.

Volunteers Needed: The new arrangement for dogs is very different and it is taking some work to get it to function well. I am getting worn out caring for the dogs. Admittedly, some of them are my own but since Jerry and I often adopt the less desirable, I don’t feel guilty about asking for help for the whole crew, house dogs and house-kennel dogs. And we won’t even mention paperwork or setting up events. And then there’s the in-between dogs like Yammy who goes in the kennel at night and spends the days mostly in the house. She’s 10. She’s earned a temporary home until a real one comes along. And she’s cat tolerant. But I really don’t have room! And we have a few dogs out in foster, too. Thank heaven for our foster partners!

And the duties at the house aren’t just dog care. There’s filing and cleaning and even fun stuff like making baskets for the auction and taking photos of dogs or auction items. There’s always something to do.

Without a regular weekend open house, we are not getting the people to come look at the dogs and adopt them. Without room for new dogs, our available dogs are mostly the seniors and returned dogs. And without the “more desirable” (white, cute, young) dogs to bring in the adopters, our dogs are just sitting. Plus we still have dogs being returned for one reason or another. I am picking up another one this afternoon. Many of the returned dogs are now seniors. So our choices of dogs are mostly the “old and broken” and they stay longer and require more care. So what do we need to do? Well I need to ask for help. We need VOLUNTEERS. . .

Dog care: We don’t have kennel help or groups of students working with the dogs. With more special dogs, there is more care to give. But we also need to do fundraising and marketing. If you can help in our house kennel, we can use you. This is not for one-time, inexperienced youngsters. I need people who can help with some general cleaning or walk and feed the dogs on a regular basis. Students teamed up with their parents would be great. Or reliable high schoolers. And yes, we can still give volunteer credit. Could you come by one evening a week on a regular basis? We generally walk & feed about 5 pm but they are flexible dogs!

We could also use a couple of greyhound people who might want to come by and wash some of the kennel dogs and/or help clean the kennel. We no longer have the “weekends only” restrictions either. Since we are working from the house in Sunrise, we can let you come work with the dogs any time! If you can help with kennel care, please email or call me!

Dog Events: Marketing our dogs to find them homes is still our focus. As part of that, we have committed to having a booth at the Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a great location and the staff there is so welcoming. I am trying to do it every other Saturday from 10 to 2. I could really use someone else to help with it. If you would like to sit at a neat location with a dog, some brochures and a smile and tell people about greyhounds, please let me know. We can work together (I can use company) or I’d be happy to surrender the project to a team of you. I’ve got dogs, table and brochures. Have you got the time? That would free me up for some other events and projects. Seems everything hits on Saturdays!

This Saturday is no exception. November 1st, we will have a team at the Walmart Neighborhood Store in Coral Springs collecting donations for the dogs. Please stop and encourage us! We’ll be there from 9 to 5 and it’s along day!

Happy Halloween

Milkbones at the pie store!!!!!!

Mark & Taylor & Face

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

John’s Happy Tales Report
10/27/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.

Happy Birthday to Julie, who is my daughter, she is thirty something today, and also to High Noon Showoff, who was known as Twiggy to us. She was the first dog I met that had the same birthday as Julie. Twig is seven years old today, was adopted out right after the New Year in 2012, I hope she’s still doing good with her humans.

We have a new addition to our kennel. Roscoe has just arrived; my information on him is that he is a four year old red brindle male. He’s not a big guy, but he is cat tolerant and knows how to use a doggie door if that is important to you. He’s not a striped brindle, more like a muted, out of focus marking. He’s reported to be a nice dog, doesn’t smoke or drink, except for the occasional water. If red, male, and small is what you’re about, you might want to contact the kennel and check him out. We also have seven other dogs currently available which you can also check out on our website.

Well, we are a week removed from our splash party, my dog Diffy is still dreaming about that one, he had a great time. Coming up in November we have several events, highlighted by the big auction we’re having on November 22nd. We’re hoping to have a flyer on that very shortly, there will be a lot of great items so check it out and come on out and help the dogs if you can. This event should be every bit as much fun as the splash party, just not as wet. Did I mention that there’s going to be a lot of real nice stuff? The catalog will be coming out soon, mon soon.

