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Why Florida voters could deal a fatal blow to greyhound racing this Election Day.



LOXAHATCHEE GROVES, Fla. — Sonia Stratemann’s greyhounds come bounding out to greet and paw visitors when she opens the door to a concrete-slab porch on a muggy September morning. So many dogs live in the house that she and daughter Alexandra can’t immediately agree on a number. “We think 15,” Stratemann says.

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Getting the Word Out

Our adopters are getting active to support Amendment 13. Many of us who are not normally bothered by the ups and downs of politics are getting fed up. Sandra Stubbs, mom to Molly Ringwald, a blue fawn 3-year old, got tired of the rhetoric and submitted the following to her local newspaper in Fernandina – –

I have rescued two greyhounds and I have seen, first hand, the abuse these dogs go through. Each one of my dogs, winner or loser, where malnourished, full of hookworms, cigarette burns on their bodies and have bare hindquarters because of the small cages they are kept in all day.

I will admit that there maybe a few owners that take care of their dogs, but the majority use them only for monetary gains. Whirlpools to cool down? Come on! What kennel, and I have been in a lot, have a facility for a whirlpools? None!!! Vitamins, protein, veggies, let me show you the blood work on the adopted out greyhounds. It is atrocious. I have a line of veterinarians that will back me on this one.

Nice picture of a big bowl of food. So look at the weight records of the racing dogs, do you really think anyone would believe you over feed the dogs like this? They don’t get that much in a week, no less than at one feeding.

If your racing greyhounds are so sociable with their trainers, owners, handlers, then why is it that when they are retired, due to broken legs, lack of interest to run or treated like “rats with legs”, that these dogs don’t know about a yard, a walk, shy away from people and even cower when spoken too.

Let’s see, drug addicts? What about doping? These dogs, and it has been proven, with a Palm Beach trainer, after a random urine test revealed that one of the dogs tested positive for cocaine. Not to mention that testosterone has been injected in dogs, I guess because the owners love them so much, that it has led to hormonal imbalances and genital deformities.

I am incensed at the propaganda that you have put out to further the abuse of these beautiful animals. And for what, financial gain from an employee that works “like a dog” and gets treated even worse than one.


You Go Girl!!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Dog Mother’s Opinion

Eight Days til ELECTION DAY

To all of my greyhound friends and their families –

I have met almost all of you and often your neighbors, friends & family members when I delivered dogs or greeted you at the kennel. So I am personally asking that each and every one of you that live in Florida, get out and help Amendment 13 get passed.

Please don’t hesitate to vote. Vote early if you can, so there’s no danger of you getting sidetracked on Election Day.

Make sure your neighbors and friends know about the greyhound amendment. This is our first and probably only chance to stop dog-racing in Florida. It gives the kennels until 2020 to fully end racing in Florida so they should be able to accomplish it in a civilized manner. FoG and all the other adoption groups will be here to help.

This is SO IMPORTANT !! The dogs’ lives depend on you. You will still be able to get greyhounds for pets and they will still be a wonderful breed. They have been around for thousands of years and they will continue to be here. I’ve written a couple of blogs already on this subject and I have tried to address every question I have heard. I’m available by email pretty easily if you have a new concern.

But if we can get this to pass we eventually won’t see them carrying dog bodies off the track after a race. And we won’t watch the dog trucks leave the kennel compound with three dogs and return empty. And life on the farms is a whole other story. Winners win. Losers die. As a civilized society, we can stop this barbarian practice in our state with our votes.

I don’t understand how anyone could vote to keep racing. It has created a marvelous breed and then offered them up as sacrifices. Haven’t we as a society, and as a community here in South Florida, been able to rise above this? I know some racing jobs and “family dog farms” will be lost but many of those people and families have had years to see this coming.

Pull the plug on racing!! PLEASE VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 13.



All Dogs Go To Heaven, But You Can Save Us From Dying At Dog Tracks.

