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John’s Happy Tails Report
6/16/14 Happy Tales From Just About Anywhere We Can Get Them At The Present Time.

This could be very interesting in the wrong sense of the word. I am essentially out of the loop as far as information is concerned, Michelle pretty well summed it up on Saturday, and so we’ll try to add a little bit of bits and pieces and odds and ends if they decide they want a Monday blog from this neck of the woods. My latest update of the world according to FOG is as follows. There are still three dogs left that are up for adoption in case you haven’t checked Michelle’s blog. Benny of Ruckus, who went out with Busta Move, proved to be too much for his new household, so he is back at FOG, and is available for adoption. He is a little rambunctious and is not cat tolerant, so he would probably do well in a home by himself (but not where he is the primary bread winner), without another dog or cat. He loves to ramble so a nice yard would be a plus for this youngster. Chicks Love Me has also been returned and he wants to be readopted. His only problem was that his humans moved to an area where he was not welcome. He is also not cat tolerant, but has no behavior problems as far as I know. Keltie was apparently adopted out from the Humane Society of Greater Miami in 2010, so she’s probably at least five or six years old by now, and I have no idea what her story is other than the people turned her in to an animal shelter instead of returning her directly back to us, which is required and requested when the dogs are adopted out. So, even though we are out of Hialeah, we already have three dogs available for adoption. For more and better information on them, contact Jerry or Michelle, or Jerry B. while they are out of town.

Chicks Love Me
Chicks Love Me
Benny of Ruckus
Benny of Ruckus

Ok, now what? Diffy wishes to tell everyone that he misses his friends already. He did his first dog park in Miami Springs on Saturday and Sunday and it wasn’t the same. The dogs and people were nice and friendly, but it wasn’t the same. Our other two mutt- ski’s also went, Charlie making his first official car trip and dog park visit. He got in the car on the way over, and did well at the park, but peed on Julie’s hand while she was trying to assist him into the car for the trip home. It’s yet to be determined whether he was scared or just didn’t want to go home yet. Diffy did well with two large Ridgebacks on Saturday, but got nipped by a short guy named Bear on Sunday. Nothing hurt but his dignity. So, we passed our first weekend without our grey friends and family and survived, and I’m hoping that the dogs that would be coming to us are surviving their weekends without us too. Stay tuned to FOG in the future for new developments, you can slack off till the end of the month if you want, since Jerry and Michelle will be almost totally out of touch with the rest of us, both literally and figuratively, but stand by for some action beginning in July, and keep these three dogs in your minds if you or someone you know who might be interested, they are ready to go to their forever homes for real this time, the sooner the better.

It’s Saturday morning.

It’s Saturday morning. Jerry & I are supposed to be at the kennel talking to people about greyhound adoption but we’re not. We are kind of floundering. We have plenty of things we need to do but Saturday mornings are for greyhounds. So who is at Florida Kennels adopting greyhounds? I don’t think the dog supply has slowed down. Perhaps just their desire to find them homes has.

Chicks Love Me

Chicks Love Me

We do still have two dogs available for adoption. Benny of Ruckus was a little too boisterous for the family who took him. He’s back at our house. He would do well with a fenced back yard so he can run all he wants. And Chicks Love Me, aka “Romeo”, was returned because the family had to move into an area that did not allow dogs. Neither is cat tolerant and both are here at our house (Sunrise) and looking for good homes. Call or email me if you are interested. (

The kennel and shop/office are all emptied out and we were officially out on June 10th. I have bunches of boxes here at the house that are filled with the mixed bag of last minute “stuff” that inevitably is left after a move. I’m getting things tucked here and there as I am able but it’s still a mess around here. I’m trying mightily to get the paperwork caught up but the last month of sending dogs out with partial paperwork (to be finished by mail) and postponing everything else, has left me with massive mounds of details to be handled. I’m making more progress every day but the stuff in this office looks like it was deposited with a front-loader! It’s a challenge.

