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John’s Happy Tales Report
5/8/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


After a busy week or two of adoptions, we are happy to report that we again have a full house of adoptables at the kennel, and they are all ready, willing, and able to go to their forever homes. With bags packed, smiles on their faces in eager anticipation, and a heart full of love, they are waiting for someone like you to come and take them away from the unexciting life of staying with Michelle and Jerry. Not that Michelle and Jerry are bad, but a kennel is not a home and a home is not a moose. Nine dogs are on the roster currently, but only one is a girl. Stormy is a black three-year-old girl, and she is a little doll. The rest of the kennel is all boys. Herman and Buford are three-year-old brothers, just arrived. Herman is white with brindle markings and Buford is a beautiful fawn brindle, sort of a coffee and cream swirl. These boys are brothers, they can go out separately, but they can also go to a home as a dynamic duo together. Savvy is a dark fawn, and Taylor is a white 2-year-old. They are both fresh arrivals and Taylor had a leg injury which ended his racing career, but won’t affect his retired career. Kango is a special needs dog, Casey is not yet two years old and is very shy. Domino is our only other black dog at the moment, three years old, and Posey is a small brindle male, also three years old. You can get the profile of any or all of them on our website and if you contact Michelle or Jerry, they can probably arrange for you to meet any or all of them, at your convenience. We have very flexible visiting hours, and we might even be able to bring one or two to your home if you live close enough and want to meet them on your turf, or if you have another animal sharing your house with you, we can see how they react to each other. just contact Michelle or Jerry. You can even check Scott’s blog, Dusty and Me, he would probably be able to give you some information on them, as he sees them usually several times a week, so he also knows most of them pretty well.


We did a meet and greet at the Boca Pet Supermarket last Sunday. Stormy and Herman made the trip and had a greyt time meeting all the customers. Our old friends Barbara and Scott Chapman stopped by for a visit. We love seeing our alumni, and their humans, and catching up with them on the news. We also made a bunch of new friends, and as always, the hounds drew a crowd and we were borderline blocking the aisle, but the Pet Supermarket people always treat us well and make us feel at home, so the event was a success and we made a lot of new friends. We even got some food and four big squeaky toys were donated to us, so a good time was had by all.


We are trying to put together a couple more gatherings before the summer heat really sets in. So far, a possible gathering at Showman’s Hall, with maybe a Sunday brunch/pot luck type of deal. If you have a suggestion for a place, let us know, contact Michelle or Jerry, especially if it’s a place where the hounds can get out of the heat. We can keep in touch with you if you are on our mailing list. If you are not, or you’re not sure if you are or not, you can just go to our home page, in the left column there’s a yellow box that says ‘keep in touch’, that will put you on the mailing list. Even if you aren’t sure you can fill it out, we’d rather delete a duplicate than miss out on someone, so when in doubt, fill it out.

Congratulations to Pat Nolan and his wife Nubia, they are expecting their first child in August. Pat held a special lecture at his Yoga studio and donated the proceeds to Friends of Greyhounds. He also helped us in fostering when we needed a hand last year, so thank you for all your support, it’s greytly appreciated by all of us here at the kennel. Ok, I think that just about covers all the news that’s fit to print for the past week. Don’t forget to check Scott’s blog, ‘Dusty and Me’, it’s a short fun read, and Scott covers the information about his girl Dusty and the news of the kennel on a daily basis, with pictures and information from our alumni as well as the current inmates. Check it out. Thank you all again for your support over the years, we love all our hounds and the humans they live with, we are truly a special community filled with loving animals and caring people. Have a greyt week, remember that it’s getting hotter, so get into your summer routine and beware of the heat, it does kill. Have a greyt week and don’t bite anyone.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

John’s Happy Tales Report
5/1/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