In the more immediate future, like next Saturday, November 1st, we’re having a fundraiser at the Coral Springs Walmart, at Wiles and University, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. The Boruk herd will be there working to take donations and show dogs. You are welcome to stop by and help, you can even bring your dogs, they will watch them while you shop. The kids will be getting credit for their community service and if you have kids that would like to volunteer, contact Michelle or Jerry and they will put you in touch with the Boruks.

The temporary kennel is not really set up for volunteering yet, but Michelle could use one of two experienced people for some projects. There is always filing to do, she is behind on some other items, or if you would like to feed and bathe the kennel dogs, or commit to some regular chores a day or two a week, like feeding, contact Michelle and you can set it up, or let her know what you might be available to do.

We missed Joan this past weekend at our dog park, however we did meet our old friend Toby. His racing name was Tough Task, we called him Toby, and he is now Red, or Big Red. Apparently he had a problem with another dog at the park at an earlier time, and he didn’t like to come to the park, but he showed up yesterday, and it’s always greyt to see another greyhound. Diffy was very happy and I think Red enjoyed it too, so hopefully he will come back again and they can run together. He’s looking very happy and in excellent shape, his people are taking very good care of him. It does seem to be true, what they say about greyhounds being breed snobs, Diffy gets along well with most other dogs, but when we run into another grey, you can see the difference in his demeanor. Ok, this session has just ended, I have been summoned to a higher calling, it’s time for the Birthday Cake, so I happily depart. Have a greyt week, if you have anything for the FOG BLOG, let me know and I’ll try to get it in.

John’s Happy Tales Report
10/20/14 Mostly Wet And Happy Tales From Inside And Around Quiet Waters Dog Park, Water Park, Or Dog Water Park, Whichever The Case May Be.

Como Se Yama


The master at making something out of nothing will definitely be challenged this week. Bowels were about the only thing moving in the kennel this past week. No additions to the herd that I know of and nobody got adopted. We sit or stand in some cases, at seven dogs available for adoption, three guys and four gals. Yammy is our senior lady. She’s older than dirt at ten years old, but is so loving and well behaved that it’s a shame she doesn’t have a real home to spend her twilight years. Yes, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jerry are good people to live with, but they have others to share their love and time with, Yam has earned and deserves her remaining sunsets with a human that she can call her own. We have two other seniors, also very loving and well behaved with plenty of in house experience, having already lived together, but not in sin. Max and Molly would be very jolly if they could finish out their mellow yellow years together. Not everybody is able or wants to adopt seniors, but in reality, it only takes the one special person to make it happen. Also in our little stable, we have three five year olds, two boys and a girl. Bella is the girl and Charlie and Rocky are the two boys. Rocky broke his leg during tryouts for the US Olympic curling team, but has completely recovered. He’ll never curl again, but he will still make a fine pet. Last but not least, and most probably the first of the rest to be adopted, we have Lucy, a three year old brindle girl, a petite little sweet, who has just finished her professional racing career and is ready to sprint into your heart.

Chase The Storm


We are currently at 32.74% of the way to our goal of $130.000 for the new kennel. There will be many fund raisers coming up in the near future. For information on those events and any questions about the available adoptables, you can contact Michelle or Jerry by phone or through our website.

I was talking with Cher’s humans at our little event yesterday, and they told me about a place called Snyder Park in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s just off of I-95 and SR84, close to downtown Ft. Lauderdale. They said it is a beautiful park and has a Bark Park, which the dogs ask for by name of course. It’s a great place for the dogs, plenty of room, clean, and you might just meet another greyhound there. It’s a fact that most of the greys are breed snobs and they do enjoy the company of other greyhounds in preference to ‘regular’ dogs if they can get it. You can check the Snyder Park website for all the details and if you are there right after they open or just before they close, you just might run into another greyhound. People always seem to be asking where we go now that our place is closed, so I just learned of one possible alternative.