Benny Of Ruckus

Benny Of Ruckus

Jerry wants me to find clothes for the trip we’re taking and I just want to look at property on the internet and wonder if I could build a new FoG there. So I hope each of you will hug your dogs for me. I miss them terribly. I can’t wait to get a dog-place of our own so you can all come when you want to and not worry about the little fluffy dogs getting in your dog’s face. A place where putting a muzzle on a dog is just to protect the others from a rambunctious guy not a sign of viciousness. A place you can come to any day of the week and not just on weekends. A haven for the seniors and the sick and the broken. A home for all the homeless greyhounds turned out by the kennels when they don’t make the money any more. We are working on it from so many different approaches. We will do all we possibly can to bring it all together.

Meantime, keep in touch. Be sure you are signed up for our emails and that we have a current mailing address if it has changed from your app – or if you haven’t actually adopted. Keeping track of Friends is important right now. Jerry & I will be gone from Saturday, June 21st to Thursday, July 3rd. We will have intermittent access to phone and probably no email. Our webmaster Jerry Berlin will kind of coordinate things for us while we are gone. He knows who can handle what. And Little Jerry (Jerry the President’s son) and his wife (little Michelle) will be at the house to handle dogs and emergencies. (There are entirely too many Jerry’s and Michelle’s in this paragraph!)

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of our adopters. Hug your dads. Hug your dogs. And we’ll see you in July.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

John’s Happy Tails Report
6/9/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Almost Anyplace But Inside And Around The Hialeah Kennel.

The Hialeah Kennel era officially came to an end last weekend. We ended up having an unofficial party, with a bunch of old friends visiting and giving their best wishes, and celebrated with some great homemade dishes of mac and cheese from Lynn the collar lady as well as meatballs from Jill and Lynn. Julie and Jill supplied the sugar with derby pie, orange and chocolate cake. I think that covers the homemade, and Chris and Chris supplied some pizza and crazy bread. I don’t believe anyone went home hungry.

Cry Colbie was returned to us on Saturday, as usual, through no fault of her own, a severe allergy problem with one of the family members, but she was immediately readopted the next day and already has a post showing her new family and she is getting along with everyone including her new animal siblings, so the last story in the first chapter has a happy ending at this moment at least. In fact, all the stories we got were how well the dogs are doing, which I’m sure reinforces Michelle and Jerry’s determination to regroup, relocate, and continue rescuing these wonderful dogs. And, these are not only stories about the ‘showcase’ dogs, but ALL of the dogs, the injured, and broken, seizure, special needs, too old, too slow, etc. Yes, I am repeating it, and it’s worth repeating. All the dogs deserve a chance at life, not just the ones that they find it convenient or at no cost to get rid of. It won’t be easy, but there seems to be a lot of people out there willing to help make FOG even better, if not bigger than before. A lot of experience has been learned and lessons learned in the previous decade plus of rescuing over nineteen hundred dogs, hopefully it will be used to continue. Nothing will be finalized until they return from the long planned, but well-earned trip they are taking with their granddaughters, but there have been many pledges and promises, so we’ll see what the next chapter brings. We do wish this next fiasco in waiting that the tracks/casinos have cooked up well, if only because the welfare of the dogs is the bottom line, and hopefully there will be people watching to see how it goes. Unfortunately, the dogs have no real voice in their destiny, so maybe that will change and they will get a little help from their friends.

Please stay in touch, or at least check up on us when you can, we will still operate the website and Michelle or I will try to keep the blogs up to keep you informed on the latest happenings. Don’t expect too much until after June though, we are officially out of dogs, the kennel is officially closed for now, we are still cleaning out the office until next weekend, and after next weekend there will be the vacation, and then, and then, things could start to happen. Ok, bottom line, all our dogs have been accounted for. We will still be taking returns and offering support for the alumni, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, needs, just like always. We’re working on getting a meeting place so we can meet and let the kids run on the weekends just like always, so hopefully we’ll get something set up, formally or at the least, informally. Keep the faith, keep your pups happy and we’ll be back with a vengeance, vegetarian, V-8, or something like that. Thank you all for all your support and all your dedication towards saving these beautiful dogs, they are well worth the effort. Obviously, those who live with them understand this To the tracks/casinos through your own financial interests and the racing kennels, through misinformation or your own personal personnel dislikes,you don’t understand what a good friend and public relations asset you’ve lost. What goes around comes around and you can bet on it.

Sean’s “aggression”

Thought I’d share with you how Sean is managing his aggression, especially when someone is too close to him.