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/21/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Amendment 13 phases out commercial dog racing in
connection with wagering by 2020.
Other gaming activities are not affected.
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*** Other Amendment 13 Information ***
What is D Kennel?
Words from a previous Director of the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering

I received the following from a lady named Gail. I know some of you are receiving similar questions from friends – or maybe you were thinking it, too. So I thought I would share my answer

Gail wrote:

I want racing to end and save these beautiful animals. But my concern is what will happen to all the beautiful animals that are involved in racing and in the breeding kennels? Is there a plan for them, or will they be killed?

Signed – Gail, Dog Lover & Voter

Dear Gail –

The people in the racing dog business have been seeing this coming towards them for years. The tracks are fewer in number, run way less races each and there is less money in the business. The farms started cutting back breeding programs a couple years ago. Breeding is generally on a farm and they are more attached to the dogs. The people I know from breeding farms would go to the extra trouble to be sure their dogs land in homes even if they didn’t qualify for racing.

Transporting dogs to Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Additionally, we have many, many greyhound adoption groups that like us, have stayed in the industry because we knew this day was coming. Jerry and I would have liked to be cruising or traveling for our retirement but we have chosen to stay close to home to be here to “catch” the dogs that are the fallout of greyhound racing.

We can’t afford another car so my husband drives his “normal” car and I drive a huge, high top, NV2500 van. It’s like those vans they delivered your couch in!! But we keep it because we can stack crates inside and safely carry up to 13 greyhounds in air conditioning if we need to take them to other groups. Over the years we have delivered bunches of greys to dozens of groups as far away as Pennsylvania and Tennessee!!

So – fewer dogs, “last chance to get one”, and all of our groups’ combined supporters and adopters means there won’t be any leftover dogs, I assure you. All of us “long term” adoption groups are real softies for the seniors, the sick or the injured. Our vets, our vans, our volunteers are ready. We will be there for them.

So please help your friends get to the polls. This is the best chance we have EVER had to stop the over-breeding and murder of these gentle creatures! Vote YES on Amendment 13. Please – For DOG’s sake!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Some photos from the FoG Meetup at Panera Bread Café…

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/15/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Meetup @ Panera Bread Café

SATURDAY, October 20th from 6 PM until 8 PM
10001 Cleary Blvd, Plantation
(Click here for driving directions.)
Join FoG on the patio.
*** All leashed greyhounds are welcome. ***

Sorry to be late (yes, again) with the blog. It’s been a busy day. I hope we have good weather and a good turnout for our gathering this Saturday night (6 to 8 pm) at the Panera Bread. It’s an outdoor event so if it rains, we’ll have to reschedule but at this point everything looks peachy!! I am trying to get together our odds and ends leashes, collars, coats, bowls and assorted “stuff” that you can use. It may be a strange mix of goodies but the prices will be awesome, I promise. They aren’t doing anyone any good sitting here in my house.

Things have been pretty normal around the house but today was kind of tough. One of our adopters went on vacation and left her dog with her house-mate and the dog broke her leg. The other lady didn’t know what to do and the dog’s mom said call Michelle. She stayed home with her two young daughters and I grabbed Bella and headed for the van. Long story short, after going to her vet and then to a specialist, there was nothing to be done and Ms. Bella (formerly USS Limelight, born April 22, 2008) went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was a beautiful, red-fawn girl and just sweet as sugar. Through all the transporting and exams, she never got short tempered.

I’m telling you this for two reasons – – (1) Go hug your dogs!! Love them everyday and spoil them rotten once in a while. There is no personality, no patience, no love, like the love of the greyhound that loves you. And (2) if you ever, ever need help, do not hesitate to call. Any time, day or night. I can’t always fix it but I know how to navigate the channels in that sea of vets out there. And if it’s not something I can deal with, I can help you find the right people. But I hope none of you ever need me.

