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John’s Happy Tales Report
5/9/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.



We are currently up to date on the photos, thanks to volunteer deluxe Brandy and you can check them out on the website or Pet Finder. Our current stable of fine adoptables includes Asia, Happy Harry, Billy, Akira, Denim, Chris Carter, Faber, and Andy. We also have a return, Oshkosh Iron Dog, who will have to live in a home with no small children, more news on that front next time.



On the outgoing side, Giddy Up was delivered to her new home last week and she now has a new nine year old human brother to pester. Charlie stopped by the kennel with his forever humans. He went out on Valentine’s Day and has proven that the third time is a charm, at least in his case. He had been returned twice, but a little lovin’ and the right humans have cemented his happy forever home. Thanks to all of you who give them a second chance and a special thanks to those who make greyt pets out of the special dogs that may need a little extra love or patience. Charlie was using a Sentry ‘calming collar’ and it made a huge difference with him. The collar is completely natural I believe, uses chamomile and lavender and smells a bit like lavender. Each collar is good for 30 days, so it’s an idea that might come in handy in some cases. They are available on line without a prescription. Darla is doing well in her new home so far, so we’re keeping our fingers and paws crossed for all the newly adopted alumni and best wishes for years of love, happiness, and good health.

While we’re at it, thank you again Brandy and also Sue Lambertsen, who continues to support the FoG kennel, even though she has moved to South Carolina. She sent us a large supply of the her wonderful, hand-made ‘belly bands’ which are used for helping housebreak the boys who might need it when they first move into their forever home. Ok, that covers most of it for this week. Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day.

Luna is Cat Tolerant


Happy Cinco de Mayo


John’s Happy Tales Report
5/2/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Here we sit in time, a day after the anniversary of the discovery of the great distress call MayDay, and three days short of the anniversary of the loss of twenty thousand jars of mayonnaise on the Titanic, that never made it to Mexico, or Sinko de Mayo , as it is known. And we strive onward in our mission to make sure that every greyhound has a chance for a loving forever home after retirement from his or her professional racing career.

Happy Harry

Happy Harry

With that being said, and it truly had to be said, we leave the Pompano Seafood Festival and Horses and Hounds behind for another year and head into the long hot South Florida summer. Please remember that our people overheat quickly down here, so use care in selecting the play times for them and if you have to take them in a car, do not let them drive and try to take them somewhere that they can get out and go with you instead of leaving them in the car. As stupid as it sounds, please be alert to other cars who might have children or dogs inside. Many lives have been lost from the heat, but also many have been saved by alert and fast acting passersby. Looks dumb but it’s supposed to be the correct spelling so we’ll leave it at passersby.

Michelle has a severe cold, which has been slowing her down, but the dog influx has been speeding up. We could really use some help with the hound photographs, Valberta are you a Broward resident? If anyone near or in the area of the kennel, or even if not and likes to do photography, we need photos of the newly arriving dogs so we can keep the profiles up to date. There are less than a dozen dogs, so it is not the major project that it used to be back in the days of the four dozen plus occupants, so it’s a very doable small project timewise and it would take a greyt burden off of Michelle and Jerry. Also, with summer approaching, anyone who might have some extra time on their hands and would like to volunteer, there are plenty of other jobs available, especially for the kids that need community service. Remember, we are in Broward, not Hialeah, so the shoe is reversed, it’s much easier to get to the kennel since it’s located in the Sunrise area, and all help is gratefully accepted.



Last Saturday we were at the fabulous Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd., as we are almost every other weekend. We got by with a little help from our friends Maurice, Hermes, and Draco, met a bunch of nice people and came home with about four cases of dog food and some nice donations. Yes, we will be back there again in two weeks, if you are in the area, stop by, the store people love our greyhounds, the feeling is mutual, and it’s a greyt place to do your pet shopping.

I used to get a list of the current dogs, many times it was a little late in arriving, but I don’t have a current list of our available adoptables at the moment. Upon checking the list I know that it is not exactly up to the moment, so you can check our website and pet finder, but if you really want to know an up to the shall we say, second, list of dogs, it’s best to contact Jerry or Michelle through the website, by email, or via phone, because they are moving in and out pretty good, the dogs, that is, not so much Jerry and Michelle. I can say that our most shy girl Darla is out and about and is possibly in line for a home in a perfect setting if things work out for her. Asia also has a decent chance to become a foster failure, which is a good thing for those who might not be familiar with the term ‘foster failure’, most of the time it means they live happily ever after, and that’s what we’re here for. One of our beloved alumni, Slatex Georgette, has passed recently to the rainbow bridge, and her humans can’t stand a house without a hound, so our boy Franco has gone with them for a free home trial. I didn’t even know Franco had arrived and he’s gone already. We do give free home trials to our previous adopters so they can bring home a potential, and see how he or she does in their home. Not all matches are made in heaven, but we’re willing to try until we, the humans, and the dog get it right. If you are interested in one or two of our dogs, we can usually arrange for a home visit to see how they do in your environment at your convenience. Not a lot of other rescues will do that, so keep it in the back of your mind, just in case.