Elizabeth Guadagno
Admissions Coordinator

South Florida Wildlife Center
3200 SW 4th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315


John’s Happy Tails Report
6/2/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel, As Spoonfuls Of The Turnout Sand Are Being Sold As Souvenirs For Two Hundred Dollars A Bag.

Lynn "The Collar Lady" Piper

Lynn “The Collar Lady” Piper

Ok, maybe not, but I had to try to get some attention since Michelle stole all my thunder. You can check out the thunder to which I refer on the website and that pretty much tells the story of what’s going on as far as the kennel and the immediate future are concerned. [Click here for Michelle's article] For those of you that ignore Michelle and only listen to me, mainly Diffy, I will cover some of the main points. First and most important, all the dogs are accounted for. Next weekend will be our last weekend and Lynn the collar lady will be there with her beautiful collars. It is not an official party, but you can bring something if you want, desserts are always greatly appreciated, and it’s possible that we may just go with a some pizza and coke around noon time. Everything and almost anything that is not tied down and being put in storage will probably be up for sale, so if you see something, feel free to ask about it. You can even bring fourlegs for one last romp around the play yard. There are a lot of great memories and stories that have been made and told there.

John, Diffy  & Bear

John, Diffy Rainey & Bear

That covers the major items. The future will be what it will be. Despite what we personally think about the actions of the casino/tracks, our main concern will remain with the dogs. We not only plan to relocate and continue to rescue these dogs, but hope to be even better with all the years of experience and knowledge that we’ve gained and without the restrictions of being politically correct in not offending pro and anti-racing factions, still continuing to give all the dogs, not just the showcase dogs, a second chance at life. From my experience I’ve always thought we were a great public relations tool for the tracks and racing kennels. I was instructed from day one not to bad mouth anyone, the racing industry being what it is, it’s my job to find a good home for those dogs that were no longer racing. As far as the racing kennels are concerned, I only know a couple of the trainers and the ones I have seen treat their animals like family. Others may have totally different stories and experiences but that has nothing to do with me, my job, as was everyone’s, was to be neutral and get loving homes for all the dogs and I think we’ve done an excellent job, judging from the feedback I’ve gotten from the people on both sides of the fence. In my opinion, the casino/tracks are losing a pretty good deal for their dogs and public relations. With complete faith in what goes around, comes around, with both good and bad karma, we will see what happens in the future. As Michelle says, we have a lot of friends and we’re determined to continue rescuing the dogs. While we will no longer be in Hialeah, it appears that a few people will be watching to make sure our friends the casino/tracks and their affiliates are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If they are, great, the more the merrier and the better for the dogs, there are lots of dogs that still need to be helped and there’s plenty of work to do. So please stay tuned, or at least check in with us when you can, we’ll still be here, if nothing more in the near future than taking returns should we happen to get any, but things will start moving pretty soon, so stay in touch, it could get interesting.

Checking in – Status report

Dear Friends of Friends,

I’m sorry for the delay in the updates. I’ve been keeping busy, though.

TabiaDOG UPDATE – The kennel itself still has 20 dogs in it. Atascocita Gabby is waiting for her house to get its certificate of occupancy. Mom & Dad visit almost every weekend and every week we think it will be next week! She’s gonna be right down to the wire. If worse comes to worst, she’ll be at my house kennel waiting for them. CS Tiki who was given up, had an app but the app fell through. She is now adopted and sleeping on my couch. My 8 year old toothless wonder! Our house is turning into a senior center.

TRAVELS & TRANSPORT – The other 19 dogs in the kennel will be going up to the Sunburst Kennel in Ebro, Florida. The first group will leave Monday, June 2nd (tomorrow) Cherie Silverman has volunteered to co-pilot for the trip. The dogs will rest a bit and then on Tuesday night, they leave again. They should arrive at their new homes in Texas on Wednesday, June 4th. Ya-Hoo! On Thursday, June 5th, I will take the final dogs from the kennel and drive them up to the Sunburst kennel in Ebro. I am still looking for a co-pilot for that trip. This is your last chance! Speak up! (It’s not a fancy trip and we leave early in the morning (like 5:30) and get back the next evening. You can leave a car at my house in Sunrise.)

