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John’s Happy Tales Report
3/20/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Molly (when she was 3 years old)

Spring has sprung and we’ve started the season with a delivery, an adoption, a return, and at least three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. Stay tuned and check in with the kennel during the week if you want to see who the new arrivals are. First on the list, Alex is back out with a new home. He will be living in Naples with his human mom and dad and two teenagers to play with in his new big, shady back yard. Best of luck to him and his new family, he deserves a good break and we all wish them many years of love, happiness, and good health. Miss Lulu, picked up an application at the gathering yesterday and will be going to her new humans on Thursday. She will have a mom and two sisters, ten and fourteen I think. They visited her at the gathering and I guess that was the seal on the deal. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, I think there will be enough love and happiness to go around for all concerned and we wish that new greyhound family the best and many years of love and good health. Also, at the gathering, we had one of our alumni surrendered back to us. Her name is Molly, she is eleven years old. They’ve had her since 2009, but can no longer take care of her. At eleven years old, we want to get her connected with a new home as soon as possible after she’s made her visit to the vet. She seems to be in good health and good spirits so far, so if anyone is interested in helping this senior lady finish out her remaining life with dignity in a loving home, please contact Michelle of Jerry at the kennel. We also have the previously mentioned three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. I have been asked to mention that there are fewer and fewer females being raced, and that means that fewer and fewer will be becoming available for adoption, so keep this in mind when you are looking, the supply of females will be dwindling, not only with us, but throughout the racing circuit. Also, keep in mind that the males are sweeter and lazier than the girls and make wonderful family members.


We will not be doing the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival this year, or the Renaissance either for that matter. Breaks my heart, but I will carry on the best I can. We did have a gathering for the hounds for the second Sunday in a row. It was down south this time, at the famous Dog Dude Ranch. Click here for all of the photos! Thank you very much Ms. Priscilla, and your family and the staff for hosting us and making it a great time for us and the hounds. Also, a special thank you to Marley, who is Priscilla’s dog and is apparently the canine supervisor. He was everywhere, making sure the hounds were having a good time and checking on us, mixing and mingling and managed to get along with all of them. It never ceases to amaze me that with as many dogs as we have at these things, there are very few arguments amongst the hounds. We had a large corral for the hounds to run wild, a nice covered area with seating and fans kept the cool air circulating, plenty of water was supplied and we even had our own water and cokes. We saw a bunch of old friends, as usual, both two and four legged. The facility is a dog boarding house, it’s beautiful and well kept, and would be a great place to board a greyhound if ever you need to. Click here to view the Dog Dude Ranch website. They are experienced with the hounds, Ms. Priscilla has three of her own, so you can be assured they will be well taken care of, so keep them in mind if you ever need a place for your hound to stay while you’re away. As for the great thundering herd of hounds pounding the ground, that didn’t quite happen. The weather was perfect, nice and cool, I released my Diffy, he hauled butt to the other end of the compound, took a dump, ran back, and that was pretty much it. Most of the hounds hung out on the east end with the humans. Every once in a while, one would take off running and a few others would go, but not quite the chaos that I’ve seen before. I did accomplish one thing, I got a bunch of the hounds to join me in a rooing session, not quite as rambunctious as some of the legendary hootenanny’s back in the kennel days, but it was still a decent effort by those who participated.


Now comes the fun part, naming names, which I still have not learned to facilitate by using a pencil and paper. First, thank you each and every one of you that did come out, we do appreciate it and I think the hounds enjoy it as much as we do. They are somewhat breed snobs, but generally get along with each other. I think we had over two dozen dogs at least. Diffy’s old girlfriend Rainey, was there. At first, he kind of ignored her, then after a while we saw them sitting together, butt to butt. Don’t know what that meant, kind of reminded me of the love bugs you see in the summer. Jerry B. was in attendance with Slinky, Scott was there with his beautiful little Dusty Barker. Elvis was in the building, as was Maurice and Hermes, and most everyone already knows, but again our sincerest condolences for his loss. Last week Draco passed away, he was eight years old, but did manage to find himself the best home in the world for the retired years he did have. Joyce V., Heather and her other hound showed up. It starts already, forgot the other one’s name. I did get to see Pete and Amy with Chance and the beautiful girl. I want to say Marcy, but I may be wrong. They were excellent volunteers, participated as a whole family, or at least two of the kids, if there were more, don’t know. I do know that they were the only volunteer family that I ever remember that had four dogs in the kennel with the first names of all the family. We had Pete, Amy, and the two kids. Yes, I forgot those names already. Dog crap, I’m missing more than I’m hitting here, it’s past deadline time, so I’d better keep what little dignity I have left and close this up. Thank you, south people, we finally got one close to you, and north people for making the trip. Leslie and her good looking black and white who flunked out of racing already were there, and congratulations on your retirement, there is life on the other side, actually, congratulations to both of you. I met Foxy, who has been battling nasal or snout cancer, and has taken a licking but is still ticking so far pretty good. Thank you, Charlotte, for bringing out Joan, was wondering how she’s been doing. The harder I try, the less I do, I can see the dogs and people but can’t put the names. Ok, that’s it for real, thank you all again, it’s really greyt to see you all, thank you again Priscilla, Marley, and your pack for making us able to make some more beautiful memories. Have a good week, don’t bite anyone, and my apologies to those I saw and now can’t name or remember, I will do better next time. Gives us an excuse to do it again soon.

