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Better Late than Never!!

Yes, I know. I should have had an update for you soooo long ago. I am sorry for the delay but here we go . . .

Paws for the Cause was a Greyt success! Our net profit after expenses was $3488. A huge thank you to all those who donated items and all those who came out to support FoG and to buy up some of our goodies. We owe a lot of gratitude to the Miami Showmen’s Hall and Maggie their tireless manager, and to Maurice Mizrahi (father of Hermes & Draco) and his staff and crew of Temptations Catering. Maggie did all she could to help us and made us feel so at home in the Hall. And Maurice’s food and staff were just wonderful. Without their help and support, I would have gone stark raving mad. (Hey, no comments!!)

So many people donated things and time to make this work that I cannot mention them all for fear of leaving someone out. But Jill and Jan and Beth and the people who jumped in and helped with everything from building baskets to manning the entry table worked tirelessly for the dogs. A big chunk of our profit came from the collection of artwork we had on display. The vast majority of those pieces were donated by Ralph Brescia and Deanna Thau of Stuart and their greyhound Lilly (formerly CRT Ashley). I had been considering an auction event for some time but Ralph’s canvases were what made it truly possible. Those of you in the Stuart area, please keep an eye out for Ralph and Lily at the dog park and thank them in person for all of our dogs!

A lot of planning went into the party and we had about a hundred people come out. I would have liked a larger turnout but we sure enjoyed visiting with the owners and doggies that did get there. I think everyone had a good time and it really reminded us of how much we miss the weekends at the kennel. We really need to get into a place where we can all get together again.

So what have I been doing? Well, it took me another couple days to get things sorted out, put away and figured out. That’s been a lot of detail. (Thank you Steve Holloway for storing so much of the artwork in your guest room!) Plus I had the pleasure of driving to Titusville to adopt to some long-time greyhound adopters who found themselves between dogs. Seems all the local groups in Melbourne and Orlando area decided Titusville was too far away or they didn’t have any dogs. I don’t understand it but their loss was our chance for Charley (Chase the Storm) to get a good home. FoG still goes the distance for our dogs to get a great home like that and we wish him all the best.

And yesterday was our Pet Supermarket day. In case you didn’t know, we sit at Pet Supermarket, 801 E. Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, every other Saturday from10 to 2. It’s a great store with the best staff and customers I have ever had the honor to work with. I used to hate going to sit at things like that but now, at this store, I look forward to it. And they love our greyhounds! Stop and visit on a Saturday sometime! We are right at the front door.

Before leaving for the store, we had a flood at the house. It turned out to be a broken something in the toilet but we had water everywhere in no time. I spent an hour sopping up the floor and wringing out the towel into a bucket. Sop, wring, dump bucket. Repeat. I was really glad to get out and head to Pet Supermarket with Lucy (NAD Easy Does It) while Jerry visited with our favorite plumber. Easy got some good interest and we hope someone comes through for her! She’s such a great dog.

Our next event coming up is another party at YOLO (Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale) on December 3rd. This is a Ladies Night Party but guys can come too. Ladies pay $5 at the door and drink free for happy hour. FoG will be there doing raffles and fun stuff. I think the door money comes to us but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. Our last YOLO event was really fun and the calamari was the best ever! See the flyer attached for info. Hope to see you there!

On another matter, we need to acknowledge the passing of an old and dear friend. Fred Weatherbee passed away at his home in Miramar leaving behind his two dogs, Cindy and Mitzi. We met Fred’s sister at his home to take the dogs. When we got Cindy, she had a massive, inoperable tumor on her leg. Fred had been too sick to take care of her and it had gone too far She went to the Rainbow Bridge that afternoon and I’m sure Fred was waiting for her there with Echo who had passed just a few weeks before. Mitzi is now living at our house. She had a few days of confusion and concern but she proved to be cat tolerant and has now settled into our crazy household.

We loved Fred and we miss him. But I tell you about this because many of our adopters are single people and you need to give some thought to what would happen to your dog if you don’t come home or pass away at the house. FoG is part of your family and you are part of ours. We can help – we want to help – if you need us. Whether it is just to care for your dog until others can step in, help get the dog to relatives, or whatever the situation, find a way to let your friends or relatives know that we are out here, ready to be a safetynet for your greyhounds. You and they are family to us.

Fred Weatherbee

Fred Weatherbee

Fred’s ashes are going with Echo and Cindy’s into our Greyhound Memorial Project plots at the Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. He will be our first human to go into the site. But not our last. Jerry & I will be going there, too. There’s more information about the Project on our website. I hope you’ll check it out. Greyhounds and non-greyhounds – Everyone is welcome.