greyhound-racingKENNEL UPDATE –I have spent an inordinate amount of time sorting through “stuff” at the kennel but I’m still limited on what I can do. I am donating things to other groups that can use them as much as I can. There is a new group called “Greyed A” (I think I got that right) starting up in Palm Beach. She is specializing in care of the “broken” dogs, those with injuries or illness. We at FoG are very, very proud that the timing worked out and this group, so aligned with our thinking, was able to use a lot of the items that we wouldn’t have wanted to store. We were able to give them crates and xpens and bandaging materials, blankets and towels and things that we have more of than we need for the moment. And this group will put them to work in a wonderful mission. We’ll hear more about Greyed A soon, I’m sure. Just sorting through bandaging material and collars and leashes and oddball items that are so necessary for the dogs, has taken days. We keep things at our house, at the kennel, in the office storage area, in our rented warehouse and we are getting everything into one place and all on the same track. But it’s been touch. Often people give us things in good faith but they aren’t really right for greyhounds. We’ve always been good about finding someone who can use them. But sometimes they go into a drawer or a closet or a box and we figure on dealing with them another time. Well, now’s the time. So we’re also doing a lot of distributing of things to our friends at the Wildlife Care Center (bleach, disinfectants, plastic dog carriers – too small for greyhounds) and the animal shelters, Humane Societies, our vets’ offices, etc. And we’re sending a lot of carpets and cookies and things up to our friends at the Sunburst Project in Ebro, too. This is a lot of work! But nothing – NOTHING – goes to waste with FoG.

grp 1LAST CHANCE GATHERING – Meantime, the weekend dog play area is still operating at least one more weekend. We’re not actually going to throw a party as we still have a lot of work to do and Jerry & I want to have time to visit with everyone. But it will be your last chance to come to the kennel to play. Also, it’s a last chance for Lynn Piper, collar lady extraordinaire, and a major supporter of ours, to come to the kennel one more time. So many of you have asked for collars and couldn’t make the last party. So mark your calendars – June 7 & 8 will be the last chance for collars in Hialeah. We’ll have all the “stuff” in the store marked down and ready to move out. We even have the washer, dryer, freezer, showcase and bunches of other things for sale. So much of it had to wait until the dogs were moved out! So we hope you will come to the kennel and play. And let us tell you about our future plans and the changes we want to make. You’re going to love it! And you know your greyhounds really prefer to hang out with other greys!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANEW KENNEL – Okay, this section is still in the planning stages. We have great ideas and plans. We have wonderful friends and people who know people who have places and things. I’ve been buried in getting our last dogs out of the compound and in saving and sorting all of our stock and supplies so we’ll be ready when we open our new kennel. We’ve been so crazy busy on this front but I don’t have any truly concrete information I can tell you. All I can say is “Stay Tuned”. Our hope and dream is to get a couple of acres (zoned Agricultural, we figure) and build our own Greyhound haven with a kennel, our home, a dog park to call our own, and hold open house for greyhounds every day! We’d like to find a spot in the SW Broward area, like Davie or SW Ranches. Then, when the kids want to work with the dogs, we wouldn’t have to limit them to “10-3, Saturday & Sunday”. And your dogs could come run in a greyhound only dog park anytime they want. We could care for our own available dogs, our own way, with blankets and toys and music and love. Please don’t get me wrong. We were incredibly blessed to have that kennel in Hialeah and our arrangements there for so long. But we’re established now and we really think that with the adopter base we have, we should be able to put this together. There will still be racing dogs that need to go somewhere when they can no longer win. Friends of Greyhounds, with your help, will still be there for them. Once we put together all the great offers and ideas and research, we’ll let you know what the plans are as they evolve. The dogs deserve this – the greyhounds that are racing right now and the greys that are to come. They need Friends of Greyhounds. We need to be there for them.

So we’ll see you on June 7th & 8th at the kennel. We’ll be looking pretty different, but that’s okay. Sometimes change is good! We can do this, Friends. We can do this!

I’ll be in touch – And you stay in touch.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

We Changed Our Email Provider

FoG is providing this information to document a change that some of you may notice. This change involves FoG’s email provider and most people have learned that they must be skeptical when receiving an email from an unknown source.

For several years we have been using Yahoo Groups to send emails to our subscribers. It was easy to join the group and the domain name was able to get through spam filters.