A Gathering of Hounds at Dog Dude Ranch.

Friends of Greyhounds would like to thank Dog Dude Rach for the use of their facilities. Click here for more information about Dog Dude Ranch.

A Huge Thank You to the Horses & Hounds Foundation.

Friends of Greyhounds wants to say a HUGE thank you to the Horses & Hounds Foundation and its founders, Jeri Caprio and Jane Bistline. The 8th Annual Horses & Hounds fundraiser netted $10,000 to care for and find homes for our greyhounds. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated. It was a great day, great auction and a great result. The $10,000 raised will go a long way towards our major bills – Vet care & Dog Food!!!

Photos From Flamingo Road Nursery – March 12, 2017

Photos courtesy of John with Elvis

John’s Happy Tales Report
3/13/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


The gathering at the Flamingo Nursery was the big story for us this week. It’s always great to get dogs adopted of course, but we also get a kick out of seeing our old friends, both two and four legged. We got spoiled over the years knowing that no matter what, we would be there on the weekends to meet and greet old alumni and new potential adopters. Now, it’s a special day on our calendar when we get to see everyone, as the gatherings are fewer and farther apart. First, a big thank you to everyone who came out and stopped by. I am still too stubborn to bring pencil and paper so I have already forgot half or more of the people and dogs I saw. Someday I will learn. For those who did stop by, it was great to see you again and to catch up on the news and gossip of our fabulous greyhound community. I love the Flamingo Nursery, the bbq is outstanding as far as I’m concerned we had plenty of shade, water for the hounds, and although they were leashed, there was still plenty of good looking plant life to walk through and lift your leg on. Don’t forget, next weekend we will be having another gathering, this time it’s south Dade county, for the folks that live further south than north. No bbq, and you will need to bring your own chairs I think, but the hounds will be able to run free in a nice enclosed corral, so that should be fun. It looks like we’ll be at the tail end of a little cold front, so we are anticipating nice run around hound weather for the day. You are welcome to join us, greyhounds only please, but you and your hound(s) are welcome even if you didn’t adopt from us. I mention this because we had some guests yesterday that joined us even though they got their beautiful hound from someone else.