So… I’m sure there’s more to dish but I’d like to get this out today. We’d love to have another edition of our Auction if anyone has an idea for a location in Miami or Palm Beach. A lot of the paperwork and organizing is already done! No sense letting it go to waste. And be sure to keep an eye on things as we are constantly working on fundraisers and events, small or large. We intend to get these dogs into a decent, working kennel so no greyhound goes without a home. Please join us and help support this goal. Kiss your dogs for Jerry and me!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Friends of Greyhounds Ladies Night

Ladies_12-3_FOGAn Evening of Fun for a Great Cause!

Hosted by Mamie Brisker and an amazing DJ.

$5 donation to benefit Friends of Greyhounds charity.

Wednesday, December 3, 7-10 PM

O Lounge in YOLO
333 East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

Complementary cocktails and half-off appetizers.


  • The Trendy Truck
  • Sweet Treats from Sucre Rouge
  • Jazzercise Fort Lauderdale
  • Complementary Tarot card readings by Veronica of Angel Workshop!

John’s Happy Tales Report
11/24/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.

P1070460After a couple weeks of vacation and lounging, we again face Monday without a lot of exciting news. It would be great to be able to start off with ‘we’ve reached our goal and we’re on our way finally’, but that’s not going to happen this week. We just had a fabulous party in Broward, great venue, lots of great items up for auction, food and drinks for all that attended and even a nice surprise (to me) buffet meal, which I heard was great. I am pretty sure we have Maurice to thank for that. Not knowing about it, we dined at The Field before attending, and it was good, but I heard the buffet was better. Some greyhounds are socially adept, as were my two friends, Mardi and Nanook, unfortunately my Diffy is not ready for prime time so he spent most of the night with his tail tucked under his butt. We did get to see a lot of old friends and catch up on the gossip of the past few months that it’s been since we’ve seen most of them.

P1070464Michelle and Jerry will probably be posting the results of the evening, in regards to the money raised for our four legged friends, I won’t because I don’t have that information. One of our volunteers who does a lot of the work with the pictures and records of our alumni, picked up a virus and lost all her work for the past seven years. Those who have had a computer crash or destroyed through a virus know that it’s devastating, and it’s sad to think that people have nothing else better to do in life, especially to people who are trying to help and make a difference in the world. The good news, for me at least, I managed to come up with about five years of records that she had given me and I actually kept and was able to find within my own lifetime. So we have a start and I still have a lot of pictures that I can also send, so it’s time to stop feeling bad and move forward, with that project at least.

P1070459Once again, FOG is still fully operational, we are still taking in returns and dogs who have lost their homes, and we are still adopting out dogs, however we currently have only seven dogs instead of the four dozen we used to have with the full kennel. We’re still hoping that it’s just a matter of time to getting the new kennel up and operating with a greater selection of dogs. Until then, we will keep on keeping on as best we can.

P1070507I can review briefly the available dogs, according to my records, but for up to the minute and totally accurate information it’s still best to contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel and you can also set up an appointment usually at your convenience to see any of the greys that you might be interested in. We have two girls, Lucy and Bella, 3 and 5 years old respectively. Lucy is cat tolerant and is a cute little brindle sweetheart. Bella is a five year old feisty lady, not for the faint of heart; she’s more of an energetic and party animal. Five guys are available. Max is our senior citizen, ten years old, but doesn’t act it. Max is currently in a foster home, so he’s definitely experienced with the rules of house living, he gets along with other greyhounds, but does not care for felines. Charlie and Rocky are each five years old and ready to go to their forever homes. Sloan is a new arrival; he’s eight years old and was rendered homeless when his owner moved. Yes, my first thought is moving is not an excuse, but I have learned over the years that there are circumstances where it is impossible to take a dog to a new home, so I’m hoping this is one of them, and a big positive note for returns, he is already experienced at living in a home, so he could be just the one you’re looking for. Slash is six years old and a return, I don’t have the complete information on him either, but he is with us now and looking for a loving home. That’s the lineup, if any of these may interest you, don’t hesitate to contact us and check them out. That’s most of the news as I know it at this time. Michelle and Jerry and all of us at the FOG kennel want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe on the road if you are traveling. We’re not exactly where we’d like to be at this moment but there’s still a lot to be thankful for all of us, and the over nineteen hundred lives that we’ve changed over the years.

Never Big Enough

I could get a bed the size of a trampoline…..wouldn’t make a difference.