A few months ago, Yahoo Groups introduced an upgraded system. However, some of their changes were not helping FoG. Suddenly instead of being an open group that anyone could join we were a restricted group where prospective new members had to ask to join. This has hurting FoG severely. Before the change we were getting 3-5 new members each month. Thanks to the restricted status of our group we only welcomed 3 members in a period of several months.

Unfortunately Yahoo Group does not provide any humans when one seeks assistance. Yahoo Group’s online help suggests that the only method to switch a restricted group to an open group is to delete the restricted group and start over.

FoG decided to look for a new email provider. There are many technical reasons for the choice, but, 1) it is free and B) we like the name… MailChimp.

Now when you receive an email from FoG the sender will be “”. You may want to add “” to your list of acceptable email addresses.

All Yahoo Group members have been moved to MailChimp so there is no need for current Yahoo Group members to resubscribe.

Now if you will excuse me I just received an email from friends in Nigeria. Last time they said the check was in the mail and I should be receiving it soon!

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John’s Happy Tails Report
5/26/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel.

100B3283We’d like to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all who served, and also to those with four legs who also served their country. As they say, all gave some and some gave all. This will be our last holiday in the Hialeah kennel as most of you already know. We hope to relocate and continue rescuing these beautiful greyhounds when they are no longer wanted for racing. You will be happy to know that all of the current dogs have been accounted for, either by adoption or going to foster groups up north and out west. The final three were taken care of over the weekend, so we will be working with an empty kennel to finish out our stay here. We are still here for support, returns, and the play yard has not been closed as far as I know, so you can come visit and let your ‘kids’ run and play in the play yard, and we will still have some cold cokes and water and possibly whatever else someone brings in. They even moved the security car which I guess was helping guard our gate to make sure none of you dangerous adopters got through and violated the dignity of the rest of the compound.

IMG_4785I am sure that Michelle or Jerry will post on the website any information in regards to our progress and status, so stay tuned and check in on us when you get a chance. Jerry has promised me some news, so I will try to post something on Mondays to keep us volunteers and regular grass roots folks up to date on what’s happening. Meanwhile, there are some items still available that we’re trying to sell or get rid of, so if you might be interested you can call Michelle or Jerry, or possibly they will update it on the web. For the first time ever, I am completely caught up on the profiles and am currently one dog short of being completely caught up on the photos. We Be Jammin is already spoken for but I have to have my able bodied assistant capture her likeness in film this week before she departs, then we will be ready to move on to the next adventure. So that’s our story for this week, kind of sparse, but, the important thing, all the dogs are taken care of and will have at the very least a foster home, so we’re good to go. Hopefully as we move on, there will be more happy to report in my happy tales, in the meantime, take care of the ones you have and pray for the ones that will be needing help, from what I’ve heard about the new ‘system’, they will be needing all the prayers they can get. Good luck to Jerry with his pictures, I have no names for him this week, but that may change in the near future. Have a greyt week and stay in touch with us if you can.100B3004

Frizzell’s new home.

Best friends or relatives??

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

John’s Happy Tails Report
5/19/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Possibly The Last Memorial Day Party.

P1030936We still have many things to be thankful for and happy about despite the possibility of this being the last Memorial Day party. Being the eternal optimist, I believe that this will just be the last party at the Hialeah kennel, and we will move on to bigger and better things. The weekend was actually a big success, way too much food, especially desserts, and well over a hundred alumni and their humans in attendance. We currently at the moment have only five dogs left, all male, two four year olds and three two year olds. All the seniors and seizure dogs were adopted. I Hope the group that follows us will be saying the same thing about their less than perfect dogs. We also have some possibilities of people making appointments during the week and checking out the remaining dogs. Hopefully the final six will have some photos posted on the website and in facebook for those that may want to check them out.

P1030909We didn’t get the collars posted on the fences because of time constrictions and other more urgent work, but they are put away and will be kept for possible future showing when we get a new facility. Thank you to all who participated and especially to those who brought in the food, drinks, and our friends from the past. We saw old friends, some very old friends, new friends, more people and hounds that I can mention or remember, and even a tripod named Mena. I hope I have her name spelled correctly. Mena is an eleven year old dog that had one of her back legs that was broken so bad it was amputated. She may have lost a leg, but received at least an extra six years of giving and receiving love, thanks to some dedicated people on both sides of the fence that cared. My personal highlight of the weekend was getting to see Hallo Sinsony again. Soney is now known as Sunny, and was a two time return, but went to his third home and it was the charm. He is doing fabulous. He is perhaps the greatest talker I have met at the kennel. I have been known to BS a little bit about the activities of the dogs, but this dog truly has a conversation with people, I swear that during our almost minute conversation that he was telling me of all the news he had about his new life. All of our workers and volunteers have their own favorite stories and memories and a lot of them were revived over the weekend, seeing the dogs and their humans again.