For all those I don’t mention, I apologize, and I will leave out more than I mention, but I like to acknowledge all of them. Even though I don’t remember all the names, this past seven or eight years working with FoG has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am thankful to be able to still be experiencing it, instead of it being just another fond memory from long ago. With over two thousand lives changed over the years, plus the human lives that have been enriched, I am so proud to have stumbled into working with these beautiful animals and the people that make it happen, I just wish I had been doing it longer. It was great to see Mike with his recently acquired new guy Andy. Jerry B. was there spending most of his time with our newest head case Kango. Kango was involved in a racing accident, suffered a fractured skull and is now having some problems with his vision, but he came out I think it was his first social event, joining my boy Creepy, also a head case plus broken leg, and both did themselves proud. Kango is a beautiful dark brindle boy, has some problems, but did very well with all the people and other dogs. We’re hoping to get him a nice quiet home with experienced owner who has the time and patience needed to care for him in case he does lose his sight. I’ve known Jill forever it seems, and Rainey, but I cannot keep Slash’s name in my bb brain for some reason. It was great to see them, I think our boy Diffy had a crush on Rainey at one time, but he’s taken up watching his food dish since he no longer sees her every weekend. Out of sight, out of mind.There was an Elvis sighting again, and it was a joy to see Joy in the morning with her three stooges, the whole family looking fit as a fiddle. David is ten years old and looks like he could still run with the big boys. Dusty is living proof that refutes the Black Dog Syndrome’, what a gorgeous hound. Charlie was there, not my Charlie, but a real Charlie, handsome and well behaved, not like my Charles. Billy came in with his new sister Annie, and they are doing just fine together so far. Maurice showed up in the afternoon with Hermes, but Drago was home watching the basketball game, he prefers a beer and air conditioning to socializing with his brother, but that’s ok. The president’s favorite son, Chumley, was also there, very well behaved considering he is Chumley, and there are no Chumleys like Jerry’s Chumley. Lulu, one of our newest arrivals, made her meet and greet debut. She is a beautiful little black girl, and coincidentally, I think she met a nice couple who have had five of our dogs and are quite possibly interested in another, black, female, so that may be something that we will report in the future. If I had done what I was supposed to, I would have more names, but I don’t at the moment, so thank you all, named or not, for stopping by, I know I speak for Jerry, Jerry, Michelle, and myself when I say that it made our week. We even had a couple ‘other’ breeds stop by, one was either a rescue or therapy dog, I think her name was Shelters or something close to that. She was a doll, loved mingling with the hounds and she even walked under one or two of them. It was a fun afternoon, so we’re looking forward to next weekend down south when the hounds can run around a little bit, so make plans to drop by if you can. It will be early, 10 A.M. until 1 o’clock, to avoid the mid-day heat. No seating, so it’s either grass or your own folding chair. We will have some sodas and water, and the yard is fully fenced.


Ok, the first shall be last and the last shall be first this week. There is some kennel news I can slip in after I wore myself out gushing about the party yesterday. Jeannie has an application, scheduled to live in Miami. Emma has an application, will be delivered next Saturday to her new home in West Palm Beach. Tabby has been adopted, her new old name will be Maple, as in syrup. Alex is coming back from a home. His human has major health problems with allergies, so she has to split up her family. Two of them have already been taken care of, but Alex needs a new home ASAP. Alex is five years old, is used to living in a home and with other greyhounds, so he’s a readymade new brother for some lucky hound out there. He’s been happily living with his family and this is going to be quite a shock for him, so we’re hoping to get him back into a multi greyhound home as quickly as possible. He’s never been cat tested but Michelle says he chases squirrels so I don’t know, maybe he’s nuts or likes to chase small furry things. In any case, you can get all the information on any of our hounds and Michelle or Jerry has all the answers to all the questions you might have, so all you have to do is contact them at the kennel. We can arrange for you to meet any of our hounds at our kennel, at your convenience, or even have one or two brought to your digs to meet you in your world. Ok, getting long, so we better end it for this week. Have a greyt week, don’t bite anyone, and come join us at the Dog Dude Ranch next Sunday if you can, and bring your hound.

Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

Sunday, March 19 from 10 AM until 1 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
(Click here for driving directions.)
Greyhounds only.
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!

Two Gatherings and a Special Needs Dog

Hello Friends of Friends –

I hope all of you and all you dogs are doing well. I haven’t bothered you in a while so I guess I’m due. There are a few important things to touch on – New news & old news, reminders and surprises.

Yes, Friends of Greyhounds is smaller now than when we were in Hialeah but if you’re only looking for one dog, it makes choosing much easier! And our available hours and days to visit the dogs is greatly expanded and much more flexible. So we hope you’ll come visit the kennel dogs when you have a vacancy at your house. And tell your friends to see your Friends!!

But I do have a couple of important things to cover – – –

We have two greyhound gatherings on the schedule. We will be a the Flamingo Nursery (1655 Flamingo Road, Davie) from 10 to 3 on Sunday, March 12. It’s a 5 acre plant nursery with a big patio over by the BBQ and that’s where we gather. There’s no fenced runaround area but it’s a good place to visit and the BBQ is great!

And the next Sunday, March 19, we will be at Dog Dude Ranch (6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami) for a greyhounds only play date. They have a fenced corral area where we can safely let the dogs run off leash. Bring a folding chair and we’ll bring some coolers of water and soda. We’re planning on 10 to 1.