April went out with plenty of action for the FoG kennelites. I was just checking Scott’s Dusty and Me blog and there’s a nice picture of Randy and his beautiful new sister out in his new back yard. It looks like Randy hit the jackpot, beautiful people, beautiful lakefront view and his own personal bedroom once he masters the art of the stairs. Ringo was delivered today and we also have a great picture of him, which will probably make my blog if the picture is printable. He is also working on his staircase skills, as we have had a run on adoptions to people with multi floor levels. So, yes, they do adapt to stairs, sometimes it takes a little work, but most of them master it sooner or later, so if you have been considering a greyhound but have been a little hesitant because you have an upstairs, don’t let that stop you, and, in many cases, you can arrange for us to bring a dog or two out to your adobe to see how they react to your home. Doc was also delivered today, and he has a brand new friend already. He has befriended the 17-year-old cat that was already a resident, so he has started off on the right foot. Ralph also went out to a home in Homestead. The McKees were one of FoG’s first volunteers from way back when, so we know Ralph is also going to do well. As always, we want to wish all the adopters and adoptees the best with many years of happiness, love, and good health.


With all this action, we even added some high school volunteers. Just like in the old kennel days, we always need help around the kennel and the kids can get their community hours covered by working at our kennel. For those who love animals and like to be around them, this is just the gig for you. If you are interested, just contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel and most likely they can accommodate you at the times you can be available. We also take adults that might have some spare time, but be careful, these animals can become addictive, and I use Scott and myself as examples.


With the departing of the boys, we have and will be having more new arrivals coming in. The newest arrivals are all three years old. One girl, Stormy, is a spirited and shiny little black girl. Posey is a handsome brindle boy, and I think his name will be changed. Posey doesn’t sound to masculine unless you’re talking about Buster Posey, stud catcher for the San Francisco Giants. Tomorrow, Michelle is heading north to pick up two new boys, so we’ll be having more information the next time, however, you just might pick up the scoop on them if you check Scott’s daily blog, Dusty and Me, he has been taking care of the daily stuff along with his adventures with his girl Dusty, so keep them in mind, it’s a short read and very entertaining, and it covers the daily news of the kennel on a daily basis. Yes, it’s usually the first thing I read when I check my emails each day. Ok, last but not least, last week we received a surprise donation that will cover the cost of materials needed for putting pavers along the run to facilitate the drainage. When it rains, as it does down here, certain parts of the dog’s outside recess area become somewhat muddy, so we can fix this with the pavers around the door. If you, or someone you know, who has experience with pavers, please contact Michelle or Jerry if you can help. We love our President Jerry, but don’t want to turn him loose out there by himself if we can help it. This month we have some meet and greets coming up, at Pet Supermarket, which is probably the thing Michelle forgot to tell me about, so check the website and I’m sure she’ll have it posted somewhere there. I do know it’s the Pet Supermarket in Boca, we did very well there last time, and we were very well treated and invited back, so check the website or contact Michelle, but there’s probably one coming up this weekend. Have a greyt week, thank you again for all your support, and don’t bite anyone.

Ringo enjoying the view from his new home.

Randy trying out his bed.

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/24/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Greetings and salutations from the FoG kennel, rescue greyhound capitol of Sunrise. I am hooked on our new blog, compliments of Scott and Dusty, entitled Dusty and Me, which appears nearly every day and if the webmaster reads this, he will put the link here, (click here), or you can get it through the website. Scott is one of our very active volunteers and has taken up writing about life his adopted girl, Dusty, and what’s going on in and around the kennel from someone who is actually there every day. It’s informative, entertaining, and well written and gives you a glimpse of life with a greyhound and some up to the minute information on what’s going on in our kennel. I started my blog because Michelle was always behind, so I brought the events up to speed on a weekly basis, and Scott is taking it a step further and reporting it as it happens, so we are continually evolving to serve our fabulous adoptables even better as time moves ever forward. I have subscribed to his blog, so I am pretty much up to date and I look forward to that little email ‘Dusty and Me’ each day, so check it out.