I have been requested by Ms. Michelle to give a special thanks to April and Anya, they are volunteers that come by and take over the handling, feeding, and walking of the dogs, and usually show up at just the right time they are needed most, like this past time when Michelle was sick as a dog and they took over. Greytly appreciated A and A, from a very thankful Michelle. She also mentioned that we are behind on photos and could use help getting some good dog pictures taken so she can get all the profiles updated online. Ok, that about covers most of the week’s news that’s fit to print. One last thing, the current list of available adoptees includes is not limited to Happy Harry, Billy, Chris Carter (yes, the football player is in the kennel – come visit!) and new guys Faber (3 yr old Fawn guy) and Andy (formerly Just Fast – Red, 5 yrs old).

Our scardy-cat Darla is on a home trial but it is shaky. It’s not easy to work with a dog as afraid of the world as Darla is. We thank her new family for being so patient. Please Darla, learn to trust some of us humans! Asia was in foster and her foster mom is considering adopting her but can’t get her tummy issues settled so Asia is in the kennel for extra care but has a possible home. And Giddy Up arrived and has an application just that quick. She will be delivered on Friday.

I mention this so that our webmaster can post a picture or two of them, or he might just edit the new names that he knows in right here, and then he can post the pictures of the new arrivals. Have a greyt week, remember the heat, and also, if you have any ideas for a gathering area for the hounds in the Broward area, give Michelle or Jerry a shout.

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/25/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside The Fog Kennel And On Special Occasions, From The Sunny Beaches Of South Florida.



Highlight of the week was the weekend at Pompano Beach Seafood Festival. I can talk about it with happiness and energy now because it is behind us now, but it was a full weekend for the volunteers, both two and four legged. Special thanks to Lisa Z. and Bailey who braved the crowds and the parking and rescued our president and vice president. I mean that literally, they were the only help received all weekend and like the Calvary, they came through just in time and provided them with much needed help and gave them a break from the action. It’s a beautiful scenario out there with sun, fun, and throngs of people, nice breeze off the ocean, but all that will also make you very hungry and wear you out. As forecast, all the vendors were on the sidewalk and the music was on the beach. There were plenty of people curious about greyhounds, the donations were pretty good, over seven hundred dollars unofficially received. There weren’t any of those ‘will be by the kennel tomorrow morning to adopt’ people, but lots of interest as we continue to spread the word about these fabulous dogs. Thanks, also, to the Festival people for allowing us to come and show the dogs, which always helps a great deal to bring in as much donations as possible with as little going back out as possible. Lisa is the seasoned pro and now Bailey looks like a professional ambassador for the greyhounds. Michelle, not usually being one for excessive verbiage, unless she’s chewing you out, couldn’t stop talking about how much they did, and with thirty active hours of the Festival and only them for relief, I can see how much Michelle and Jerry appreciated their help. We even sold out on Saturday of all those treat cookies that Michelle had hand packaged, and there was even people coming back on Sunday looking for more. Ok, that’s my description of it, as told to me straight from the Vice President’s mouse.



Before I forget, we will be at Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd. this coming Saturday from ten until two o’clock, if you can, stop by and say hello, we’d love to see you, and you can bring your grey if you want, always greyt to see our alumni. Franco and Giddy Up are new arrivals at the kennel. Franco is a handsome black yute (youth), only twenty months old. He worked the crowd at the Festival like a pro too. Giddy Up is a beautiful Red Fawn girl, three years old, and just retired from racing. Giddy Up is very sweet and quiet. We also have a few more and you can check them out on the website or Pet Finder. Michelle and Jerry have all the personal information on them and will glad to provide you with it and even arrange a visit to your house to see how they react to your home and family. Just contact them through the website or phone.

We’re looking for a property that we can use for our greyhound gatherings. If anyone knows of an area in the Davie area, or even west Broward, that we could use or rent, set up a fenced in area with parking, please let Michelle or Jerry know. They made contact with a long-time friend at the Festival this past weekend, but if you have any ideas, feel free to contact us and run them by us. Ok, I think I have most of it covered, have a greyt week and don’t forget, the heat is here already, our greys do not have a high tolerance of extreme heat, so monitor them when they are outside and especially when you hit the road, whether it be a journey or short hop to the store around the corner, South Florida heat is deadly. Have a greyt week, shall return next week with more excitement.

