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Mark & Taylor & Face


Just wanted to let everyone know that Taylor & Face are doing quite well here in Indialantic!!

Mark & Taylor & Face



John’s Happy Tails Report
9/15/14 Mostly Happy Tales From All Over Our Tri County Area And Even Some From Around The Country.

Homeless Boy

Homeless Boy

Well, the first order of business for this week is financial. We’re at nearly 28% of the goal of the one hundred and thirty thousand we need to start on the new kennel. We have a barbque scheduled for this Saturday in lower Dade County. All those of us who we’re begging for more Dade functions and fundraisers need to step up, as it’s on the verge of being pulled due to lack of participation. It’s at the Dog Dude Ranch in south Dade, not that tough to get to. There’ll be ribs, chicken, baked beans and tasty beverages including beer, wine, and soft drinks. You can bring a side dish to share, I can personally suggest home made (or other, Publix for example) potato salad or macaroni salad. I have heard local rumors that my Julie will be bringing her semi famous derby pie, maybe I’ll bring a cake if I can talk my better half into baking it. It’s not an all-day affair, it’s only from five p.m. until 8 p.m., just a little short get together for the greyhounds with good food and friends. What else could we ask for? (twoderbypies, butdon’tcountonit). There’s even an off leash area where the dogs can run and play. The donation is only twenty bucks, and I realize that you could do many other things with the money, exciting things like go to the UM game and get into the parking lot within five blocks of the stadium. Fortunately, there is no home game this Saturday, and the twenty will maybe get you parking, but not the game or concessions. I have been a lifelong ‘Canes fan, but in this case, I think I’d rather watch some of our greyhound friends run around and have some good food and drink, than sit in a parking lot and listen to the game, because for twenty bucks, that’s probably as good as you can do. The Dolphins? They play on Sunday anyway, and for twenty bucks? We won’t even go there. The Marlins? Yeah, you can probably get into the stadium for twenty bucks, and they are playing Saturday night. But,,,, you won’t be able to park or eat, and there won’t be any greyhounds running around on the field, so there’s really no reason that I can think of for you not to attend. Look at your big friend there, sitting on the couch, or on his bed on the floor and think about how much love and pleasure he/she’s given you. Multiply that by about eighteen or nineteen hundred times, that’s what we’ve provided over the past decade or so. We’re trying to insure that these beautiful animals continue to have a second chance at life. Even without reading the recent article in the Miami Herald about what some in the industry’s solution to the homeless greyhound is, we hope you can find it in your heart and wallet to help support these animals and those who try to save them and give them a chance at being a real pet. This is a very long ‘short mention of the bbq’ but some things take a little longer to say than others, especially when they are considered very important, and without the funds, we can’t help the hounds, and without support, the hounds have virtually no say in their own personal future. Every little bit helps, so come on out and help the hounds by having a good time with some good food, good people (I’ll be there with my family), and some greyt dogs. I’ve also been told that there will be a load of great items for the silent auction. Don’t forget, you can either purchase your tickets on line, or RSVP to Michelle’s email ( if you intend to get your tickets at the door. If you don’t let us know you are coming, there may not be an event to come to.

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

In other news, and I don’t have much, which makes the first paragraph ok. Currently, according to my calculations, we have eight dogs that are looking for their forever homes. Homeless Boy went out, did well with kids, but apparently did not enjoy his people leaving him alone, so he may be fitted for a human or people that are home most or all of the time. O Ya Shotgun Red replaced him and I haven’t received the update I was hoping for, but we’re hoping that he works out with the family and the family works out with him. Yes, my fellow human, unlike some groups, if your greyt grey doesn’t turn out exactly great as expected, we will do everything we can to provide the right dog that matches up with the right family. It’s not ‘you broke it, you bought it’ for us, not every adoption is the right fit the first time, or sometimes even the second or third, but as the sign over the urinal in the men’s room said, ‘we aim to please, so you aim too, please’. We go the extra mile(s) to make sure our animals and human adopters have a loving friend for life and a good home. So, as it stands, Homeless Boy still is, but his people are still out there, yet to find him. On the other side of the ledger, Benny Of Ruckus, perennial bridesmaid, has gone to his potential forever home in Key West. I don’t know if he was delivered or picked up, but I would have volunteered to deliver him. I was also hoping for an update on him, but have not heard the word from the bird as of yet. Yes, Michelle is the bird, of whose word I’m hoping to hear. Yes, she is a strange bird, but a good bird nevertheless.