For both of these gatherings, we’ll have a couple of the available dogs as well as some collars and leashes and worm kits and things you might be looking for. We hope everyone will make at least one of these events. We so miss seeing all of you!

But I have an ulterior motive for this “newsletter”. I need your help to find the right home for a special dog. We are always searching for the right homes for our dogs but some of them are easy dogs that can walk right into any home and do things right. Then there are a few with some baggage. And then we have some very special challenges that push our limits and the boundaries of our hearts. That’s our Kango.

In a nutshell, Kango is going blind from a track injury and we need to find a special home for him. FoG will pay the expenses but we need the right home and the right people with greyhound experience. Please take a good look at his Petfinder profile. I apologize for the length of it but there’s so much to say!! Go to the FoG website to learn about Kango. [click here] If Kango is not right for you, maybe you know someone.

Hope to see everyone at either the Broward or Dade event this month. If turnout is good, maybe we can sneak in another one before it gets too hot.

Have a Greyt day and kiss the dogs for me!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle (& Jerry & all the dogs!)

John’s Happy Tales Report
3/6/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

March came in like a lion, as the story goes, and with it a nice breeze and decent (sort of) cool weather. We’re hoping this holds until the weekend, we have finally scheduled a gathering for next Sunday at the Flamingo Nursery, my favorite place for gatherings because they have a really good little bar b que stand set up and along with the nursery, it’s a neat place to go on the weekend with or without your hound. We’ll be at the usual spot, along the side, under the thatched huts from 10-3 o’clock. The bar b que doesn’t open until 11, but that’s ok, you can hang out with the hounds or browse the nursery. It’s not a fundraiser, just a gathering, but we’ll have a couple adoptable hounds doing meet and greet, and some leashes, plain collars, worm kits (it’s that time of year), microchips, and whatever else Michelle can dig up. If you need something, give her an email and she’ll bring it out if she has it. Michelle and Scott have already made the arrangements and taste tested the bar b que, and said it was better than ever. So, if you are in the area next Sunday morning, please stop by, with or without your hound, even just to say hello. As always, we love to see our people, two and four legged. Don’t forget, it’s Flamingo Nursery, on Flamingo road, just south of 595 and north of Griffin Road, west side of the road, and on the side where you see the tiki huts.


We have two new items on the webpage this week, first, a list of dog food recall notices, in case you may have heard something about a recall and you want to check it out, we now have the list of the dog foods involved. Also, the training tip of the day, which may or may not be a regular item, but the first entry is ‘establishing a boundary’, graciously demonstrated by our old friend and alumni, Elvis, aka, Rock a by Jukebox [click here]. Annie has been out on a home trial with Billy, who was adopted previously to the same home. It is looking pretty good that they will become siblings or maybe even boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t know if we have film at eleven, but we definitely have a nice picture of them on our website [click here]. We also have an update on one of our alumni, Small Frye, who went up to North Florida in the Sunburst project and ended up in Atlanta, where she found her forever home. Her new humans have her in agility training, where she’s just about to graduate and start competing in agility events. Who knows? If a greyhound can win a national title in show dogs, maybe we will have an agility champion in the near future. The versatility of these hounds never ceases to amaze us. Moose, one of our new arrivals, who is nothing like his name, will be delivered to his new home this coming Thursday. Beautiful dog, I knew he would be gone in a heartbeat.


On the home front, Kango is one of our special needs dogs, he was injured in a racing accident and was banged up. He’s still deserving of a loving home, but it will have to be one of those ‘special’ people with patience, love, and enough time to give him the attention he needs. Ralph is not a special needs dog, but he’s still been here too long. He’s just a big hunk of love and muscle. He lives to please people. He is also a jumper, not over things, but straight up. Has to be seen to be believed. You can visit Ralph and all of our inmates at our kennel, or if you live reasonably close to our area, you can even arrange for him or any dog to visit you at your house, and at your convenience, just contact Jerry or Michelle via email, phone, or smoke signal.


It was suggested that maybe we should have another black dog sale. We’ve done it before, because there truly is a ‘Black Dog Syndrome’, many people will avoid black dogs for whatever reason, no matter how irrational it is. Black dogs make beautiful pets, the same as all the other colors, the same is also true of the ‘special needs’ dogs. I can personally vouch for this, I have a black dog, and a dog who has a crushed skull and had a broken leg. Both dogs are fabulous loving pets, I could not ask for better. It’s what’s in their heart, and yours, that counts. We’ve had just about every situation over the years and they’ve all worked out, providing we get the right dog paired up with the right home. We appreciate everyone who takes one of these dogs into their homes and hearts, but speaking for myself at least, I think we really have special love and respect for those who take the ones that most everyone else would pass up. Again, we love and appreciate everyone who saves a dog’s or even a cat’s life, but the ones that take the ‘special’ animals are special people.