My happiest note for the week is that Molly has been officially taken in by Beth and David Tattershall. Molly is a returned 11-year-old girl, and the seniors and returned hounds are always touted by myself because, like the black dogs, there’s just something about a black, returned, or senior dog, even though unjustified, that people seem to shy away from giving them a chance. So, I like to shout it from the housetops when one gets adopted. I’ve got three dogs, one black, all special needs because of injury, and one return, and they are all fabulous pets. Well, maybe Creepy isn’t perfect, he has the legendary greyhound gas, but they’re all fantastic dogs. So, Molly is out in a real home again, I know the adopters, that dog has it made in the shade. More good news, Doc is being considered, and by experienced greyhound owners, so we’re keeping our fingers and dewclaws crossed for him. Nadine is being delivered Tuesday I believe, she was our only girl, beautiful, cute, charming, and all of the above, and I knew she’d be gone in a moment, and she is. The former Lulu was seen at the Horses and Hounds and fallen in love with. She was adopted by a family, but had some ups and downs for a while. I think she changed her name, and one of our old reliables, Leslie Glenn, who is her Godmother, stepped in and helped them figure out the things they needed to change and the last I heard they were all doing better. Ralph, who has made a small career of being passed over, was not passed over this time and has gone to a home in SW Miami. Don’t know whether it was his acrobatic jumping ability or his nose that did it, but so far so good with him, not counting the stairs, still a little bit shaky on the stairs, but I think he’s there for the duration. So, God bless all the animals and the people that have taken them into their homes and hearts. We wish them all a long life together with happiness, good health, and all the love they can handle. It was a good week for the hounds. Stay tuned, I heard from my sources that there will be some new additions coming into the kennel very soon, if there is room. That’s a hint for Michelle, although she probably already knows. I think I am the one now that finds out everything last.

Last but definitely not least, the Pet Supermarket story. We did a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket in Boca Raton. Randy and Doc went and Scott showed up with Dusty to make it a grand trifecta. Scott has the full story in his blog today, but it was a huge success, the people loved the hounds, got some good interest in adopting, the Supermarket staff was fabulous and treated us very well, were as helpful as could be, and we went home with a bunch of dog food, treats, and even some toys. We will be there again in May, on two Sundays, the 7th and 21st, so stop by if you can, we’d love to see you. Ok, I think I have most of it covered, and don’t forget to check out Scott’s blog, co-written by his girl Dusty, for up to the minute information on the kennel and what’s happening with Scott and his beautiful sidekick, Dusty. Have a greyt week and don’t bite anyone.

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/17/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Greytings and Salukitations, hope you had a Happy Easter. The times, they are a changing. Gone are the old days when we used to have to park a block away from the church and there was standing room only if you got there later than a half hour before mass. None of those problems yesterday for sure. There were no neat gatherings to write about this past week, no meet and greets, just a regular week at the kennel, so we can get right down to the business of adopting greyhounds.


Nadine has just arrived in the kennel. Don’t think she will be here long, she’s the only girl in the kennel currently, won’t be here long methinks. All the cat testing has been done and Nadine has tested ok with cats. The tests are not guaranteed and many times what they test with us is not exactly the same as they test when they get to their home. If you have a feline friend that is planning to share his house with one of our greyhounds, you can arrange for us to visit your house and we can see how they react to each other on the cat’s home turf. We try to make sure no one ends up with ruffled feathers or fur when we test them, but it’s important to make sure they can live together happily. Doc has just arrived at the kennel also, I don’t know too much about him but he has just retired and I have heard he’s going to make someone a very happy pet owner, this coming from a very good friend of his who has known him for three years. Randy came in fresh from the race circuit, but surprisingly tested good with cats, so you just never know with these guys. Ralph, Kango, and Domino, on the other hand, are definitely not cat tolerant, that was well established. In the strange but true category, Ringo tested not tile tolerant. He was so afraid of the tile, that he didn’t bother with the cat. If you have tile floors, you may have to work with him to get him used to them, but on the other paw, if you have a cat, all he has to do is get on the tile and Ringo will not come near him. Not as strange as it seems, many of our alumni have begun their retirement careers afraid of tiles. It’s just like learning to ride a bike for us, once we learn, it becomes second nature, the same is true with the hounds, and they do the same with the tile too. Casey also did not test well. He is a special needs dog, he is afraid of everything and everyone, so he will need a special home too, one that can give him plenty of love and has the patience to give him confidence. He might do well in a home with other dogs that can show him a steady routine and show him that the world is not out to get him. Over the years, we have had several of these dogs and almost without exception they end up being a fabulous pet. It just takes getting the hound hooked up with the right family or owner.