An email that came in too late for last week came from Wisconsin. MOB Just in time, aka, Larry, has found his loving home, on his second attempt. He missed his first chance, you can read about it on the website, but found love and companionship with his second home. Another example of perseverance paying off in the adoption circuit. Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue are still available, it would be great if they could go out together, since they’ve been living together in sin for the past five years. Actually it was in a home, and not sin, but it may have gotten your attention enough for you to look and wonder how a greyhound could live in sin. Now, maybe you’re curious and coincidentally just happen to be looking for two mature greyhounds (that’s kennel speak for 9 years old) and wouldn’t have known about them except for reading this about them. Now, you’re going to investigate them further and quite possibly it’s you that’s the one that will take them into your home and heart for the remainder of their ‘golden’ years. You never know, much stranger circumstances have occurred in the adoption of our greyts.

Editor’s update: Benny of Ruckus has settled in beautifully in his Key West home with Mommy, Daddy and a Bearded Dragon and a Russian Tortoise (isn’t “Rushin’ Tortoise” a contradiction in terms?) And O Ya Shotgun Red has proven to be the right dog and will be staying with mom & the kids that Homeless Boy wasn’t right for.

How to Walk Your Dog Five Miles Everyday


FoG Dog Splash

Click to Enlarge

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When: Sunday, October 19th
Time: 5:00-5:50
Where: Splash Adventure Water Park inside Quiet Waters Park- 401 S. Powerline Rd. Deerfield Beach FL 33442

$5 fee to the park for each dog – no charge for people. This hour will be set aside for GREYHOUNDS ONLY!!!!!

Fog will have some food & drinks and do a few raffles after the hour.

Organized by Astar Roman Hope’s (Bella’s) mom.

This park allows the dogs to play in the shallow pool on the last day of the season. They do 50 minute sessions and there is a $5 fee per dog. They are giving our dogs our own separate time block just for greyhounds!!! You can wade in with your dog if you want to or let them go alone.

There is a park fee of $5 for the splash pool session and all dogs must be able to produce proof of vaccination or have on a rabies tag. But it’s going to be a fun day! Mark your calendar and tell your friends! If you want to come with non-greyhound friends, they could play in the hour before us. Of course, greyhounds are always welcome at these pool sessions as are all the breeds. This one session at 5 pm on Sunday, October 19th will be JUST greyhounds. (don’t forget your camera!)

Larry (a.k.a. Mob Just N Time)

Hi Michelle,

There was a note from you in Larry’s adoption packet. He now has a forever
home in Brookfield WI with two other hounds. He had been returned by
another person because he was alone all day and unhappy. He will never be
alone with us! In addition to the other greyhounds have two teenagers and
my mother lives with us. He is a really sweet boy and will be loved by all!

Thank you,
Tim Wallace

photo 1

photo 2

John’s Happy Tails Report
9/8/14 Mostly Happy Tales From The Foggy World Of Fog, From The Grand Caymans To Canada, Possibly Infinity, But Probably Not Beyond And From As Far Away As 1958.