Now go pet somebody – for me. See you at Panera on Saturday!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

“Take my Siblings out of prison. Thank you .” – Hughey

Vote YES on Florida Amendment 13 to stop Greyhound racing.

“Take my Siblings out of prison. Thank you .” – Hughey

A ‘yes’ on Amendment 13 will save lives and money

By voting “yes” on Amendment 13, Florida voters will have an opportunity to promote animal welfare and nix a state mandate that private businesses race dogs in front of empty bleachers at Florida’s archaic and increasingly empty dog-racing tracks.

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Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 13 to end a cruel, inhumane practice | Opinion

By Jean Wingo, Your Turn

Of all the Constitutional amendments, there is one that merits the support of all sides of the aisle.

For years the gambling interests have managed to continue making money from a dying industry by refusing to separate the cruel practice of greyhound racing from casinos in Florida. This year a strong coalition — including the Florida Federation of Republican Women and numerous other groups who rarely agree — have looked at the facts and realized it is time to join the 40 states that have banned the races by supporting Amendment 13.

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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/8/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Meetup @ Panera Bread Café

SATURDAY, October 20th from 6 PM until 8 PM
10001 Cleary Blvd, Plantation
(Click here for driving directions.)
Join FoG on the patio.
*** All leashed greyhounds are welcome. ***

Doggone it!! These weeks are going by faster all the time!! How am I supposed to keep up?? We miss all our friends and dogs so on Sunday Jerry and I went out scouting for a place for us to gather.

First stop was at Flamingo Road Nursery. There was good news and bad news. The place was mobbed because we had completely forgotten about their massive Fall Festival/ Halloween Party. They have been doing this for 20 years and I think every kid in Broward has been there at least once!! We were actually looking for a couple yard things but the place was soooo busy, I couldn’t handle it and gave up on shopping or even getting lunch. If you enjoy a family outing with the kids, the Flamingo hayride and Pumpkin Patch are local legend. Times are 8 AM to 6 PM and the prices are reasonable. It’s good clean family fun and something your kids will remember for a long time. Don’t take the dogs as it is pretty crowded. It’s probably more normal on weeknights. There’s lots of info on their website:

The BBQ was in full swing with a new BBQ company in place. It had the smokers going and lots of people were eating there. Now, will it be that busy after the Fall Festival – we’ll just have to wait and see. We didn’t even stop because it was so full. We’ll go looking again in November when things calm down.

Our next stop was our local Panera Bread Café. They have a good sized, partially fenced patio with tables and chairs, lots of parking and the manager had no problem with us gathering there. Since the fresh baked goods are their base, they are busy for breakfast and lunch but after 2 or so, it quiets right down. So we are considering Saturday, October 20th from about 6 to 8 pm. The address is 10001 Cleary Blvd, Plantation which is Cleary Blvd and Nob Hill Road. It is the far South end of the Publix shopping center. [Click Here for a Map.] I hope you can come. We will bring collars, leashes, and some of the other goodies I have unearthed during my ongoing “clean up, clean out” campaign to rescue my office. The dogs will have to be leashed but the big draw is for us all to visit together and play with greyhounds! (And you won’t have to cook dinner! Their food is great!)

We do have a number of good greyhound “things” and people are still donating gently used items to us. So if you are looking for something, call or email me. I have wire crates and travel kennels, raised feeders and steps for the car. I have bowls, stretchers and beds and if I have it, I’ll be happy for it to be put to good use. I’ll try to put together a list but sometimes I think it comes in faster than I can get them listed!! And greyhound people spoil their dogs soooo rotten.

I hate to deal with politics in this blog again but if you have questions or concerns about the greyhound question on the November 6th ballot, please know that FoG is here for the dogs. House dogs, kennel dogs, farm dogs, we are friends of all the greyhounds and we will do whatever we have to do to help them. I don’t know where this is all going – no one knows yet. I just hope it is for the better for the dogs.

See you at Panera Bread Café!! Bacon Mac & Cheese – mmmmm!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,