On the bright side, PJ went to a new home last week with some adopters who have had previous greyhounds. I heard that he has the biggest yard ever and a fantastic family, so we wish them all many years of happiness, plenty of love, and good health. Ralph and his Roman nose are rumored to be in a new home soon, we’ll know more after next Saturday, so keep your fingers, toes, and dew claws crossed for him. While I’m thinking about it, the American Humane Association Hero Dog contest is still going, you can check it out on the website (click here). Our friend NY Vinny is in the competition and he’d appreciate your vote. You can vote daily and all the information is on our website. You can vote for him daily until May 3rd. One of our volunteers, Scott, has started a blog about his greyhound and their adventures together. Scott came in to volunteer, and like so many others, he got hooked on greyhounds, ended up adopting one and is now one of our ‘dependables’, or more likely, indispensables, at the kennel. Anyway, I am subscribed to his blog, I think you can get it through the website (click here), or contact Michelle and she can direct you to the link or his website. He also provides some inside information on our adoptables, since he does get to spend a lot of time around them, so it’s definitely a fun read, so check it out if you can. Also, although the kennel is greatly reduced in size compared to what it used to be, Michelle and Jerry can always use any and all volunteers. If you live in the area of Sunrise and you have kids that need community service time and love animals, it’s an excellent way to take care of that obligation. You can probably arrange the hours for your convenience, so it doesn’t get any easier than that. We used to have a bunch of kids back at the Hialeah kennel, and I’m sure they are still doing the same program. If you are an adult and have time to spare, you also are welcome. It worked for Scott, but beware, these animals can become addictive, I speak from personal experience on that. Ok, another week done gone, I think we covered most of it. Have a greyt rest of the week, don’t bite anyone, especially if they are smaller than you and yap at you a lot, because you know they will blame you and you might end up getting fumigated or something bad like that. Keep your hounds safe and cool, it’s starting to get a little warmer out.

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/10/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Happy one third of the way through April. There is less than a week left on our black dog sale. If you take any of our hounds, black or otherwise, before Easter Sunday, which is next Sunday, you can put fifty dollars back in your pocket. Our April Adopt a Greyhound Sale will most likely end next Sunday and we’ll be back to our regular price of two twenty-five for adoption. We have seven beautiful retired racers currently in the kennel, one is a special needs dog, but they will all make fantastic pets for the right family, so if you are looking for a fabulous pet, and you are looking to save half a hundred, now is the perfect time to make a fast friend and treat yourself to whatever fifty bucks will buy you now days.

Mr. Moose came in and went out in a hurry, there should be a picture and note about him on the Facebook page. He is doing fantastic so far, even changed his new mom from a miniature Schnauzer fan into a greyhound lover with just a few kisses. Yes, a lot of greyhounds do kiss. They say having him is like a cheap way to have a Ferrari parked in your living room. First time I’ve heard that, but he definitely could be considered the Ferrari of the dog world.


While I’m thinking about it, our friends from the Gold Coast rescue group has a greyhound, NY Vinny, entered in the American Hero Dog competition this year. All you have to do to help is vote for him, it’s simple, if I can figure it out, anyone can. You can help by voting each day, until May 3rd. The information and link is on our website, under the Latest News, so please take a moment to check it out and vote for Vinny. Scott has started up a blog of his own. Scott wandered into the kennel one stormy afternoon, completely soaked, his tail drooped down between his legs, looking forlorn, ok, enough of that. Scott started volunteering at our kennel a while back, giving Michelle and Jerry some much needed and appreciated help, and soon he was walking the dogs, got to know them, which as we know, leads to more serious stuff, and before he knew what hit him, he fell in love with a little moonbeam girl. He adopted her and so far, they have lived happily ever after. Anyway, Scott has started up a little blog about his girl Dusty and greyhounds and life with greyhounds. is the link to his blog. You can check it out and even subscribe to it, which I just did, I think. So, if all went well, I have voted for Vinny and subscribed to Dusty all in the same day. Someday I may even learn how to text.