P1030955On Saturday it was semi organized chaos, one room full of food with our little collar lady Lynn in a corner showing off and selling her beautiful collars. The office had a dozen or two dogs laying around and lounging. The play yard at times probably had over forty dogs enjoying the great weather and cool breezes. The whole day I only heard one girl that was not getting along with everyone. She was obviously a little nervous and didn’t want any other dogs around her. I wonder what other breeds would be able to gather with that many dogs together in such small spaces without any fights or scuffles. We had a nice lady reporter from the Miami Herald on Saturday, mixing and mingling and getting some pictures for her article about the closing of the kennel. Of course what would we be without a bit of comedy? For the first time ever, waiting for us early Saturday morning, was a security vehicle and a security guard taking up two parking spaces right next to the office. The track people must have been expecting a big riot or a mass breakout or break-in. Maybe with less money spent on things like unneeded security, they could afford to have us, lack of funds being the ‘official’ reason they gave for discontinuing our service for the dogs. The security guard had two silver bars, so I’m assuming he was a lieutenant and not your ordinary common run of the mill security guard. As you know, the adoption group and the rescued greyhound owners are a dangerous breed and you never can tell what kind of evil we could do once we got inside the compound, not that it couldn’t have been done the previous decade that we’ve been going in and out of the kennel previously, but that’s not important. So what probably looked like a show of force from their side ended up looking like an asinine waste of money and time to our side. Personally me thinks they had the protection at the wrong location because the last time the compound was breached by force was a few months back, at the main front gate, when one of the racing kennel workers apparently forgot his ID badge. They wouldn’t let him in, so he crashed the front gate with his car. Anyway, it was a grand farewell for us, and hopefully it will just be the beginning of a new era. The bottom line for all of us concerned is not whether the tracks, racing kennels and casinos are right or wrong, but what we can do to assure that all dogs that are no longer racing can get a fair chance to finish out their lives with love and dignity. Not just the showcase dogs, the pretty and healthy, but all the former racers, including the seizure, injured, broken, old, and slow dogs that aren’t making it for the bottom line, but still deserve a chance to live their full lives with love and dignity.

Subject to change by adoption, as of this moment five dogs are still looking for their loving homes. Benny of Ruckus, 4 years old, leg injury, Black male. WW Flame Lab, 4 years old, Black, male. Kup’s Calvinklyn, 2 years old, Red Brindle. TMC’s Busta Move, 2 years old, Fawn. Atascocita Johan, 2 years old, Black male. These are subject to change, mainly by being already adopted by the time this hits the website, but that’s how it stood as of this morning. The FOG will still be in operation, only without dogs for a while. Returns are still being accepted, we still honor our commitment to having the dogs in the right home and the adopters happy. I wonder if the new group will be as devoted to the animals. Hopefully the tracks will continue their commitment to helping these dogs get rehomed, and the new group will be as dedicated as Michelle and Jerry and all the years that they have devoted to them. If not, the powers that be may find out how really neutral we have been over the years and how much good publicity we have provided for the racing kennels and tracks. Love or hate Michelle, agree with her methods or not, from my experience I don’t believe anyone can dispute the fact that with her, the dogs were and are number one. Sorry Jerry, maybe you’re a close second or something, but we know the truth. Maybe this has all happened for a good reason. I believe in Karma, both good and bad. We will still be offering support so don’t fail to contact us if you have a problem or question about your greyhound. I wonder how much support the tracks and their new group will be offering. We shall find out I think. BULLETIN: Atascocita Fain was adopted today. that is all.

TMC's Busta Move

TMC’s Busta Move

Kup's Calvinklyn

Kup’s Calvinklyn

Benny Of Ruckus

Benny Of Ruckus

Atascocita Johan

Atascocita Johan

WW Flame Lab

WW Flame Lab