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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/17/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Father’s Day Blog –


First and most importantly, Happy Fathers’ Day to our President & my husband, Jerry Deitch. He has enjoyed his Fathers’ Day sitting on the couch with the remote – except for a little time to go out and re-fill the bird feeder & the squirrel bowl. The Dogfather is spreading his wings these days! I hope all of the doggy-daddys out there had as great a day as we did here at the home kennel. Mr. President loves taking an afternoon nap amid a sea of sleeping greyhounds!!

In the kennel, our boy Handsome is still looking for a home. He has a wonderful, loving disposition and I think he will be a great house dog. But because of his leg, he won’t need a lot of room to run. He does run on the three legs but not to the extent of our other racers. He’s a sweetheart, only 3½ years old, and short walks or a small yard would suit him well. I don’t think the leg bothers him too much. Feel free to email or call if you’d like to come meet him.

We also have Starsky (formerly Starz Control) a 13 year old whose owner could no longer care for him. He is tall, white & fawn, and a bit frail as a bad dental problem has kept him from eating well for a while now, I’m guessing. We’re working on building him up and every day he’s doing better and getting stronger. He is friendly and sweet and gentle. We’ll be getting him into the vet soon to see what they can do make those teeth more functional but I want to get him a little stronger first. I’ve written to the original group he came from and asked them to let us have him and we’ll find him a new home. I wonder if there’s anyone out there who would want this handsome boy? Hmmm – maybe I can find someone, somewhere…


On the homefront, Jerry and I are working with Anthony to get the shed up in the back yard. Anthony is our super-duper handyman who put up the fencing after the last hurricane and he is laying plans for the cement slab we will need for the shed. I have already ordered online a cute 8 x 10 with skylights and little windows that should be acceptable to the neighbors and will offer enough space for storage so that we can get out from under the warehouse rental. We had lots of “stuff” in our garage when we entered the greyhound rescue arena so we tossed it all in a rental and built kennels in the garage. A few years later we had to get a larger rental as we were storing so much dog stuff! Now that we are paring down, we are determined to only keep what we need and what will fit in the new shed. And it’s soooo CUTE!! The shed is schedule for delivery July 3 so the project should all be done shortly after that. Can’t wait!

We have made good headway with thinning out the stuff from the old storage. I took well over 80 metal bowls of varying types to our friends at the Humane Society of Miami. We also took some towels and crate beds and the staff at Soffer & Fine were thrilled. We have worked with them for years. Laurie Hoffman is the Executive Director of the Humane Society and a former greyhound owner so I had to bring Yahtzee, one of my personal dogs, to say hi to her or I would not be forgiven!! She’s a great woman and a real blessing for South Florida’s animals!!

We still have a few “extra” travel kennels and a bunch of “collectible” and antique things that we just don’t have the outlet to cash out on. That’s an ongoing struggle. “Space vs. Value”. I think space needs to win! And then there’s hundreds of dog collars from dogs we no longer have contact with. That’s a whole different project!

Many thanks to those of you who are still keeping FoG in your thoughts and donations. We have fewer dogs but we seem to be getting the more needy ones. They are needy either for love, special homes or special vets. But they are still greyhounds and we are still here for them. We love our donors of all types but we have a couple of people who have been sending $10 or $15 every month for years and now that we are less visible those donations are especially precious. They have been behind us for so long and we are so grateful.

Jill Keesler (Rainy & Slash’s mom) swung by yesterday. She had been to the grocery and caught a good buy on a half of turkey breast and got one for herself and one for us. I’m defrosting it now and will boil it up for the dogs. That should yield a lot of meat and I’ll use the water that it is boiled in to make turkey-flavored rice. Turkey and rice for doggy dinners!! YUM!! Good Stuff!!

Hope your week is full of Good Stuff of your own. Please keep Handsome and Starsky in your thoughts. You never know who has room in their homes and hearts for a slightly imperfect dog. Have a greyt week – and hug your dog for me.

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/11/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Wow. I forgot how fast the week can go! Jerry (the President) & I were both down sick with a cold. I mean both in bed (and not in the fun way) and going through Kleenex and Dayquil and Nyquil like Grant through Richmond!! The meds kept us knocked out but alive until we could find out way out the other side to the land where people breathe with their mouths closed !! That wrecked our week but good. Although our noses are still iffy, the rest of our symptoms have subsided and I think we’re going to live.