Today we microchipped four of our adopted greyhounds at Flamingo Road Nursery. Microchipping helps lost dogs get re-united with their families. When FoG does it, the fee is $25 and includes implanting the chip and registration. The chip is no good without being registered. Vets usually run about $40 and up without a registration. It’s not a GPS tracker. It is a way for someone to find out who owns this dog. There were some problems with the Banfield chips a while ago. They had their own chips set up on their own frequencies and they could only be read by Banfield scanners. Other adoption groups, vets, pounds, etc. use a universal scanner and lost dogs were not getting home. It’s important to have a chip that can be read by the universal scanners and its important that your information be kept up to date with the registration database. There’s a section on the website about microchipping. (We use Avid Chips)

Have a Greyt week!


The preceding was from Michelle, I decided to just copy and paste since I’m lazy, I mean to show off my PC skills, which are rapidly expanding almost on a daily basis. Anyway, this is important, and if you’ve ever gone through a missing dog situation, it’s complete agony, and microchipping doesn’t solve everything but if your hound is microchipped there’s at least a little more glimmer of hope.

In other news, we have some therapy dog news from Elvis (the one that hasn’t left the building yet) and his human dad. Elvis is a therapy dog, one of his gigs is the Camp Erin Event. The Catholic Hospice conducts two overnight camping experiences for children who have lost a family member that was in their Hospice care. There were about 70 kids at this event, and three therapy dogs. It goes without saying that Elvis is always the most popular dog. You can check the link below, we have some nice pictures of Elvis at the event.

This past weekend we had another gathering at the Flamingo Road Nursery. I think I could get addicted to that barbque and seeing our people every weekend, like we did in the good old days. I found out that Charlie is not ready for prime time yet. Charlie is my mixed breed psycho, I thought he would do great with the rest of the hounds, but I was sadly mistaken. Charlie has been chopped from the hound gatherings. Diffy gave us a bunch of crap too, literally, which is totally unlike him, but I won’t even go into that. It turns out that our rookie party animal, Creepy, is the ‘good’ child. So the Grata dog family did not have a good day, but their humans did very well at the barbque stand. Thank you to the Flamingo Road Nursery, we were well treated, well fed, and there’s so much beautiful plant life there, just a fun place to go and the hounds make it even better, and it’s always fun to show off the hounds to the people that come over to say hello to them. Thank you all who attended, for your support, including, but not limited to Andy and his Poppy, Dusty and his Dad, Winnie not the Poo and her People, Bambi, Slinky and Dinky, Dinky being Jerry B., and now we start to head south, remembered one of a pair, now I forgot both. Ok, sorry, as always, for the ones I forgot, but will not forget another Thank You, we love to see you, even though the blogger can’t remember each and every one. Deadline time coming up, I think everything is covered. Have a greyt rest of the week, no other dogs out that I know of and no new arrivals. If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, please contact us. If you are financially motivated, get it done this week. Remember, you can contact the website, Michelle or Jerry, and visit the kennel or even possibly entertain one or two of our adoptables at your house, at your convenience, so there’s no reason left not to adopt a retired racing greyhound is there?

American Humane Association Hero Dog

NY Vinny is in the American Hero Dog competition this year as Emerging Hero. Freeway’s Greyt Escape, Inc. is a Charity Partner for 2017!!! If (when) Vinny wins Emerging Hero category, Freeway’s Greyt Escape, Inc. will be awarded $2,500. Should he go on to win American Hero Dog (televised in October on Hallmark Channel), Freeway’s Greyt Escape will be awarded another $5,000 plus appear on the program in LA. We need votes…lots of them…daily thru May 3rd. The only way Freeway’s Greyt Escape will get into the top 3 is with the number of votes. (8 other contestants also selected Freeway’s charity as their Charity Partner!). What does this all mean: 5 greyhounds can benefit from these funds! 5 greyhounds can receive immediate medical attention for an injury sustained while racing their last race! 5 greyhound non profit rescue/adoption organizations will have financial aid for these veterinarian expenses…

And you may remember that our very own Emerson was the very first recipient of Freeway’s charity.