Mark & Taylor & Face


Emerson (Tiki’s Torch) Celebrates Her Birthday

Our Emerson on her 11th birthday. She just had some delicious tuna w her dinner. A very happy girl. Thx so much for letting her come home with us. We just love her, & she loves it here w our other greyhounds Max & Morgan. Such a sweet, beautiful girl!!


Atascocita Venus – “Nova”

Good afternoon,

I wanted to write to you all to give you an update on one of your greyhounds that was sent north, Atascocita Venus. Venus, now known as Nova, came to me on March 1st through James River Greyhounds in Richmond, VA. She was originally a foster with intent, as I was looking for a companion for my other greyhound, Luna (Boc’s Duchess). Luna is a spooky girl, and I always felt that she could benefit from a companion. She’s also a very bossy hound, so I assumed that she’d prefer to live with a goofy male, but after she was indifferent to the male fosters who came to stay with us last year, I wanted to give a female a shot. I knew within days that these two girls were a perfect match, and Luna and Nova have been as thick as thieves ever since.

In the following months, watching Nova discover her roll as a retired pet has been such a pleasure. Right off the bat, she has been extremely easy, and fell right into our routine. She is such a sweetheart, and is always happy. She loves getting hugs, and chatters her teeth and leans in on anyone who stops to say hello. Soon after I adopted Nova, I got a new job teaching at a university in the Nashville area, so we had to move 650 miles. Both hounds took it in stride, and have adapted well to our new area. We also took a month-long vacation to Wisconsin over the summer to visit my family, so Nova is becoming quite the traveler.

She has recently discovered toys, and haphazardly tromps around the house, diving and pouncing, all while displaying a wild case of helicopter tail. She loves treats of all kinds, and has no problem telling me that she would like a cookie. She has also decided that retirement is all about being as lazy as possible, and outside of a couple of daily walks, she can mostly be found sprawled out on one of her beds. Nova loves walks, and, in particular, loves to meet the neighborhood school bus as the kids come home in the afternoon. She adores the kids, and has used her gentle nature to help many of them overcome their fears of large dogs.

As you can see, the three of us have been very happy, and I am so glad to have both of my girls in my life. I want to thank you for all that you do to help these wonderful greyhounds find adoptive homes after they have retired!

I am attaching a couple of photos. The first is of Nova and her hilarious radar ears. The second show Luna (left) and Nova (right) on a typical car ride. The last is of me and my girls on our moving day.

Take care,




John’s Happy Tales Report
11/4/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel And This Week From Rochester, (Ny?).

This is a lean week for information, but the good news is that FoG has reached 33.33% of their goal for the new kennel, all we have to do is the same thing two more times. Hopefully in a little bit shorter time, as I’m not getting any younger here. That is excellent news anyway, on the serious side, so we must keep plugging. Michelle has updated most of the reportable news on her blog so anything I have will be a repeat, including the little letter we got from Chase Hailtothev’s humans.

As far as this camel knows, there have been no new additions or adoptions this past week. Roscoe remains the latest arrival according to my notes. Roscoe is a four year old red brindle boy, not large by male standards and as an additional bonus, he has tested yes with cats, which means he will most likely get along with your feline if you happen to have one. We have four guys and four gals available for adoption according to my sources. I have no information on Roscoe or Easy, which are the two latest arrivals in addition to the usual suspects that were already here. Never thought I’d say it, but I miss the old days when so many dogs were coming in and going out that it was nearly impossible to keep up with them for pictures, profiles, and news. Hopefully that will be the norm again when we get the new kennel rolling and organized, until then however, we will be playing a somewhat different game.

There will be many fund raisers in the near future and I believe that Michelle and Jerry are working on that full time at the current moment. They could use all and almost any kind of help, if you have the time and are in the Sunrise area, even better, you can contact them and offer your services, whatever it is that you would like to do, and I’m sure they will be glad to take you up on it. Also, the website and Facebook pages will have information on the upcoming fund raisers or you can call Michelle or Jerry and they can give you the information. The biggest event as far as I know will be the big auction later on this month, there will be flyers and information forthcoming on that very soon if it’s not out already, so keep checking the website.

Eureka, as I open my eyes and look again, it appears. The Paws for the Cause event has materialized in front of me. November 22nd, this is a Saturday, from 6 until 10 p.m. at Showman’s Association Carousel Pavilion, which is located at 3391 Griffin Road, Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a ten dollar donation at the door, there will be appetizers and beverages, and you can bring your greyhound and let him or her help you decide on which items to bid on. Silent auctions and raffles, and I’ve heard this from several different sources, so it must be true, the items up for bid are very, very nice. So come out and join us if you can, if even just to say hello. I will be there, if you don’t like me, Michelle and Jerry will be there, and if you don’t like them, there will undoubtedly be a bunch of beautiful greyhounds that you can see and socialize with, and that will make up for having to put up with us. So, come on out and help support these beautiful animals, meet old friends, make new ones, both two and four legged, and have a good time. What better way to kick off the best season of the year than to help a greyt cause for some greyt animals?