So today, Handsome, our tall brindle boy visited the vet and was neutered and had his leg xrayed. I’ve asked our favorite miracle working orthopedic Veterinarian, Dr. Robin Holtsinger, to review the xrays and I am hoping to hear from her soon. I don’t hold much hope that the leg can be fixed but I do hope it won’t be something that will be painful for him in his senior years. For now, he’s happy as a clam and doesn’t mind that the one leg looks funny. He trots along just fine in the back yard! No long hikes for this guy but he sure is happy to roam around and play with the other guys in the back yard. He has such a great attitude. So Sweet. And he’s available for adoption!!! (3 ½ years young!)

In other matters, I was proud to see many of our Friends of Greyhounds folks at the Grey2K sponsored meeting held at the Broward Humane Society last week in preparation for the push to stop racing dogs in Florida. It was a great turnout. The presentation was fact filled and straight to the point. They have been holding these meetings all around the state and the next night they were in Miami. The Grey2K movement got the state of Connecticut to stop Greyhound racing and they are adapting that model to Florida. There is soooo much to consider and know and prepare for. So start talking to your friends now and keep talking. We may be able to supply some speakers on the subject for other meetings as this gets closer to election time. Let me know if you might have a group that would be interesting in discussing the pros and cons of Greyhound Racing laws.

I think I may need to put a note in right here about FoG’s political standing. For years we had to remain neutral in order to be (as many, many of you have heard me say…) a bridge to get the dogs from racing and into homes. We no longer get any cooperation or support of any kind from the racing industry so we have no obligation to be neutral in our political statements. I can and will speak honestly and clearly about our work with the greyhounds. That industry is horrible in many ways but the dogs themselves are amazing and wonderful. FoG is in this for the good of the dogs!! And we will fight for what is best for the dogs. Humans can take care of themselves. We’ll get further into this in other weeks. No need to dwell on it right now.

And back on the home front, please, please remember that the Summer is HERE and our dogs are so sensitive to the heat. And let’s face it, our adopted dog population out there is getting older and it’s harder for them to handle the summers. If you must take walks, do it in the evening or early morning. If you’re not sure if it is cool enough for your grey, give him a milkbone in his air conditioned home and go outside by yourself! (or stay home with the dog – that’s an option, too!!)

So stay tuned and we’ll share our ideas for spreading the word about Amendment 13 and if you have questions or concerns about it, email me and let’s talk about it. If I don’t have an answer for you, I have the contacts to get it. If you want an opinion, I am full of those!! (Just ask Jerry!!) Have a wonderful week and kiss your dog for me. We miss seeing all of you. The gatherings at the kennel every weekend were so great, weren’t they?

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/4/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Can’t believe it is June already! This year is flying by and the second half will hopefully be the best! We have a lot to look forward to. Here at the house, we have news inside the kennel and out in the yard. Inside, we have taken in a tall, lean and good looking boy named “Handsome”. He just arrived a few days ago. He’s brindle and he’s three and half years old. He has a great personality and gets along with everyone – even Mitzi, our skinny old girl who pushes all the boys around when they go out!! He’s got three long, straight, skinny legs – and one other one. Once he’s settled in a little, we’ll get him to the vet but I think that other leg has been messed up too long for it to be “fixable”. He still runs for fun and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the injury at all. It just seems to have healed very wrong. We’ll see what the vets think – probably this wee. No we didn’t intend to bring in more racing dogs but we’ve never been able to refuse a dog that is out of options. Handsome will be a great dog for someone and we’ll get him “on the market” pretty soon.

Speaking of Handsome, Scott has brought back the Dusty and Me blog and he’s featuring Handsome!! He’s got some nice video of the boy. Go check it out!

The dog protector groups (adoption groups, Humane Societies, SPCAs, Grey 2K and lots of local groups around the state) are gearing up for the November 5th election. Many of you are already on the emailing lists and I’ll be watching for you at the Wednesday, June 6th meeting at the Humane Society Ft. Lauderdale location. These information meetings are being held all over the state and there’s one in Miami at the Fountainbleu on Thursday, June 7th and there’s one in West Palm on Friday, the 8th. They are requiring that you pre-register and if you drop me an email at, I will gladly send you the message with the details for registering.