This is a win-win-win – all you have to do is vote every day thru May 3rd to put Vinny in the top 3 Emerging Hero contestants.

The website for voting is

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/3/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel and Sometimes Just Copy Cat Stories.

Jersey Girl

It’s been a quiet week as far as adoptions are concerned for our kennel, we are kind of late, although it’s hard to tell by just looking at the blog, and the kennel is currently stocked with black, one real dark brindle, and red fawn adoptables only. Michelle is trying to set up a gathering weekend at the Flamingo Nursery, but she has to contact them first, so if you are interested, check the website or our Facebook later this week.


Don’t forget, we’re still discounting the adoption fees until Easter Sunday. You can get any of our lovely adoptables for $175 instead of $225 if you take them before Easter. All the dogs have been neutered or spayed already, have all their shots and are ready to go except for our newest arrival, Nadine, who will probably be going to the vet this week. PJ went out but only lasted one night, the first night usually being the toughest, he was not comfortable in his new home, so he’s back and still looking for the right home, which will require maybe some patience to get him through the first couple nights. He is a sweet youngster, loves to play and loves people and probably someone who can be close and patient the first few days. Ralph is a tremendous jumper, that’s straight up jumper, not an on you jumper. He is an extremely happy dog, would be a good candidate for someone who likes to teach their pets tricks, he’s sharper than the average greyhound and loves to interact with you. Ringo is only two years old, young and full of energy. He also adapts quickly to new routines and would love a nice yard and a loving family. Our senior girl, Molly, is on a home trial, she came from a home with plenty of experience in the house routine. If you are looking for a senior girl, you can check with Michelle, she is not a positive adoption, but since she’s already been in a home, she’s better off on home trial than in our kennel for the time being, and at last report, she’s having a great time with Beth and David, who just recently lost their girl Tiki, so we’ll see how that works out. Jersey is our other returned girl. Beautiful, with big loving eyes, she too knows the home routine, so she would probably move right in without a problem, going to her new home. Some people like as little stress as possible, and the returned dogs are usually excellent for that. Jersey is tall, good looking, and has a great personality. Ringo, Domino, Kango, PJ, and Ralph are the available boys, all black, except for Kango, who is a dark brindle.


Ok, that will fill the bill for this week, once again, thank you for all the support you’ve given us over the years, we love our hounds and their people and we will continue to find loving homes for these fantastic dogs, they are truly special, just ask anyone who has or has had one, they can tell you first hand. Have a greyt week, don’t bite anyone, and if you are interested in any of the adoptables, you can contact Michelle or Jerry through the website, Facebook, telephone, or smoke signal. We can probably even arrange for one or two of our hounds to come to your house for a home inspection, on your territory and at your convenience.

John’s Happy Tales Report
3/27/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Greetings greyhound community, in four days it will be National Adopt a Greyhound Month, and yes, I know you already knew, but I didn’t. April is Adopt a Greyhound Month across the nation and here in our FoGGY little world, it can mean fifty dollars in your pocket if you adopt one of our adoptables before Easter Sunday, which is April 16th. So, you have over half a month to adopt one of our fabulous retired racers and put fifty dollars back in your pocket to take your new hound out to dinner or however you wish to spend your savings. This discount covers everyone in our kennel, is not restricted to the ‘special’ dogs, or the black dogs, or the senior dogs, it’s the whole group. You can visit our kennel, all you have to do is contact Michelle or Jerry and set up a time, at your convenience of course, or, if you are reasonably in the area you can quite possibly arrange for one or two of our hounds to visit you at your house. We’re having fun here, so that means time will fly, so don’t put it off if you had it in your mind to find out about adopting one of these beautiful animals, April 16th will be here before you know it. I will give a brief rundown on the available dogs, but for up to the minute information it’s best to contact the kennel because we have dogs coming in and going out all week between my reports.