Ok, we’ve just about run the course. On local news, as previously mentioned, we got a letter from Rochester, and I’m assuming it’s New York and not Michigan; however it’s probable that where ever it is, it’s probably cold. Chase Hailtothev , now known as Ace, has found his forever home, went to a family who lost their first greyhound love of their life last year, and decided to go with another one. From his picture, Ace definitely looks to be in excellent shape, he looks fabulous in black gloss, and he definitely looks happy and his humans are very happy with him. Looks and sounds like a win/win/win situation for all concerned and I can tell you that I am ecstatic for all of them, which makes my heart happy too, nothing better in life than hearing a happy ending story for me. At our local gathering in Miami Springs, my boy Charlie has been told to rest his shoulder, so he and Ms. Newton sat out the dog park trip and Diffy went solo. Diffy was a cranky crab on Saturday and Sunday, grumping at the other dogs that were there, except for when he was with the famous Rainy, his girlfriend from the old FOG kennel. She showed up on Saturday and he was very happy when it was just he and she romping around. Has anyone ever noticed that some of these greyhounds could possibly be breed snobs? Just sayin’, because it’s quite a coincidence that a lot of them seem to be a lot happier around their own people. It may not be politically correct but me thinks that’s the way it is. Ok, got to stop, so those that actually do read this will have time to get ready for the upcoming Paws for the Cause auction event. Even if you can’t make it, spread the word so we can have a nice turnout. Next weekend we will be in Orlando to see the circus. I shall return the following week if they don’t keep me there.

Paws for the Cause

Please join Friends of Greyhounds for an evening of fun and fundraising!
Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Click Here for the Details
Click Here for the Auction Catalog

“Chase Hailtothev” has his forever home and loving it

Dear Friends of Greyhounds:

I just wanted to report to you that “Chase Hailtothev” (now aka “Ace”) is here in the Rochester area living with us in his forever home for the past two months. I know you had him there, and I thought you’d appreciate knowing that he has a wonderful home with us. He is a true lover boy! We didn’t think we’d get another greyhound after losing our first one in March 2013, but Ace came into our lives and is absolutely perfect for us.

Ironically, our daughter who also has a retired racer from Florida “Foley,” just moved from Rochester to Boca Raton about 3 weeks ago!

Here are a couple of pictures of “Ace.” Enjoy, and thanks for taking good care of him.

Best wishes,
Amy (and James) VanDemark



Paws for the Cause

Please join Friends of Greyhounds for an evening of fun and fundraising!

Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
at the
Showmen’s Association Carousel Pavilion
3391 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale
Click Here for a map & directions.

Greyhounds and their humans are invited to enjoy appetizers, beverages, and the opportunity to help raise funds for Friends of Greyhounds.

$10 donation at the door.

Silent Auctions and Raffles!

Click Here for the Auction Catalog

Everyone is invited!



It’s been a while since I did a blog for our site but some things have been moving faster than I can document them and others aren’t moving at all – like our adoptions!! Now – Where to start?. . Well this will be disjointed but I need to start with the most important things, first… Then the explanations. So bear with me, please.

Pet Expo in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center – We will have a corner booth at the November 15th Pet Expo to showcase our dogs and hopefully find them homes. We’ll be at booth #530 which is between the Lure Coursing and the Mega Adoption Area. I hope you’ll stop by and visit. The hours are 10 to 6, admission is free and they expect 8,000 to 10,000 people to attend. There’s a costume contest and free nail trims. Find more info at: Needless to say, I could use some volunteers! And while we are there, we will be passing out flyers for our next event, too…

Paws for the Cause – Yes, we are buried in the efforts to care for dogs and find them homes but we have not lost sight of the need to establish a new kennel for these gentle beasts. On November 22nd, we will hold our first major fundraising event. We have been blessed with some amazing donations for our dogs and Paws for the Cause will be an evening of wine, food. dogs and silent auctions. We have every intention of giving you a memorable evening while denting your checking accounts. This is a full out fundraiser like we have never had before. The items that have been donated are spectacular. We have some beautiful artwork and unique antiques. There are greyhound items and even small dog items. Colorful, tropical handmade signs, lots of gift baskets and some very, very unique collectibles Lots of certificates for places and food and services and there’s no way you will not find something you love! Our auction catalog will be up on the website soon and you’ll be able to see for yourself. But nothing beats coming in person. Admission is $10 per person and that gives you wine, beer or soft drinks and light snacks for the evening. Your greyhound is welcome, too. (Please, at least one human per dog.) The location is the Showmen’s Association Hall on Griffin Road which is next to The Field (Irish Pub). Our flyer is here for printing and our auction catalog is an online work in progress so check it often. We hope you will bring all of your friends and their wallets. Proceeds go to the FoG Kennel Fund. And this is going to be an awesome evening. Don’t miss it.