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/18/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

The end of meet kennel crisis is about to arrive, sound the alarm and alert the people, we will soon have an overflow of adoptable hounds, WE NEED YOUR HELP, we have more hounds than room at the kennel, and as stated in Michelle’s Blog, if you have been thinking about adopting, adding a second or even third four-legged member to your family, now is the time to go into action. It’s the end of the racing meet, some dogs will be moving on to other race tracks, but there will be many that will be retired. We will have hounds available for adoption, fostering, and free home trials. Check out Michelle’s blog for all the details. I won’t repeat the whole thing here, but I wanted to reemphasize the important items, and in a nutshell, if you have been thinking about adding a or another hound to your home, this is the perfect time to act. It’s a sign, as they said in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. Four replies have already come in, and you can check Michelle’s post for all the doggie details.



Briefly, on the kennel front Denim is currently in a free home trial. Her potential forever home is in Miami Springs with former FoG alumni Tough Task. If this is ever read by Patrick and Nubia, if you are interested, we have taken my Diffy to the dog park next to the high school without any major problems and when he’s had a chance to run with other greyhounds, he has a greyt time, so if you have the notion, send me an email through the website and maybe we can get them all to run together sometime. No matter where you live in the Springs, the dog park is close. We also have two brand new special needs arrivals, Darla, who is extremely shy, and Chris, who tore some ligaments, are looking for forever homes.



Over the years, the administration has lost track of many of our adopters, as a result, the mailing list has not kept up with everyone that has adopted with us. This becomes painfully obvious at times like this when we want to get the word out to everyone we possibly can. We use MailChimp, and if you can sign up for it, it would be very good for all parties involved, especially the greys. As with everything, you can contact Michelle or Jerry or the website and get all the information you need. Michelle also has one photo left that was taken and not picked up at the Horses and Hounds, if that’s you, you can contact her and she will be glad to send it to you. Our webmaster will hopefully post a picture of it in this blog.

Unclaimed Horses && Hounds photo.

Unclaimed Horses & Hounds photo.

Ok, that about covers it, don’t forget the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival is this coming weekend, we’ll be there and as always, we’re looking for volunteers. We still have the Whole Foods Promotion, with the store in Coral Springs, if you bring your own bags they will donate ten cents to us, and it does build up a pretty nice amount after a while. April is Adopt a Greyhound Month and we will have a surplus of hounds that deserve a nice forever home, and who better than great humans like you to help them out?


Special Request for Greyhound Adopters

April 18, 2016
Sunrise, Florida

Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds –

As you know, John Grata usually handles the news through his blog on Mondays. Those of you who read regularly know what a unique spin he can put on mundane dog affairs. If you aren’t a regular reader, check him out. The blog is usually posted by Monday evening. But some things need to be handled with a bit more urgency and this is one of those things.

Since leaving the large kennel in Hialeah we have returned to our original adoption kennel in our garage. It is very limiting. We have room for eight dogs and it is not enough. The end of April is the close of racing season for Mardi Gras Track. It’s the time when owners and trainers determine which dogs will move on to race at the next venue or be retired. That means more dogs available all at one time. Without the weekend play area, we have lost touch with many of our adopters and without exposure to the new, available dogs, our families just don’t get around to adopting “just one more” like you used to!

Right now, the garage is pretty full. I am expecting to get new dogs in tomorrow and we will be totally full. We have a number of big boys that will take a while to find homes. Everyone wants the little girls but our big brindle boys are more plentiful and so sweet. And they all need good homes. And I will still have dogs waiting to come into the kennel. This is where you come in! We need your help. Here are a few ways to get involved and I hope you will see one that works for you.

  • ADOPT – If you are thinking about adopting another dog but have said you’ll wait, please change your mind and come look now. We have some wonderful dogs and we need the room. Adoption rescues the dog you take home and also saves the dog that gets that space in the kennel. FoG will always do our best to help you and be here if an adoption doesn’t work out. So go ahead, take the leap of faith. Visit the kennel and see if you fall in love.

  • FREE HOME TRIAL – Are you a little bit afraid of committing to that second dog? Then Free Home Trial is for you. It’s fostering (to relieve our overcrowding) with intention to adopt IF you find the right dog. This is only available for people with greyhound experience. You need to pick out a dog and do an application and once the dog is in your home, you can decide if he or she should stay or if you want to try someone else. When you find the right dog, we complete the adoption process. It has to be a reasonable time frame but we are pretty flexible as long as the dog is cared for.