Ok, before this becomes a novel, we must terminate. We’re working on a gathering for those southern people down in southern Dade. Way down south at the Dog Dude Ranch. No food, but probably some drinks at least, and a nice fenced in area where the hounds can run around. More on that later as it develops. In closing for the week, if you take a look and find you are interested in Ralph, PJ, or even Kango, as an incentive under the black dog syndrome rebuttal act, you might even find that you can adopt them for maybe $175 instead of the standard $225. I can’t guarantee it, but if you mention it to Michelle, it might come to pass, so for those of you who are financially motivated and looking for a greyhound, remember, black is beautiful, and even more so when you save fifty bucks too. Have a greyt week, don’t bite anyone.

Meetup @ Flamingo Road Nursery

Sunday, March 12, from 10 AM until 3 PM
At the Flamingo Road Nursery, 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie
(Click here for driving directions.)
Lots of parking and you can wander the grounds, check out the farmer’s market
and look at lots of plants, fountains and wind chimes!
Join FoG at the big shady tables & seats by the BBQ stand.
They have food, drinks & reasonable prices.
All leashed greyhounds are welcome.

Dog Training Tip of the Day – Boundary Establishment

Before Establishing a Boundary

After Establishing a Boundary

Annie and Mango

The dogs in the photo are Rockdown Boss/ Billy / now called Mango and K’s Anessa called Annie (on home trial with Billy). They had their son there with his dog and there has been some growling but they think it was the other dog’s fault. They want to take a little more time to be sure but it looks like Annie and Billy will be brother & sister.

Aren’t they awesome!! Billy our toy crazed boy has a girlfriend!!

John’s Happy Tales Report
2/27/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


February is one day away from being over, the first two months of 2017 has gone by in a blur, at least for us. Horses and Hounds was a huge success, the H&H Charitable Foundation raised $10,000 for FoG, I think another big thank you from us to all of you who helped make it the success that it was, and of course, our inmates, past, present, and future, thank you from the heart of their forever homes. Next Saturday we will do a check presentation and we’ll have some photos to go along with that next week also.


We are, at the moment, running low on dogs. There is only one girl, Emma, currently available. She’s a beautiful red brindle, just arrived and will be heading to the vet this week for her spaying. She will be available for adoption soon after next weekend I am guessing. We have four guys in the stable at the moment. Ralph is our senior boy, he needs to get a real home soon, he’s been waiting, bags packed, and just hasn’t picked up the right hookup yet. Kango very recently arrived. He may be related to Humpty Dumpty, he had a bad fall in his last race and has been recovering from that traumatic event, but still has an abundance of energy for a three-year-old. PJ is just in from the racing circuit, don’t know anything about him yet, except that he’s black and male. Casey has just arrived also, he is as big a chicken as he is large in size. He is afraid of his shadow. He will be considered a ‘special needs’ case, as he will require a human or family with a lot of patience and understanding. There are as many people out there like that, as there are dogs like that, so the only thing he needs is the right people to take him in. My Diffy was pretty much the same way, big scared-y cat and he is the best pet you could ask for. Causes no trouble, loves people, gets along with two siblings and two cats, I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Moose is also a new arrival. He’s barely two years old, red, smallish for a guy, very friendly and a little shy. I have inside information on him, he’s going to be an A+ companion for someone, one of those blue chip can’t miss prospects. We also have two more new people coming in on Friday, so if you’re looking or thinking about it, come on in to the kennel and check them out in person before they are listed.

Ok, that pretty much covers most of everything that I know of at least. A little helter-skelter this week, which happens from time to time. As far as I know, as a direct result from appearing at the Horses and Hounds last Sunday, Hannah and Carly have been delivered to their new forever homes and are doing good. Annie is also doing very well on her home trial, and according to our sources, has stolen the hearts their hearts totally and completely. Our best wishes for them and their new families for many loving years of happiness and good health, something we all need. Have a greyt week, and join us next week for more adventures from the FoG Kennel.