P1040197Yesterday was our splash at the park at Quiet Waters Park up in Deerfield Beach. It was sort of an unofficial fund raiser but more in the spirit of just getting together with old friends. I had no idea of whether there would be five or fifty dogs, but as it turned out there were closer to fifty dogs, possibly even more. It was hosted by Katie Hendrickson and David Skoog and Bella, my favorite Roman nosed hound. It was not actually a FOG event, but we took five dollar donations for each dog and had a raffle. I believe the final take was right at $216 for the event, but more importantly, the joy of seeing all these dogs having a wild and crazy time with each other definitely made my week as it did a few other humans and dogs alike. The people I went with must have said ‘that was really nice’ at least four or five times afterwards, and for them to say that, meant that it was really special. And it was. There was water and sand, the dogs had a ball running around and splashing through the water. Acting just like five year old kids at recess, they had to be scolded not to run in the pool area, and there were a few scraped legs and butts, but I think they all escaped any serious injury. Lots of old timers getting a bit older and some new friends, and even new arrivals from out of state, made it a very memorable afternoon, short in duration but long in memories. We welcome any comments and photos and videos if you have any to share and a big thank you again to Bella and her humans Katie and David for making this possible, and also to the Broward County Parks for making it happen. The staff was very friendly and helpful and thanks for putting up with the local crazies of the Greyhound Nation. I couldn’t begin to list all the greys and their humans, but thanks for coming out to each and every one of you, it was greyt seeing you, and maybe you can let Jerry and Michelle know that we should do that again. Ok, we did manage to make a couple sentences out of nothing, the events of the splash party alone would make a nice short story, we hope everyone took home some beautiful moments and memories of these fabulous animals that share our homes and our hearts.

John’s Happy Tales Report
10/13/14 Mostly Happy Tales, Including A Happy Birthday Tale From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel And Kennel To Be.

My first order of business is to wish my favorite personal greyhound, Diffy, aka, At Verdinesjamin, a very Happy 6th Birthday today. He was born six years ago today, along with three brothers and three sisters. I hope the rest of his siblings were as lucky as he was and are enjoying the good life as retired professional athletes. His only other black brother was adopted out of Chicago from Greyhounds Only. I am really tempted to contact them and try to find out if they have any information on his brother, whose name is At Singitmaurice. It would be neat to know what happened to all his siblings, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s better not to know and to just hope they all had happy endings like his.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

FOG has reached the magical 32.32% mark in our quest for the one hundred and thirty thousand dollars needed to get the new kennel project off the ground. We are making slow but steady progress and should very soon be one third of the way there, one down, two to go. There will be a bunch of upcoming events and fundraisers so check the website and Facebook page for details. The next event is Dog Splash, next Sunday afternoon at Quiet Waters Park in Broward. It’s for the greyhounds only from five till six p.m. and you can check the flyer or website for all the details. It’s rumored that a bunch of the old regulars are planning to attend, and going in the water is optional for both dogs and humans, you don’t have to get wet to have a good time. November 15th we will be at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, they are having a Pet Expo there. If you are like me and like to meet people and dogs, they are expecting between eight and ten thousand people, so you should have all you can handle. That’s a Saturday and we will be there and need some help so you are welcome to come out and join us. November 22nd, our auction fundraiser is scheduled, which will be the big event of the fall for us. We have a lot of excellent quality and expensive items to auction and raffle off and we hope to score big on this event. Into December we will start off with a Ladies Night party at YOLO, FOG will be the featured charity and we will receive a percentage of the profits, so put that on your calendar. Starting off the New Year, we will be back at America’s Backyard again on January 16th. That’s just the stuff that I know about. As always, you can call Michelle or Jerry or check the website or Facebook page to make sure of my accuracy and/or volunteer for any or all of the events you care to participate in.

We still have a group of retired racers that are available for adoption. We had two new arrivals, and one is gone already. Turbo Octavia came in and was gone almost immediately to a fabulous home who had one of their two cross the rainbow bridge. The other dog wasn’t doing very well, but it seems that Octavia was just what the doctor ordered for her and the whole family is doing well as of this moment. We also received a little brindle three year old girl. Her name is NAD Easy Does It, aka, Easy. Easy has tested as cat tolerant, she’s a petite little lady, my records show she raced about sixty five times, and is now ready for her forever home. She’s as sweet as a little Georgia peach in June and she will not be here very long I can just about guarantee you that. Homeless Boy is scheduled for a home visit for a potential adopter tomorrow, so he’s crossing his paws, Michelle is crossing her fingers, and I’m crossing my eyes just for luck. As you know also, the Hialeah kennel is no more, the dogs are now up in Broward, but the viewing times are much more flexible and depending upon where you live, it’s entirely possible the dogs can come to you to see at your residence.