  • FOSTER – I hate fostering dogs and it’s a desperation move on my part. But these are the times we have to offer foster dogs. Foster allows the dog to fall totally in love with you and then get pulled back out and into the kennel or to another home without understanding what he did wrong to lose you. But, sometimes it beats the alternative. This is one of those times. I am looking for people to foster greyhounds if needed. You must have some greyhound experience and we are asking for an open-ended commitment. I will take the dog back as soon as I have a place in the kennel but I cannot guarantee a specific date. Also, foster parents need to use a crate for their foster dog. We can probably scare one up if you don’t have yours any longer. When the dog comes back to the kennel and/.or goes into an adoption home, the new family will want to use the crate to get the dog on their schedule and we don’t want that to be a traumatic transition.

  • SPECIAL CARE #1 – We have one beautiful black boy named Chris who has just had a major orthopedic surgery on his rear leg. He is going to be fine but he could use a little TLC while he’s recovering. He needs short potty walks or he can amble around in a small yard but absolutely no running for a while. I’ll need his foster parent to be reasonably close to our home in Sunrise so I can get him for his additional vet visits or be willing to take him to those visits. The vet is in Deerfield. He’s a sweet boy, quiet and easy going.

  • SPECIAL CARE #2 – Darla is a sweet girl but very shy. She could be fostered if you have a fully fenced yard and your patience. She has great potential but is afraid to trust people. She is gentle and will need a crate or an ex-pen and a lot of love.

Of course we can use help at events, financial help to buy dog food and pay vet bills, and donations of rice, sweet potatoes, and all the goodies on the wish list. But if you want to really get hands on this is your chance. We need you. The DOGS need you! Time is of the essence. Please call me!

Hug your hounds for me. They are the lucky ones!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle (& Jerry, Chumlee, Yahtzee, Lucy & Mitzi)

snail mail: 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322
cell: 954-937-9663 – anytime!

John’s Happy Tales Report
4/11/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

First of all, thank you Jeri Caprio and Jane Bistline, founders of the Horses and Hounds Foundation, again for your efforts in making that weekend a complete success. Also, a big thank you to all of you that worked behind the scenes and helped out before, during, and after the event, we picked up a nice check of over seven thousand dollars plus the goodies that were donated. The weather turned out to be pretty nice and we also want to give a big thanks to all that attended and made the event the success that it was. We have a week to rest, sort of, then the following weekend we have the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival. We will be out there with our tent to meet and greet everyone and hopefully continue to spread the word about our beautiful hounds to those who don’t already know about them, so if you are in the area, look us up and stop by and say hello. The details are on the website, but it’s the entire weekend, so you’ll have your choice of days. We enjoy seeing you and the dogs always like to meet new people.



Construction work continues on the kennel, it is somewhat of a mess, but we are still showing dogs and still bringing them to see potential adopters, so we’re still working, just pardon the dust. The kennel has a brand new a/c unit, I heard that President Jerry installed it, but I don’t believe it, so I may have heard wrong. Just kidding, who says he sleeps all day now that he’s a retired couch potato. We’re still looking for someone or someone who knows someone that can re-stucco the outside wall. Jerry is good but he knows his limitations, just like Dirty Harry, so if you know someone who does that kind of work, please contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel.



From the animal section, Denim had some serious lookers last week and is possibly in the process of being adopted, we also have a new boy, he is injured with some torn ligaments, so he is finished racing, but I have information that he is going to make a fabulous pet for someone. If you are interested, just ask for Gimpy and they will be glad to fill you in on him. Remember also, that if you already have a FoG dog and are looking for another, you can request a ‘free home trial’ and bring one to your house for a week or two to judge if they are going to get along with your current resident(s), no obligation, our only interest is that our dog and our dog’s adopted family all end up living happily ever after.

Ok, I think that covers most of the exciting information. You can check Pet Finder or our website and I’m assuming that it is up to date with our current adoptables listing. Don’t forget the Seafood Festival is coming up in two weekends, and as a nice parting note, I believe the state of Florida now has a law to make it legal to break a car window to free a dog which may be trapped in an overheated car. I guess it says something about our society if you need to have legislation for common sense, but it is what it is, if it saves a life, it’s worth it. Who knows, maybe they’ll even have it for humans one day. Have a greyt week, thanks again for being part of the greyhound community, and thanks again for all of you who made the Horses and Hounds a howling success.