Here we go with my attempt at the current list of available dogs, subject to change at any moment, as I said, they come and go out and don’t need my approval. As previously stated last week, they are racing fewer and fewer girls now, so there will be more boys available and less girls as we head into the future and with most other things in life, it’s cost driven and cheaper to run males than females, so look for that to become a fact of life as we go forward. Unlike a lot of other groups, who only want the healthy and handsome dogs, we’ve always taken any dog that we were given or could get. We also stand behind and support all our hounds, hence we will have more than our share of the ‘rejects’ due to return, injury, sickness, black dog syndrome, and age, but that’s ok, we have always managed to find them good homes and the ‘special’ dogs always end up being as nice or nicer than the so called pretty ones, just ask anyone who has them, and you can ask me because that seems to be the only ones I’ve had lately and mine mean as much to me as any national champion winner. Two of our girls are returns. Good Golly Ms. Molly and Jersey. Ms. Molly is an eleven-year-old black senior lady, Jersey is a beautiful four-year-old red girl. Both were returned through no fault of their own, but nevertheless, they are again looking for a loving home. Ralph is the current resident who has been here the longest. I mention this because I’ve seen many dogs just sort of slip through the cracks and somehow just not get adopted for a long time. There are also people out there that look specifically for these dogs, they want the one who hasn’t caught a break, so if you are one of those people, come in a check Ralph out in person, or have him come visit you. Kango is a special needs dog, he was in a racing accident, suffered a fractured skull, which has healed, but is now having vision problems. He will need a loving and patient home, but I’ve met him personally and I’d take him in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have three. Casey is also somewhat of a special dog, he is Mr. Chicken personified and afraid of everything. The good news is that it’s not an aggressive fear, he doesn’t strike out at anyone but he will definitely head the other way. I have one of that kind myself, he will never be the neighborhood socialite, but I still love him to death and wouldn’t trade him for the world. We have three brand new arrivals, all boys, Ringo, Domino, and Randy. In all cases, as far as we’re concerned, there’s the perfect dog for every home and there’s a perfect home for every dog, you just have to find it, and that’s what we do even if we have to go back and try again.


In the good kennel news, Ms. Lulu has been delivered and is adjusting to her new home, and PJ has an application and is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. For those of you who might be interested, those with the pretty dogs. The Greyhound Project Adoption Group has an annual calendar and if you have a greyhound photo you’d like to submit, the deadline is April 1st, this is for next year’s calendar. You can check out their website for more information you can check out their websites, Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine, Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars, or The Greyhound Project. Ok, here’s hoping most of this makes sense and is correct. This is the first week I’ve actually suffered from an overabundance of information, actually on the verge of being overwhelmed, so I hope our crack team of editors have checked this out and made changes that might be needed, or contact me. Have a greyt week and don’t forget, those of you without a hound, or enough hounds, next month we put our dogs where your money is or where our mouths are or some such.

John’s Happy Tales Report
3/20/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Molly (when she was 3 years old)

Spring has sprung and we’ve started the season with a delivery, an adoption, a return, and at least three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. Stay tuned and check in with the kennel during the week if you want to see who the new arrivals are. First on the list, Alex is back out with a new home. He will be living in Naples with his human mom and dad and two teenagers to play with in his new big, shady back yard. Best of luck to him and his new family, he deserves a good break and we all wish them many years of love, happiness, and good health. Miss Lulu, picked up an application at the gathering yesterday and will be going to her new humans on Thursday. She will have a mom and two sisters, ten and fourteen I think. They visited her at the gathering and I guess that was the seal on the deal. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, I think there will be enough love and happiness to go around for all concerned and we wish that new greyhound family the best and many years of love and good health. Also, at the gathering, we had one of our alumni surrendered back to us. Her name is Molly, she is eleven years old. They’ve had her since 2009, but can no longer take care of her. At eleven years old, we want to get her connected with a new home as soon as possible after she’s made her visit to the vet. She seems to be in good health and good spirits so far, so if anyone is interested in helping this senior lady finish out her remaining life with dignity in a loving home, please contact Michelle of Jerry at the kennel. We also have the previously mentioned three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. I have been asked to mention that there are fewer and fewer females being raced, and that means that fewer and fewer will be becoming available for adoption, so keep this in mind when you are looking, the supply of females will be dwindling, not only with us, but throughout the racing circuit. Also, keep in mind that the males are sweeter and lazier than the girls and make wonderful family members.