There seems to be a lot of news this week, despite there not being any news and at the risk of sounding contradictory, I hate to say that there’s a lot to talk about but I don’t know what to say. My neatest thing so far was a blast from the past just received from our famous webmaster Jerry B., not to be confused with Jerry D., who is the president, and no relation to Jerry A., who is completely unknown, but first alphabetically speaking. On our website is an episode of Lassie from 1958. It involves a greyhound, naturally, and is a little twenty minute window into the past, with the story of a greyhound. I loved Lassie with Jeff, and Porky, Gramps, and the fat little Campbell kids that I related to, but I was not too thrilled when they dumped Jeff and brought in little Timmy and his family to replace my ‘old’ favorites when Jeff grew up and Porky kept growing out. It’s only a little over twenty minutes, which means that apparently we had commercials way back then too. If you like greyhounds, and you like history, even if it’s only tv history, it’s well worth the twenty minutes spent watching, even if it is in black and white. And… it has a greyhound in the story, you can see how greyhounds were viewed fifty years ago.

Atascocita Darby

Atascocita Darby

On the kennel scene, we have past the quarter mark and are at 25.93% on our quest to raise the Hundred Thirty Grand for the new kennel as of right now, which is Monday afternoon. We have a bunch of events scheduled for later in September, so check the website, check your schedule, and see if you can participate in some of them. Heather Castillo, an Origami Owl independent contractor is giving all of her earnings through September 12th towards the new kennel, so check her out on our website and if I fail to mention details that you want, just check the website, as the information should be there or on the facebook page. When you have people who actually watched tv in 1958, you know what you’re dealing with, so any information I inadvertently leave out or mess up, the correct version should be found on the website. I’m not old, I’m well aged and mellow and with that comes the responsibility of forgetting some items. If you think Mel Brooks’ History of the World was interesting, you should see my version.

Como Se Yama

Como Se Yama

Our available dogs section has nine dogs listed. I beg to differ on this. I have CV’s Candy and Homeless Boy as adopted out last week or over the weekend, so before you get your heart set on them, call Michelle or Jerry and verify their status. This leaves us with three girls, Atascocita Darby, a spunky little five year old girl, and two older ‘more mature woman’ types, Atascocita Sue and Como Se Yama. Sue is nine years old and is trying to find a home that would accommodate her soulmate and sometimes boyfriend Atascocita Otto. They have been going together since before high school and have been living together, without their mother’s permission for the past five years. Mom finally consented and gave her blessing, so if you have a place in your heart for two old codgers, both of whom look better for their age than I do, and you have a place in your home, preferably without cats, they would be an excellent addition to your household. It’s not that Otto doesn’t like cats, he just doesn’t want to live with them. I feel the same way about broccoli, I don’t dislike it, I just don’t want it in my mouth. Ever. Como Se Yama was found wandering the streets. I don’t have the lowdown on how, where, why, etc. She is ten years old and a brood mom, so she’s had a full life, for better or worse. She’s looking for one of those humans who like help the less fortunate, so if providing food, shelter, love, and dignity to the less fortunate among us, this is the lady for you. I champion this cause because we gave a dog that had been through it all, shelter, love and affection. She only lived with us her final year, never said anything which is normal, haven’t seen too many talking dogs, but the feeling I got from seeing what she was and how she ended made a tremendous positive impression on me for the rest of my life, so I applaud all the people that do that, for both people and animals. Moving on, we also have four boys available. The previously mentioned Otto and Chase the Storm. Storm is four years old and like Otto, lost his loving home through no fault of his own. Our other two youngsters are Benny of Ruckus and Oh Ya Shotgun Red, Benny is a black four year old, and Red is a four year old red dog. Red is a return, as per usual, lost his home, not his fault, the humans moved and couldn’t take him, and Benny was a bridesmaid, but never a bride, he has also promised me that he will never be a bride, which is good because those of you who have done the bride thing, know that it can be expensive, especially if you are the one paying for it. You may also want to check on the availability of Benny and Red because they were getting some looks over the weekend.