While we are on that subject, let me remind you to register to vote. If you are not registered or have moved since you last voted, you must straighten out your voter registration. The address where you currently live has to be on your voter registration. It’s not hard to change but make sure you have all that ready. The dogs are counting on all of us getting out there to vote.

Back here at the ranch, things are chugging along with my attempt to get out from under all the things we have stored over the years. It’s getting better every week and we’re soon going to be putting up a small shed to hold just the things we need (Christmas décor, etc.). Our favorite handyman came over to help us lay plans the other day and help us make some decisions. Meantime, we still have a bunch of dog supplies that have come out of the warehouse. There are about 80 metal bowls (fancy ones, simple ones, non-tip, an amazing assortment) and our good friends at the Miami Humane Society spoke up that they could use those. Our friends (and adopter) in the Dade County fire department took the four folding crates and some beds and crate mats. They are initiating a program to keep dogs in the fire houses for stress relief for the fire fighters! That’s sooo cool for our guys to be part of that!!

There are still a ton of collars left. Many are from dogs who have gone to other groups and many are from adoption families that have moved or who no longer keep in contact with. I spoke with the people at Miami Humane and offered to clean them up so that they could be used on the large dogs they bring in. They politely declined as they already have a system in place. So if anyone has any bright ideas for what we can do with about 1200 plastic collars (1” wide by about 17” long – varying conditions but usable and useful) please let me know!! Email me at I hate to send them to the landfill but they take up a lot of room. If you meant to ask for your collar and haven’t “gotten around to it”, do so NOW!! Our smaller storage area will mean that we can’t keep all those tubs of collars any more.

So that’s more than enough to fill our blog for this week. Hope to see you at the meeting on Wednesday!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Beds, Blankets & Bowls, Oh, My!

FoG is not closing down at this point but we are trying to get away from the overhead of our warehouse. When we started FoG, our garage was full of “stuff”. We rented a warehouse to store things and built kennels in the former garage. It has worked out wonderfully for years. But now we’d like to eliminate the warehouse rent which means downsizing the “stuff” in there. To add to the problem, much of the content of our Hialeah offices, kennel & shop were added (quite quickly) to the piles in there. I have been sorting and eliminating things like crazy. It is getting better but we have a long way to go.

I love yard sales but the weather is iffy and frankly, our offerings are oriented to dogs and a normal yard sale probably won’t work for us. So we are holding a true garage sale since we are piling all the “stuff” in the garage!! Below are some listings of the wonderful goodies we have to offer. Things are priced low and if needed, I could negotiate. I hope you will call or email me and let us know when you’d like to come look – and hopefully take some home. You are welcome to call me and ask about things but I don’t think it’s fair for me to “hold” things for people so plan on coming over! Address and cells are below. FoG’s holdings truly run the gamut and we are highly motivated to move it all out. (Believe me, there’s still a lot in that warehouse, too)

How to reach us – – –
Michelle’s cell – 954-937-9663
Jerry’s cell – 954-937-3647
Address – 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise 33322

A reasonably complete list of available stuff – – first come, first serve. I cannot hold anything for anyone – bring cash or personal check please. (If your check bounces, we take back your dog!)

We have:

DOG BOWLS – in cleaning out the warehouse I put together a collection of 73 dog bowls. Then the next day I found more. We have from 8″ to 17″ diameter bowls. We have mostly metal (silver, aluminum? Stainless steel?) with two lovely ceramic bowls and one super sized plastic non-tip bowl. We have normal bowls, non-tip, non-skid, pretty, not-so-pretty, embossed with designs, etc. – – – it is an amazing collection. If you are looking for bowls for a particular raised feeder, I suggest you put it in the car and bring it with you so you know you got the right fit. (Can’t do that at a store or online!!) And you know you want a new non-tip bowl for the patio – – and one for the kitchen, too.


“Indian” blankets (great for throws or dogs) 12
Large Comforters – 2
Dog Beds – several – all about 20×30 or larger – several white “bumper” crate beds, too.
2 quilted furniture throws (couch covers)
Big Big Bag of towels (great for spills or baths)
Chillspot – (retail: $180 plus frt) will consider all offers – you freeze the insert and dogs & cats can lay on it and stay cool outside. Click here for their company website.