Friends of Greyhounds at Whole Foods Market Coral Springs - CROPWhile we’re at it, we’d like to thank Whole Foods of Coral Springs, they presented us with a nice check of over eleven hundred dollars, earned ten cents at a time from saving the plastic shopping bags. That’s over eleven thousand plastic bags that didn’t find the landfill, and eleven hundred dollars towards the new kennel, a win, win situation for all involved. Also a big thank you to the Pet Supermarket on East Sunrise Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale for allowing us to meet and greet your customers, we made a bunch of new friends and caught up with some old ones too. The staff was fabulous, made us feel very welcome, and we met a bunch of cool dogs too. We hope to do that again, we have the table, chairs, and brochures, if you’d like to do some of this kind of work, contact Michelle and Jerry and they can set you up. I’ve done it and it’s fun (air conditioned too) to meet different people and dogs and spread the word about our greyhounds.

Ok, in closing, I’d like to wish my Diffy a Happy Birthday, wait, already done that, we know where my priorities are. We also do the dog park in Miami Springs on Saturday and Sunday evenings, now usually around six fifteen to seven or so. A short run in the park for Diffy and my other two mutts and whoever else shows up. It’s a little long for a short period of time for the northern connection, but if you are in the central Dade area and your greyhound is looking for another of ‘his people’ to socialize with, we are usually there. I think Julie or Chris usually posts on Facebook. Our friend Joan O’Brien and her human show up pretty regular. Next SUNDAY we will be up at Quiet Waters Park, that is already planned, so we hope to see you up there too. You can come and socialize before five o’clock with whoever is there, and probably stay after six to mix and mingle after the splash party. Once again, you don’t have to get wet to have fun, check the flyer and/or website for all the details and we hope to see you there.

John’s Happy Tales Report
10/6/14 The Shortest Happy Tales Report, Ever.

Greetings Earthlings:

I am currently enjoying sixty degree weather in NC, will be out of town until Tuesday night, most probably without a computer from here on out, just wanted to give you a heads up. I can skip this week if you think everything is covered or do something on Wednesday when I get back. If you have anything don’t hesitate to send it to me. Outside of that we just keep plugging along. Haven’t seen any greyhounds but we did visit an alpaca farm. Life is decent if not perfect. Will be back in touch Wednesday at some point. jg since ’47

Friends of Greyhounds photo at Whole Foods Market Coral Springs

For the past three months (July through September), Whole Foods Market in Coral Springs has been collecting dimes for our greyhounds! Customers brought their own bags when they shopped and Whole Foods passed along the money they saved on bags to us. At 10 cents a bag, it doesn’t seem like much. But as you can see, the dimes made dollars! This is the photo of the check presentation we did on Monday (Oct. 6) at the Market. They were awesome to do all of this – one dime at a time – for us. The management and staff at Whole Foods are GREYT friends! Can you imagine – That’s 11,000 plastic bags that didn’t go to a landfill! Plus it’s $1169. in FoG’s bank to help provide a new home for our Homeless Hounds. Pictured here are (left to right), Jerry Deitch, Pres, FoG ; Michelle Weaver, that’s me – VP, FoG; Cry Yahtzee, Kennel Representative and Sample dog; Kevin Kitching, Store Team Leader; and Jonny Rose, Marketing Team Leader and FoG Adopter since 2003. Many of you who used to come to the Hialeah kennel on weekends may remember Jonny’s mom and dad who used to come late in the afternoon to read or sing to the greyhounds in the kennel. Love and caring seem to run in the family! Many thanks to the Whole Team at Whole Foods for all of their support!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Jerry Deitch, Pres, FoG ; Michelle Weaver, VP, FoG; Cry Yahtzee, Kennel Representative; Kevin Kitching, Store Team Leader; and Jonny Rose, Marketing Team Leader

Jerry Deitch, Pres, FoG ; Michelle Weaver, VP, FoG; Cry Yahtzee, Kennel Representative; Kevin Kitching, Store Team Leader; and Jonny Rose, Marketing Team Leader

Roadrunner Michelle

You know those cartoon characters that run really fast but don’t get anywhere at first and then suddenly they take off in a cloud of dust! I’m in that running fast but still in place stage! ARRRGGGHHH!!! There’s a whole crew of us working and a whole bunch of people donating but we still have so far to go. Can’t wait until some of our larger sources come through. We’re applying for grants and have promises for the future from some of our adopters but for now, we’re chugging away.

