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John’s Happy Tales Report
6/19/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Maggie has a new home. Saving the world, one greyhound at a time. Well, so it seems. The big news in my world is our recent returnee Maggie, who was returned to us after living happily in her forever home, but was returned to us because her human passed away before she did, and her husband (the lady’s, not Maggie) couldn’t take care of her any more. One of our longtime supporters decided to adopt her, and she basically took over the house upon arrival, so it looks like she will have a loving home to ease the pain of losing her other people. She will be living with another greyhound sister, Zoe, and two chihuahuas, Cassie and Smidgen, and it looks like they all are going to get along together just fine. You can read all about it in Scott’s latest post on his Dusty and Me blog. Yes Michelle, I have already checked it out. Thank you, Joan, you just made my week.


We’ve got a great picture of the five Birthday Dogs that have birthdays coming up within the next month. I heard that if they are adopted before their birthday, there might be some kind of discount involved. Don’t take my word for it and you didn’t hear it here, but I swear I heard something about half off the birthday dogs, whether you get the front half, or the back half, or maybe just half off the adoption price, but if you are interested in any of them, Annie, Taylor, and Casey are still available, Kango and Maggie have already been spoken for. You can contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel for all the official and up to the second information, I am now just the slow speed messenger, but a happy one. I am sure that our second to none webmaster, Jerry B., will have a photo of the fab-five either here or on the website.


We’ve got a doggie dinner coming up next month. It’s Thursday, July 20th, the day before my birthday, so I will not forget it. It’s at the Hollywood Jaycee’s Hall, 2930 Hollywood Boulevard, from 6:30 to 9:30. A lot of us still have fond memories of the last doggie dinner, at the country club, a few years ago, with almost a hundred hounds and a fabulous time. A lot of us still remember the pot luck dinners or actually lunches we had at the kennel on some weekends. We got some mighty fine vittles for those events, so we’re going to try it again, this time with a little more room than the cat testing room at the kennel. You are welcome to bring a dish, side, or salad, just let Michelle know, and please RSVP Michelle so we can have an idea. This event will be indoors and air conditioned, which is very important in July, and we’ll have a girl scout troop there also doing a 50/50 raffle to benefit South Florida Wildlife Care Center, whom they are helping out this year. This is a fundraising event, so bring some money, but we will feed you and it’s a perfect opportunity for your hounds to circulate and socialize. All of the information is on our website flyer, or you can call Michelle, but please remember to RSVP. Food events, greyhounds and greyhound people go very good together, so come on out and grab a bite, we’ll even have a buffet for the hounds, so they can have a bite. We’ll be getting into this more as the event nears, but it will be the FoG event of the summer, so don’t miss it.


While we’re here thinking of good times, good food, and good people, thank you Larry Warsh for putting that great photo of the birthday hounds together. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. Also, a big thank you to Ms. Jill Paul, who donated her carpet to our hounds, and they will all have nice new flooring in their apartments. Now Michelle will want to take the kennels out and deep clean them, so if anyone would like to help, by washing the hounds while she takes on the kennels, she would be more than happy to accept your help. Don’t forget, if the kids are still doing the community service hours, working with the hounds is a lot more fulfilling than most of the other service jobs, so if you have some bored kids, it’s a perfect way to satisfy everyone’s needs.


On the adoption front, seven dogs were available, now we’re down to five for the moment. Kango is scheduled to try his new home I think next week, and Maggie is settling into her new estate. Annie is a girl, sweet, young, only two years old, and cat tolerant. Stormy is a little bit spicier, more active, would love a nice fenced yard or an active owner who could take her out and about. Those are our two girls. Casey will be two next month, sweet and shy, but coming out of his shell, he was very timid when he first arrived but is finding out that there’s more to life than just the back corner of his kennel, and he’s enjoying it more and more each day. Kango is heading out for a home trial next week. Taylor is our tall, handsome white dog with the injured leg. He will be three years old next week, he won’t be winning any more races, but he will still be a fabulous pet for someone. Logan is a new arrival, just returned from a family life of three or more years. Michelle has the information on him, the family felt they had to give him up, he did not have enough patience with the children, but should do fine in a home without kids, which would fit many dog’s and even a lot of people’s idea of happiness.

Ok, I think I have most of it covered for this week. Stay tuned to the website and Scott and his Dusty and Me blog because I am going in for my knee replacement this week, so I will be incapacitated for about two weeks. I am doing rehab at a facility and I don’t do portable or lap tops or tablets or tables or whatever you call the tiny devices, so I hope to be released or at least escape by July 4th, but definitely be out in time for the doggie pot luck dinner in mid-July. Have a greyt week, don’t bite anyone and keep the hounds safe, especially in the heat of the summer.

Photo created by Larry Warsh of From left to right: Annie (3 on 7/3), Taylor (3 on 6/25), Maggie (7 on July 3), Casey (2 on 7/20), Kango (4 on July 1).

Scouts & Hounds Potluck Dinner

Thursday, July 20th, 6:30-9:30 PM
At the Hollywood Jaycees Hall
Click Here For All Of The Details.
Greyhounds Welcome (One leashed dog per person, please.)