42″ black folding crates (3)
46″ blue folding crate
Marchiorro travel kennels (like in the back of our van) – will sell 3 of the smaller sized ones (fine size for females and will handle a male for a short trip – few hours) Safest kennels in the world!
leash clips – like the clip that hooks the leash to the collar. Big bag
White plastic chain – think garden or holiday decor
Iron shepherds’ hook stakes
Sling Scale – hangs from overhead. Accurately weights up to 220#
Large Wet-Dry Vacuum (we have 2)

Coleman Folding Camp Bed (from times I slept in the kennel with sick dogs)
Polar Fleece fabric – quite a bit of it.
Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker – Makes a big frozen dog popsicle – google it!!
Fancy picture frames (dog & cat themes)
Bobble heads – Greyhound Bobble Heads produced by Hollywood Dog Track several years ago – collectors’ item. Greyhound was based on one of our dogs but looked nothing like her!!

HIGH END – Not for everybody but if you have friends who would be interested, please feel free to share.

Imarc pet tag engraving machine with lots of tag blanks – used for years in the FoG shop. It is just sitting idle now. Current retail is $3400. We will sell ours with all “stuff” for half that. We no longer need it but some other group or shop can put it to good use. Dog tags save lives!!

Mikasa China – Silver Swirl pattern #474 – purchased in Italy in 1964 – like new! 85 pieces. – email me if you’d like to see a list of the pieces.

Antique trade weights – used in commerce on the ships – complete with fitted box. Neat way to teach math, weights and measures.

Cambodian Goblets – brought back from the Vietnam peninsula area in the 60s by a Merchant Marine. 6 goblets, small bucket & 2 candlesticks. Unique, very old process creates a “vacuum” in the goblet to keep your drink cool. Very, Very old. Asking $300.

Passport Portable Sound System – Made by Fender, this unit clips the speakers onto the audio system. Pull them off and you have a amplifier, mike & instrument jacks, cables & all the bells & whistles. Easy set up & lots of power. Has served us very well for events and parties. We hope it will find a new home that will put its abilities to good use!! This is the Fender Passport PD-250 – go ahead, google it!!

I hope to see you in the kennel/garage. And you can even bring the dog to go shopping! Give me a call!! If you are looking at something in particular, let me know as some of these items are still in the warehouse. I’m bringing them over but it’s a process!

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
5/23/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Chinese Puppies – Guaranteed to make you laugh –

Yes, I know our blog has become somewhat sporadic but isn’t that better than reading a blog that is on time but has nothing to say? So, we are trying for weekly, or alternate weekly, but we’ll see how it works out. And for now, I have neat stuff for you – –

On Tuesday Jerry Deitch (President), and Jerry Berlin (adopter, friend, webmaster, foster dad) and I went up to Loxahatchee to visit with Sonia Stratemann, founder of Elite Greyhounds. Her home base is a 16 acre horse ranch with a big dog kennel, corrals, barns, horses and pastures and their home. Many of you have asked where to go to adopt now that FoG is generally out of the business. I often suggest you visit Elite Greyhounds.

[Just to clarify: We are still here for returning dogs, questions, problems and even dog sitting. We are hoping the November ballot issue will pass in which case the plan is for FoG to remain available until racing is over and all the racing dogs are safely settled.]

So we had lunch and then headed to the ranch. She has a few racing greyhounds ready for adoption and we also got to visit with her latest addiction, saving the Chinese “greyhounds”. They are bringing them in from China through Texas. She had three of them there and they were really fun. That’s them running around the ranch in the videos. I believe she is bringing in more in the next week or two.

These three were all fairly young and apparently in excellent health. They think two of them are whippets and the black one is probably a greyhound/ whippet mix. They are puppies and high energy and so incredibly happy to have escaped their fate in China where they would have died in some pretty disgusting ways. Now, they are having SOOOOO much fun. You really need a fenced yard and a lot of patience for these dogs, but I guarantee they will keep you smiling and laughing. You can’t be blue when there’s a happy dog trying to get your attention.

Our thanks to Jerry Berlin for thinking to shoot the video. We were all so entranced with them running, it didn’t occur to us to get out the phone!! If you want to know more about the Chinese greyhounds, I understand she has a lot of information on her Facebook page (

We have offered to help with the transport from Texas but she has everything arranged so don’t be looking for Chinese whippets in FoG’s kennel but they are just up the road. Have a greyt week! Hug your dogs for me.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Greyhound and Whippets from China at Elite Greyhounds Adoptions

(Be sure to view the videos at the bottom)

John’s Happy Tales Report
5/14/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

This may be the shortest blogs ever in our history. There are no dogs in the kennel, not even any returns, so the main news is nonexistent. The same goes for Scott’s blog ‘Dusty and Me’, there are no dogs to deliver, none to photograph or write up and Dusty is doing what retired greyhounds do best, laying around sleeping most of the time. Michelle is currently up to her ears in the tax report and I just got back from a week or so in the North Carolina mountains. I did meet a little brindle girl greyhound in downtown Asheville. She was exploring the city with her humans. She is from Louisiana, her name is Honey, and they love her.