Donate Your Dime at Whole Foods Market® Coral Springs

Help reduce the impact on the environment while you support the community. Between April 11 and July 3, 2016, you can choose to Donate your Dime to Friends of Greyhounds, a non-profit (501c3) corporation whose mission is to provide retired racing greyhounds with a caring environment and loving homes and to educate the public about these noble, loyal dogs. Whole Foods Market is located at 810 University Dr, Coral Springs, Florida 33071. For more information, call 954-753-8000.

Donate Your Dime

John’s Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
4/4/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Horses & Hounds was amazing! I never wanted it to end. The weather was reasonably cooperative and all the dogs and horses and humans had a wonderful time. A huge thank you to Jane Bistline and Jeri Caprio who are the people behind the H&H foundation and who put on this event every year. It was so good to be surrounded by friends and greyhounds again!

Make sure you take the time to see the photos on our website – (click here, click here!) – especially the group shot! We’ll have to make that an annual photo. It’s great. I counted 28 greyhounds in that picture. Some were bodies with hidden faces and I think there were more at the party that missed getting into the picture.

It was wonderful to see so many of our adopters and volunteers – and of course the dogs, again. Jerry and I are running the kennel out of the house and doing most of the work ourselves. We miss our volunteers and friends. Sometimes we get pretty worn out. The weekends at the kennel were our social time. Some of our Miami volunteers came all the way up to Lake Worth for the day and it meant so much to us! And seeing the happy, adopted dogs reminds us of what we’re working for day in and day out.

It was the first year for the exotic car show and I suspect that will grow next year. And we think it’s the last year of the Medieval Times leaping horse show as the trainer is retiring. But, knowing Jeri, she will come up with something else just as wonderful. The auction went very well, too. Soon as the foundation gets all money and expenses figured out, we’ll let you know how it came out financially.

We had three available dogs at the event and Denim, the shiny black girl, got an application! Soon as I get my desk cleared and this paperwork caught up, we’ll be getting her into her new home! We have other dogs waiting for her spot in the kennel.

Thank you to everyone who brought goodies for the kennel and the doggies to Horses & Hounds. I was keeping busy during the event and hadn’t gotten out by the truck at all. A couple people said they’d put a bag in the truck and I said “thank you”. But I was not prepared for the sight of what was inside the truck! I almost couldn’t get the dogs into their crates to go home! And everything else had to wait until I came back up the next day with an empty van. We have LOTS of rice (I think I counted about 160 pounds in 20 pound bags!). Plus LOTS of broth and stock to cook it in – – that’s a real treat for them. It makes such a difference! And we have cookies and pumpkin and peaches and blankies and toys!!! That was so wonderful to see. I’ve gotten it all into the house but it’s not organized yet. That’s coming. And I’ve already started a pot of rice cooked with chicken stock!! Thank you soooooo much!

We had a stack of dog pillows at the tent for sale for $20 each. We’d picked them up at Global Pet Expo. But we were so busy with everything else that we didn’t really sell any of them. So if anyone wants to buy a nice big dog pillow, get hold of me. They’re not the highest quality but they’re a great deal for the price! There are 7 or 8 left.

Horse and Hounds was awesome but we had to come home to the stark reality of a dying A/C unit in the kennel. We’ve been nursing it along for a while and we really had to take advantage of this mild weather and get moving on the replacement. The unit is a “through the wall” a/c (not just window – but outside wall which is about 8 inches thick) and has been leaking water like crazy lately. Come to find out, it has been leaking into the wall itself and it frankly the wall finally got filled up with water and things gave way. We had constant water drainage for about two weeks.

Now we have the old unit out and we’re trying to get the new one into the wall but of course, it’s a different size and shape. Nothing ever goes smoothly with this house! Every time we turn around, there’s a new surprise – like the surprise of the stucco bubble on the outside of our wall due to the water build up inside the wall. We’ve had big slabs of stucco peal off that will need to be re-done. We weren’t ready for any of this!!! But the dogs need the a/c and Jerry is pushing through this mess. If we have anyone out there that knows about stucco or air conditioner installation, we’d love to hear from you!! He wants to do it himself but I’m very sure he’d like an experienced helper – which I am not!!

Hope to see a few of you at the upcoming events – – –
** Pet Supermarket – 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale 10-2, Saturday April 9 & April 30
** Pompano Beach Seafood Festival – April 22 – 24. Schedule of entertainment is online. We think our tent is in the same place as last year – which was SUPER!! Hours are Friday 5-10, Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 11-8. Hope to see you there – and yes, we will need volunteers!

Hug your hounds for us – and maybe look around and see if you have room for one more!! You know how to reach us!