VOTE FOR MAX: Before I get into complicated stuff, let me also say that one of our doggies, Max, is in a contest on Facebook sponsored by If you have time, please go vote for Max’s picture. He’s our greyhound calendar boy!

The Dog Splash was a wonderful, wonderful party. An hour of just playing with the happiest doggies ever! It wasn’t just a nice, clean shallow pool full of offleash greyhounds but you should have seen them when they found that huge, shaded, SAND play area! The pack took off like they had a telepathic connection. It was breathtaking! They had so much fun and I swear I laughed for the whole hour. My jaws hurt from smiling! Huge thank yous to the Broward County Parks, to Quiet Waters Park and especially to Katherine, David & Isis for being such wonderful hosts and putting together such a great party for us. Our raffles even made us $260 towards our new kennel. But most of all, we made some great memories!

We did have a couple of items leftover from the Dog Splash party. We came up with a very nice, large insulated glass (Tervis Tumbler Type) with a JM Family logo and a pair of low style, black socks. I washed and dried both and have them available to be claimed if you lost them. Just call or email me.

Volunteers Needed: The new arrangement for dogs is very different and it is taking some work to get it to function well. I am getting worn out caring for the dogs. Admittedly, some of them are my own but since Jerry and I often adopt the less desirable, I don’t feel guilty about asking for help for the whole crew, house dogs and house-kennel dogs. And we won’t even mention paperwork or setting up events. And then there’s the in-between dogs like Yammy who goes in the kennel at night and spends the days mostly in the house. She’s 10. She’s earned a temporary home until a real one comes along. And she’s cat tolerant. But I really don’t have room! And we have a few dogs out in foster, too. Thank heaven for our foster partners!

And the duties at the house aren’t just dog care. There’s filing and cleaning and even fun stuff like making baskets for the auction and taking photos of dogs or auction items. There’s always something to do.

Without a regular weekend open house, we are not getting the people to come look at the dogs and adopt them. Without room for new dogs, our available dogs are mostly the seniors and returned dogs. And without the “more desirable” (white, cute, young) dogs to bring in the adopters, our dogs are just sitting. Plus we still have dogs being returned for one reason or another. I am picking up another one this afternoon. Many of the returned dogs are now seniors. So our choices of dogs are mostly the “old and broken” and they stay longer and require more care. So what do we need to do? Well I need to ask for help. We need VOLUNTEERS. . .

Dog care: We don’t have kennel help or groups of students working with the dogs. With more special dogs, there is more care to give. But we also need to do fundraising and marketing. If you can help in our house kennel, we can use you. This is not for one-time, inexperienced youngsters. I need people who can help with some general cleaning or walk and feed the dogs on a regular basis. Students teamed up with their parents would be great. Or reliable high schoolers. And yes, we can still give volunteer credit. Could you come by one evening a week on a regular basis? We generally walk & feed about 5 pm but they are flexible dogs!

We could also use a couple of greyhound people who might want to come by and wash some of the kennel dogs and/or help clean the kennel. We no longer have the “weekends only” restrictions either. Since we are working from the house in Sunrise, we can let you come work with the dogs any time! If you can help with kennel care, please email or call me!

Dog Events: Marketing our dogs to find them homes is still our focus. As part of that, we have committed to having a booth at the Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a great location and the staff there is so welcoming. I am trying to do it every other Saturday from 10 to 2. I could really use someone else to help with it. If you would like to sit at a neat location with a dog, some brochures and a smile and tell people about greyhounds, please let me know. We can work together (I can use company) or I’d be happy to surrender the project to a team of you. I’ve got dogs, table and brochures. Have you got the time? That would free me up for some other events and projects. Seems everything hits on Saturdays!

This Saturday is no exception. November 1st, we will have a team at the Walmart Neighborhood Store in Coral Springs collecting donations for the dogs. Please stop and encourage us! We’ll be there from 9 to 5 and it’s along day!