Atascocita Otto

Atascocita Otto

We also keep getting news and notes about our alumni, and I think you can check out these in the Letters From Home section on the website. But, I like to also show them. Everyone may or may not love us, or greyhounds, but we do have a far reaching and profound effect on lives, both human and dog, as demonstrated by these letters. Of course hoping here that this isn’t one that I’ve already featured, but in any case, this is one of our girls, Shannon.

Dear Greyhound Friends,

We are Tom and Gail of North Wales, Pennsylvania. A note to let you know that we have adopted CD’s Shannon through Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. Her name now is Zarha. She has a loving home now with another female greyhound and has experienced Greyhound parentsJ

Zarha is absolutely adorable and doing amazingly well after only 3 weeks in our home! She is so smart and affectionate. Thank you for helping to bring this amazing little girl into our home and lives! She is part of our family and has found her forever home.

Benny Of Ruckus

Benny Of Ruckus

If the world, and all of our adoption groups and racing personnel involved could put our petty grievances aside, stop acting like rectals, and work together for the good of the dogs, as Sam Cooke sang back in 1960 (Lassie was probably listening to him on the radio), what a ‘Wonderful World’ it would be. I’ve only had the pleasure of volunteering here for the past few years and there’s probably a few groups that have adopted out more than nineteen hundred dogs in the past ten or twelve years, but I can’t picture anybody that’s more caring and dedicated to the dogs. That’s probably just a drop in the bucket, or maybe a teaspoon, and all the adoptions haven’t worked out perfectly, but I’m pretty sure that anyone I know who has been associated with FOG has a pretty darn good feeling of what we and they have accomplished with getting loving homes for the animals and the enrichment of the lives for the adopters. The stories and goodness I’ve witnessed have left an impression on me that will last me the rest of my life and given me hope for both the dogs and people and I’m the one with the tshirt that says ‘’The More People I Meet, the Better I Like My Dog’’, so there’s still a lot of work to do, but in my little brain, there’s also still hope.

Lassie – Episode 124 – “The Greyhound” – Season 4, #21 (1/26/1958)

Paul nearly runs over a racing greyhound that has escaped from her owner. After bringing her home they discover the dog (“Queenie”) had been stolen and her coat dyed to disguise her from being recovered, and that she was worth $20,000.

Origami Owl is helping FoG!

OrigamiOwlHeather Castillo, an Origami Owl independent contractor, is giving 100% of her earnings to FoG. The last day is September 12, 2014.

[Click this link to go to Heather’s FoG fundraising website]

September Events

Adoptions have been busy. Seems like once we got past Labor Day, people settled in again and decided to look at dogs. It has been a bit of a handicap not having the open house our people are used to, but with a little flexibility, we’re making it work. Last week, Keltie got a home but that one was easy. Steve Holloway had been fostering her and he “flunked fostering”. Keltie is part of his family permanently now. Also last week, Acehigh Jessie was made official by her new mom Jennifer and she’s a full time resident of Weston now! Homeless Boy is no longer homeless as of Thursday night when he got a mom and her two lovely daughters to offer him a place in their hearts. We all wish him lots of luck. He’s had it tough and to give a home to a big black dog with a broken leg that’s still healing and still limping, that’s one special family.

The fun continues, too. I’ve had very serious calls about Benny of Ruckus and Shotgun Red. Plus today Jerry & I drove part way up to turnpike to meet a couple of previous adopters who now live in Gainesville. We met halfway to adopt CV’s Candy to them. We thought she had an app last week but the people who submitted the application wouldn’t return a call or an email so we had to presume they changed their minds. So when Bill and Terry were looking for a girl to go with their 11 year old boy, it was a perfect match. Bill does painted signs and sells them at craft festivals. Many of you have seen some of his work in our old office. Remember my sign – “Kids must be on a leash”? That came from Bill. He gave us a whole big box of his goodies to sell at our raffles and auctions. You’re going to LOVE them! My favorite is “In Dog Beers, I’ve only had One!” (Makes sense to me!) You’ll see a bunch of them at the Dog Dude Ranch BBQ.