We will not be doing the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival this year, or the Renaissance either for that matter. Breaks my heart, but I will carry on the best I can. We did have a gathering for the hounds for the second Sunday in a row. It was down south this time, at the famous Dog Dude Ranch. Click here for all of the photos! Thank you very much Ms. Priscilla, and your family and the staff for hosting us and making it a great time for us and the hounds. Also, a special thank you to Marley, who is Priscilla’s dog and is apparently the canine supervisor. He was everywhere, making sure the hounds were having a good time and checking on us, mixing and mingling and managed to get along with all of them. It never ceases to amaze me that with as many dogs as we have at these things, there are very few arguments amongst the hounds. We had a large corral for the hounds to run wild, a nice covered area with seating and fans kept the cool air circulating, plenty of water was supplied and we even had our own water and cokes. We saw a bunch of old friends, as usual, both two and four legged. The facility is a dog boarding house, it’s beautiful and well kept, and would be a great place to board a greyhound if ever you need to. Click here to view the Dog Dude Ranch website. They are experienced with the hounds, Ms. Priscilla has three of her own, so you can be assured they will be well taken care of, so keep them in mind if you ever need a place for your hound to stay while you’re away. As for the great thundering herd of hounds pounding the ground, that didn’t quite happen. The weather was perfect, nice and cool, I released my Diffy, he hauled butt to the other end of the compound, took a dump, ran back, and that was pretty much it. Most of the hounds hung out on the east end with the humans. Every once in a while, one would take off running and a few others would go, but not quite the chaos that I’ve seen before. I did accomplish one thing, I got a bunch of the hounds to join me in a rooing session, not quite as rambunctious as some of the legendary hootenanny’s back in the kennel days, but it was still a decent effort by those who participated.


Now comes the fun part, naming names, which I still have not learned to facilitate by using a pencil and paper. First, thank you each and every one of you that did come out, we do appreciate it and I think the hounds enjoy it as much as we do. They are somewhat breed snobs, but generally get along with each other. I think we had over two dozen dogs at least. Diffy’s old girlfriend Rainey, was there. At first, he kind of ignored her, then after a while we saw them sitting together, butt to butt. Don’t know what that meant, kind of reminded me of the love bugs you see in the summer. Jerry B. was in attendance with Slinky, Scott was there with his beautiful little Dusty Barker. Elvis was in the building, as was Maurice and Hermes, and most everyone already knows, but again our sincerest condolences for his loss. Last week Draco passed away, he was eight years old, but did manage to find himself the best home in the world for the retired years he did have. Joyce V., Heather and her other hound showed up. It starts already, forgot the other one’s name. I did get to see Pete and Amy with Chance and the beautiful girl. I want to say Marcy, but I may be wrong. They were excellent volunteers, participated as a whole family, or at least two of the kids, if there were more, don’t know. I do know that they were the only volunteer family that I ever remember that had four dogs in the kennel with the first names of all the family. We had Pete, Amy, and the two kids. Yes, I forgot those names already. Dog crap, I’m missing more than I’m hitting here, it’s past deadline time, so I’d better keep what little dignity I have left and close this up. Thank you, south people, we finally got one close to you, and north people for making the trip. Leslie and her good looking black and white who flunked out of racing already were there, and congratulations on your retirement, there is life on the other side, actually, congratulations to both of you. I met Foxy, who has been battling nasal or snout cancer, and has taken a licking but is still ticking so far pretty good. Thank you, Charlotte, for bringing out Joan, was wondering how she’s been doing. The harder I try, the less I do, I can see the dogs and people but can’t put the names. Ok, that’s it for real, thank you all again, it’s really greyt to see you all, thank you again Priscilla, Marley, and your pack for making us able to make some more beautiful memories. Have a good week, don’t bite anyone, and my apologies to those I saw and now can’t name or remember, I will do better next time. Gives us an excuse to do it again soon.