Michelle is still going through the warehouse stuff, so if you need anything dog, contact her first, she has all kinds of things including crates, bowls, travel kennels, collars, leashes, coats, and a bunch of other stuff that needs to be gotten rid of. We are still looking for a gathering place, the ‘new’ Flamingo Road Nursery BBQ was scouted out and received a failing grade from our crack restaurant scouting team. The food wasn’t good, was overpriced, burnt, sides were charged separately, not included like the other guys. And flies, there were flies everywhere; so many that they were an actual distraction. It was only their second day open, so they will probably get another chance, but at the moment, they are off the list. Ok, this is about it for now, so I will roll off quietly into the sunset. Summer is approaching, so keep your hounds cool and hydrated and have a greyt week.

Proposed Amendment to the Florida Constitution to End Dog Racing

       2017 CRC                                                  P 6012
    2                             REVISION 8                            
    3   A proposal to revise the State Constitution by the Constitution 
    4                   Revision Commission of Florida.                 
    6         A proposed revision relating to ending dog racing;
    7         creating new sections in Article X and Article XII of
    8         the State Constitution to prohibit the racing of, and
    9         wagering on, greyhounds and other dogs after a
   10         specified date.
   12  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
   13  Florida:
   15         A new section is added to Article X of the State
   16  Constitution to read:
   17                              ARTICLE X                            
   18                            MISCELLANEOUS                          
   19         Prohibition on racing of and wagering on greyhounds or
   20  other dogs.-The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental
   21  value of the people of the State of Florida. After December 31,
   22  2020, a person authorized to conduct gaming or pari-mutuel
   23  operations may not race greyhounds or any member of the Canis
   24  Familiaris subspecies in connection with any wager for money or
   25  any other thing of value in this state, and persons in this
   26  state may not wager money or any other thing of value on the
   27  outcome of a live dog race occurring in this state. The failure
   28  to conduct greyhound racing or wagering on greyhound racing
   29  after December 31, 2018, does not constitute grounds to revoke
   30  or deny renewal of other related gaming licenses held by a
   31  person who is a licensed greyhound permitholder on January 1,
   32  2018, and does not affect the eligibility of such permitholder,
   33  or such permitholder’s facility, to conduct other pari-mutuel
   34  activities authorized by general law. By general law, the
   35  legislature shall specify civil or criminal penalties for
   36  violations of this section and for activities that aid or abet
   37  violations of this section.
   39         A new section is added to Article XII of the State
   40  Constitution to read:
   41                             ARTICLE XII                           
   42                              SCHEDULE                             
   43         Prohibition on racing of or wagering on greyhounds or other
   44  dogs.-The amendment to Article X, which prohibits the racing of
   45  or wagering on greyhound and other dogs, and the creation of
   46  this section, shall take effect upon the approval of the
   47  electors.
   49         BE IT FURTHER PROPOSED that the following statement be
   50  placed on the ballot:
   52                      CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT                     
   53                       ARTICLE X, NEW SECTION                      
   54                      ARTICLE XII, NEW SECTION                     
   55         ENDS DOG RACING.—Phases out commercial dog racing in
   56  connection with wagering by 2020. Other gaming activities are
   57  not affected.


This would be Jagger at a lake:

Mark & Facebook & Jagger

Have Greyhound, need Condo.

I lost the condo I wanted to buy.

Have Greyhound, need Condo.

Ft. Lauderdale area, 2bdrm/2 bath, $250,000-$300,000 range.

Gene Majka and Hughey, 954-295-5608.

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
4/30/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Ready, Set, Greyhounds!

So in case you haven’t figured it out, John and I are going to try to alternate for the blogging duties. I think (?) this is my week. My biggest project of the month has been clearing out our warehouse but it’s slow going. Don’t you hate it when you need the room but the “things” are too precious (or rare or useful…) to just toss? I’m in that position! We’ve been in that warehouse 15 years, so – – – wish me luck! If you are in the market for almost ANYTHING greyhound related, I probably have one or more!