We have raised 30% of our down payment and refurbishment fund. That’s a lot but not enough. We need a proper down payment to commit to a kennel as well as the money to build or buy kennels and install the fixtures or fencing or whatever we need to make a rural house into a proper kennel. If we’re not fiscally responsible in how we approach this new property, we could run the risk of losing it. And we will not put FoG in that position. We have to get into it in such a way that we can afford to stay there. We have a plan and we need to work that plan even though it feels like it is taking forever. No one feels that snails pace more than I do, believe me. But the dogs need a place and people need to know that they can come there to adopt these wonderful greyhounds and to let them visit and play. We need to be there long term so that people remember where to come when they are ready for another dog, or if crisis hits and they need to return a dog. Our down payment money is at 30%. We’ve got to keep working!! Please do what you can to help. We are building momentum but they are running for their lives!

We’ll be bringing a few of the available dogs to the Pet Supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale this Saturday (10/4) from 10 to 2. If you are around, please stop and say hi – or come volunteer with us.

On Monday (10/6) we will be at Whole Foods in Coral Springs to have our photo taken as they officially present us with the check for the $1100 dollars that all of you earned for us by bringing your own bags and donating your dime. That’s a lot of dimes and we are very, very grateful.

Sunday, October 19th, we’ll be dog-partying at Quiet Waters Park’s Splash Adventure in Deerfield Beach. Click here for information on the FoG Dog Splash. We’ll have some snacks to sell and maybe a raffle or two but the best part is that from 5 to 6, the greyhounds will have the doggie pool to themselves! There is a fee for it but it will be wonderful!

There are a few other things in the works, too. Saturday, November 1st, Mike Boruk’s family will be doing a fundraiser for FoG at the Walmart in Coral Springs. This is a school project but many of you know Mike and the kids from the many events they have helped us with. You might want to ask if they want an extra person or two or if you’re in the neighborhood, just stop and say hi.

While we are wandering in neighborhoods, if you’re near our house in Sunrise, the Greyhound Calendars are in! There are not a lot of them but I have both wall calendars ($12) and the datebooks ($17). Both are overloaded with wonderful color photos of greyhounds to tickle your heart every day of the year. I’ll try to remember to take them to events, too. But you know me. . .they might or might not make it!

Saturday, November 15th, we will be part of the Pet Expo in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center. We have a corner booth and the show is from 10 am to 6 pm. They expect 8,000 to 10,000 people. We will definitely need help with this event and dogs will need to be rotated. We are probably also going to try to run some raffles there to raise money so that takes some extra helpers, too. But the booth is only 10 x 10. Please, if you intend to volunteer, let me know in advance. The booth is small and we need to be very coordinated. They have some good training information online and I’ll send you the link to it.

We are trying like crazy to find a location for a large auction/ cocktails/ apps party hopefully with the dogs. We recently received a donation of a collection of artwork and with the other goodies we are collecting, we’d like to do something around November 20th. That way we could distribute flyers for it at the Pet Expo, too. We’re still looking for a site but we’ll see what happens. Keep us in mind when you come across items that would be great in an auction or raffle! And cross your fingers we find a perfect spot!!

And one last happy note – – America’s Backyard was such a great success, we’re doing it again January 16th! So keep an eye on the website and your email. We’re out here wagging our tails and saving up our cookies to get into that new kennel and get back to having enough dogs in the kennel for people to actually have a choice! That’s not to say that our current dogs aren’t all very special – – well, maybe you should come meet them for yourself!

Have a wonderful week and give your dogs a kiss from me. I miss our weekends so badly. Gotta get a new setup – soon.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

John’s Happy Tails Report
9/29/14 Happy Tales This Week From Inside And Around The Kennel Up In Sunrise.