We are still pushing hard to get a kennel for the dogs. We are asking you to dig as deeply as you can to support this effort. And there are lots of ways to do that, too. Yes, we need cash, checks and credit cards. But I mean other actual ways to help build the down payment. We’re doing all kinds of events and fundraisers. Spread the word to the friends and neighbors and co-workers. Tell your vet and the petsitter to come. We’re trying to have things in all three counties so everyone has a chance to party with the pups. If you have ideas of where we could do something, let me know! Our party at Funky Buddha Brewery was wonderful fun and raised good money. Let’s repeat that again and again and get into that kennel! For the immediate future, we have:

  • GREYT TUESDAY AT YOLO on Las Olas – This hot spot is going to the dogs from 6 to 8 pm on Tuesday (Sept 9). For a $10 or $20 donation you’ll receive a free drink, appetizers and raffle tickets. We’ll have lots of goodies there and well behave, leashed dogs will be allowed on the porch with you. Strut your pooch on the patio. We’ll see you there!

  • POT LUCK BBQ AT THE RANCHSee the flyer in our events area. For your $20 donation and bring a dish, you’ll have BBQ chicken and ribs, baked beans and whatever other wonderful goodies our people bring. And if you’ve ever been to one of our weekend parties – a pot luck BBQ should be wonderful! Your $20 ticket (which you can purchase online on our website) also gets you all your beverages which are expected to be soft drinks, beer and wine (for adult guests) And we’ll have lots and lots of tables of silent auctions. We are aiming for 100 auction items. The ranch itself is a delight to see and the dogs will have a ball running around. We will require all dogs be on leash unless in the designated off-leash (fenced) area. It will be lots of greyhounds but other breeds can come too. (Okay – no cats. Gotta have some limit!) It’s going to be so much fun.

  • AMERICA’S BACKYARD HAPPY HOURS – yes, we’re doing lots of happy hours but this one is a lot more than a happy hour. First of all, it’s FIVE hours on Friday September 26th.. America’s Backyard is letting us sell a $20 drink ticket which will get you 2 for 1 drinks and some other especially priced drinks from 5 to 10 pm. There will be lots of raffles, goodies & giveaways. They’re promoting this on WKIS Kiss Country Radio (my station!) and they are going all out for us!!! I’m so excited. It’s going to be one heck of a party. And this is a very large, very popular venue. Should be just great!

We’re looking for other new places to have parties so let me know if you have ideas. And make sure you bring friends and neighbors to our events. Feel free to post our flyers on bulletin boards at work or school, too. We are also doing some other things. We’ve had a few items donated that Jerry (Mr. President) is attempting to sell on Ebay. Keep us in mind if you have an old car that you’d like to donate (we have a very easy vehicle donation system in place) or a collectible we could sell or auction or if you have or can get things that would make good raffle items or silent auction pieces. (Autographed goodies are extra special!) Yes, we have a learning curve in all this fundraising but we can do anything if that’s what it takes to get a place for these dogs.

And speaking of the dogs – we’ve come full circle in this blog. Please be sure to browse our available dogs list once in a while. Your perfect pup might be getting his photo posted right now. Remember, it’s all for the dogs. We placed 300 dogs last year. Without a kennel situation, we can’t do that. People need to come to “open house” and see more than two dogs. We need places for the ones that take a bit longer to get a new home, like our seniors do. And while I am thrilled to have adopted out a handful from the house here, just stop and think, how do we handle the other 290? What becomes of them because my garage is full? The dogs need us now more than ever.

See you at YOLO and at the BBQ or at America’s Backyard! Call or email me if you have ideas for our dogs or our kennel! Have a GREYT week!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

CANCELED – Pot Luck BBQ at the Ranch!

Pot Luck BBQ at the Ranch has been canceled.

Those who prepaid will be contacted directly.
Please be sure to check out our other upcoming events for Friends of Greyhounds.