We are considering a prefab shed in the back yard to get out from under the monthly storage rent. If any of you have experience putting up a “Lifetime” 8 x 10 shed, please give Jerry (Mr. President) a call. He’s going to need some help – – or a reference to a handyman. But in the long run, it will be a project worth doing. Just getting the 10 x 20 warehouse down to an 8 x 10 shed will be a challenge!

We do not currently have any available dogs in the kennel but as you probably have heard me say already, we will still be here for dogs that need to be returned for any reason. It happens and we understand that. Any help we can be to anyone, let me know.

And now – – – the real news…

* * * * * * * * * *

Fog has thrown off the “neutral” political stance that we had to take to move dogs out of the kennels. We are now definitely and actively committed to seeing greyhound racing end. As part of this, I hope you will join us to help get the Constitutional revision accepted by the Florida voters in November. We will actively be working for that goal. But we still have friends in the industry who we know and trust. They are good people and hard workers. We know loving owners and trainers whose lives revolve around caring for their dogs. But they are a dying breed.

There have been a number of stories circulating about massive numbers of greyhounds to be killed if racing goes away. Let’s get realistic here. There are extremists putting out publicity for both sides of this issue. We don’t anticipate “mass murder”. Those are scare tactics. But we will have some work to do.

When we first started working with local tracks in 2001, the Florida Kennels compound in Hialeah where the local racing dogs were kept, held about 2000 dogs. The kennels were very busy and dogs were a commodity to be bred and trained and raced and discarded to make way for more dogs being shipped in from the farms. Sometimes it was really inhumane but we had to keep our mouths shut to what we saw and heard or we could not get dogs out of there and into your homes. The stories we heard and the things we saw still haunt me. There were plenty of people blowing whistles on greyhound situations all over the state and there was almost never a change in the industry. Dogs, trainers, workers and even the state inspectors all moved around too often for things to be tracked. Most of you have heard me say that FoG is a neutral group. We need to have a foot in both worlds, the kennels and the homes, to be a bridge for that dog. We left the politics to others so we could care for the dogs. We lost some dear friends because of that stance but it was still the right decision.

The number of dogs kenneled in the Hialeah compound these days is much lower. My guess (only an uneducated guess) is about 400 dogs. Some of them are taken to the west coast to run at the Naples-Ft. Myers track. There is a kennel compound at that track, too but it is not nearly as nice as Hialeah. Most of the kennels primarily work from Hialeah and the Naples kennels are just used when they are racing there.

There are scare stories out there about dog bloodbaths should the tracks close. I don’t believe that will happen. We have adoption groups in this state that are, like us, geared for much higher numbers of dogs. And I firmly believe that our adopters and friends will step forward and provide foster space for our local dogs.

When we got hit by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, we had a full kennel – about 50 dogs. Our office was trashed but our kennel building was okay. I remember getting call after call offering foster care for dogs. When Irma hit last year, it was the same way. You folks are out there and we know it. We just need to be sure we have you on our mailing list. If you don’t get notice of weekly blogs like this, you are not getting our emails. It is critical that we can reach you. Those of you that use our Facebook group, fogdogs, to keep up with us, please be sure you are getting our emails, too. For now, you may be just getting updates like this but it’s keeping the lines of communication open and that is important now. It will be critical in November. Facebook is great but the direct communication of an email with our requests, instructions and information is for our people and not the Facebook public pages.

Should 400 (or 200 or 600) dogs be surrendered for adoption, we will be looking for foster homes and we will need them quickly. Yes, there are other groups that serve this area and hopefully, that will help. Yes, we’ll be able to place some of them quickly but bear in mind that all of the tracks and kennel compounds (and probably a few of the puppy farms) will be giving up dogs within Florida. Racing is a HUGE industry in this state. We are at the very bottom of Florida and it may take a little time for us to get all of them out of the foster homes and moved on to other states or adoption groups. So please get used to the idea that your foster dog might be with you for a while. If you have a crate, hold onto it. You may want it!

Thank you all for all you do to support the dogs. We wouldn’t be Friends of Greyhounds with our Friends!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle ( & Jerry & Yahtzee, Mitzi, Joy, Chumlee & our all important test cat, Jinx)