Today we have lots of event news which will be almost verbatim from Michelle’s desk, but that’s good because hopefully it will free up some time for her to do the other important stuff, and the word will still be posted and passed in a timely manner. Kennel news is quiet, we still have seven dogs that are ready for adoption, and the latest addition is Greta’s Bahama, a good looking five year old guy, just finished his racing career and looking for his permanent home with his own personal humans. Bahama, or Handsome as he’s called around the backyard garden hose, is white and fawn. He had a broken leg that has since healed and he’s not cat tolerant. Handsome acts like a kid, with plenty of youthful energy, so don’t put him in the ‘over the hill’ cart with Brett Favre, he still has plenty of gas left in his tank. Hopefully you can get a real good look at him by mid-week or so, it’s rumored that he’s going to be used as a model by a professional photographer, so check out the website on Wednesday or after to get a real good look at this real good looker who also has a real good licker.

Greta'€™s Bahama

Greta’€™s Bahama

The donate your dime deal at Whole Foods is over, and we’ve moved about $1165 dollars closer to the goal. Whole Foods donated a dime for everyone who brought their own bags to shop, saving a dime it would cost them for the plastic bag,and donating it to us. The dime, not the bag. That’s a lot of bags, and a lot of bags that didn’t end up in the garbage or dump, which even makes the environment feel a little better. America’s Backyard night last Saturday netted almost a thousand dollars also, $975 to be exact. It was a lot of fun for the dogs as well as the people and we’re going to do it again in Jaunary, January 16th, so keep that date in mind if you enjoyed this one or missed it and want to go the next time.

Happy Hour at Americas Backyard

Happy Hour at Americas Backyard

Coming up in the immediate near future, a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket store in Fort Lauderdale at 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. It will be this Saturday from 10-2 o’clock. Coming up October 19th which will be a Saturday, the Dog Splash and Run at the park, at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. This will be special for greyhounds only, there will be food and drinks offered as it stands now, and some raffles and giveaways too. For those of you who live for the 31st of October, Michelle is working on a link to where you can buy your Halloween costumes and party supplies on line and they will donate 15% of that to Friends of Greyhounds. The prices are competitive and the selection is very nice, so look for that being posted on the website in the near future.

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

In the special thanks department, we want to thank the Silverman family and Jerry Berlin for fostering two of our seniors, Atascocita Sue and Atascocita Otto. These two are like bread and butter, fine old wine and old cheese, Bogie and Bacall (only not deceased yet), you get the picture, they belong together, so we’re hoping that someone will make that happen with a permanent home for both of them, they’ve spent the last five years together, why not have them finish the story together? Many thanks also to Deanna and Ralph, who donated a bunch of artwork; some of it I’m told is worth thousands of dollars and all are beautiful works of art. Hopefully we can turn the canvas into kennels with some help from our friends. If you are like a lot of us, maybe not exceptionally blessed with cash, you might be able to come up with an idea that could be worth a lot of money to help the hounds. One example just off hand, we have a lot of great items for auction, who might have a great idea on a venue to display these items? Where and when could we get the most by reaching the most people? With all the things we have going on, there are plenty of loose ends. If you have an idea or time that you think might be worthwhile, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. It’s not all about treasure, there’s plenty of behind the scenes work to be done too.

Ok, I think I actually covered most of it. If not, next week is another week. Thanks again to all those who are working and helping to make the FOG a vehicle to get the beautiful greyhounds from racing to retirement in a real home. Whether you are a fifty thousand dollar donor, or you just gave us your fifty cents worth of advice, it all helps. There are lots of animals that need help, the greyhounds have somehow ended up as what I chose to work with. There are lots of groups trying to help animals, and once again, FOG is the group that I have chosen to work with and try to help. God bless anyone who tries to help any animal, there are too many animals and too few of these special people, but always being the ‘glass is half full’ kind of person, I like to think of it as something like the saying, ‘’we can’t save all the animals in the world, but we can be a world of difference to the animals we do save’’, so that makes it worthwhile to me and probably to you too, since you are reading this here. Thanks again for your support, still plenty of work to do, but we’ve got some of it behind us. The last I checked, we have 29.87% of the goal of one hundred thirty thousand. A lot left, but the accomplished pile is getting higher and higher too. Have a great week, as Michelle says, ‘Love, Peace, and Greyhounds’ as I say, ‘’I love peaches and greyhounds too’.

John’s Happy Tails Report
9/22/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Fog, The Adoption Group With A Heart, But Currently Not With A Lot Of Information.

Como Se Yama

Como Se Yama

We can start off this week’s excitement with news that I do know about. Benny of Ruckus, nearly the last of the dogs from the Hialeah kennel not to be adopted, has found himself a home. Actually he was adopted out, it didn’t work out when there was an alpha dog controversy, he was returned, and he didn’t actually do the finding himself, we helped. He always seemed to be the bridesmaid and never the bride, figuratively speaking of course, he was never really married. The bottom line is that he’s enjoying life in Key West. It looks like he has hit the jackpot; he’s been ‘perfect’ and has attached himself at the hip to his new mom and dad. He’s actually gone to work with her and has become very popular there also, even though he hasn’t been offered a job yet. These are my favorite kind of stories, the ones with the happy endings. I’m hoping to be writing about a happy ending with the new FOG kennel, which tells about the beginning of the building of the new kennel. That is in the works, the last I saw, 28.43% of the funds raised already, but a long, long way to go for those of us in the middle class syndrome. Knowing Michelle and Jerry as I do, I know it’s not if, but when, but time can sure drag when you’re trying to raise a large amount of money without some high up financial connections. Meanwhile, since we’ve been closed, the racing industry does not miss a beat and is not depending on us to get rid of their undesirable dogs. The four dozen or more temporarily shelters that we provided for them until they could find their forever homes are gone for now, but the need of the dogs ‘retiring’ is still there. Out of sight, out of mind. I won’t be coming up with the big bucks, and you probably won’t either, but if someone in our community can come up with some great fundraising ideas or have contact with people or organizations with the real money that’s needed, it would be a real blessing. Over the years we’ve changed nearly two thousand lives, mostly for the better, and that’s just the canine factor, with many more humans than that enabled to experience the love and joy of having one of these beautiful animals for a pet. Two facts remain. There are still plenty of dogs retiring that need to be helped, and the help is out there, it just needs to be found and channeled to us.

Happy Hour at America’s Backyard

Friday, September 26, 5 to 10 PM
Purchase a $20 Ticket for Drinks and the proceeds benefit Friends of Greyhounds
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Atascocita Daido

Atascocita Daido

We have found out that the separation anxiety suffered by Atascocita Otto is caused by being separated from his kindred spirit, Atascocita Sue, so it is going to be highly recommended that these two be adopted out together. We don’t currently have a lot of dogs, so we are limited, and it looks like these two will require a special person or family that will be willing to take in two sexy seniors together. You can get a complete listing of the available dogs, as my list is probably a little off. Interesting that the time the list is with the fewest number of dogs, is the time it’s the least accurate for me. To get up to the minute information on any dog, you can call Jerry or Michelle at the kennel number, as I don’t always get the word if someone came in yesterday to look or they took a couple dogs to visit a potential adopter. Hopefully this will be temporary, as we are currently shoestringing it, but anticipate getting back to normal as soon as possible, which translates into as soon as we can financially get the new kennel set up. Along with the gold dust twins Otto and Sue, we have Como Se Yama, Homeless Boy, Atascocita Daido, and Chase the Storm. O Ya Shotgun Red is somewhere, if he isn’t there, he’s somewhere else. Hopefully a Michelle update, or blog addition will clear the air, but I know she’s busy trying to stir up the fundraisers. I’ve heard from the birds and the bees that big things are coming. Next weekend we have a happy hour party in downtown Broward, or Ft. Lauderdale, check the website or facebook for the details. Did you know that Otto spelled backwards is still Otto? I just found that out this afternoon.

Face and Taylor

Face and Taylor

Got a little note from Mark, about Face and Taylor, or maybe from Taylor, about Mark and Face, from central Florida. Face went out first and then the troubled Taylor went to live with him and Mark. Taylor wasn’t actually troubled; he just beat up little dogs that bothered him on occasions. You can check their pictures on the website, or maybe here if our fabulous webmaster puts them up. Anyway, the trio is doing excellent and living the good life, and the ‘happily ever after’ seems to be the end story here. My kind of finish, ok, once again succeeded in getting three or four paragraphs out of nothing, but that’s the news as I know it. If you have any news, don’t hesitate to email us, or me, at the kennel website. If you have any contacts or know someone with the ways and means that would like to help a good cause, then put them in contact with us. The dogs can’t speak for themselves, but I can definitely say for them that they’d rather take their chances with us than going across the street, they deserve at least a chance.