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John’s Happy Tales Report
5/11/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.

We are becoming more like the tide now as far as news is concerned, we ebb and flow, and so I will be rolling with the flow for the foreseeable future, sometimes a lot to report, sometimes hardly a whisper. Despite a small number of dogs available for adoption, there are still many things going on around the kennel. We are still inching our way towards the financial goal so we can reopen the kennels in the way it was for the past dozen or so years. Meanwhile we will do what we have to do to get whatever dogs we can into their forever homes. We, of course, are still there for the dogs we’ve previously adopted out, for support, for the returns who have lost their homes, for the wayward dogs who have found themselves in shelters or on the streets, and the sick and injured who aren’t cared about by the other groups who only want to deal with the politically correct, aka the healthy and pretty dogs, that can be easily placed in homes.



Where do I begin? First to my mind and what has been on Michelle and Jerry’s minds a long time, the Greyhound Memorial Project has finally gotten off the ground, no pun intended. I just read through it on our website and was going to take a sentence to describe it. That won’t happen now, it could take a whole article, and if you are a dedicated dog owner, I suggest you read the whole article on our website and I dare you to finish it without tears in your eyes. In a nutshell , it’s for those of us who love our pets almost as much as we love ourselves, as you know, greyhound owners are kind of a special breed in themselves. It’s a final resting place for those four legs that have enriched our lives far more than we had ever imagined they could do. It’s located in a beautiful, peaceful setting, that is available for visitation every day of the year, and it brings more dignity than being buried in a hole in the backyard, or left at the vet’s office in a body bag. Before I read about this, I never even thought about something like this, I know some Humane Societies have cemeteries, etc., but I didn’t even consider it, now, I have decided that this is where my pets will be from now on. If this turns out as hoped and planned, I think it will be a wonderful idea. It will be special to me because I know so many of the other greyhounds personally and I like the thought that after a life of both good and bad experiences, that they will all be together at the end. And, we do know what breed snobs a lot of them are. Also, there will be room for the ‘other’ breeds, many of them have had brothers and sisters that were not greyhounds, but were family nevertheless. People are even allowed to be buried there too, for those who want to be close to their cherished pets. A fabulous idea, it has tremendous potential, now I’m kind of sorry it’s taken this long to get started, I can picture seeing my friend Sony in here, and some of the others who passed away before they were officially adopted, like another friend, Ace High Casino, aka Dude, who never got to know the joys of spending the rest of his life in a loving home. This could go on for the rest of the afternoon and I don’t think I can do that here. Please check out the Memorial Project, contact Michelle or Jerry if you have any ideas or want to help set it up. Not talking money here, but help with the logistics, such as profiles. There will be a big book with all the greyhounds listed in the lobby, kept on hand for viewing. Ok, guess you could say I’m a little bit excited about this, so I will try and keep the world posted as to the progress being made.

Atascocita Otto


Zoey and Cooper have been adopted out in the past week. I knew Cooper was gone, I spent the afternoon with him at the Pompano Seafood Festival and I knew he would be a goner. He is what I call politically correct; he’s young and darn good looking. Yes, we do get some beautiful and handsome young dogs occasionally, actually quite a bit more often than I let on, Cooper is one of them. He is also young and rambunctious so we’re keeping our paws crossed for him, hoping that he doesn’t become a wild and crazy guy when he realizes he has a beautiful new home with greyt people. Zoey has also joined the newly adopted list, going to an experienced greyhound owner, and she’ll have two Chihuahua brothers and two parrots to boot. Shotgun Red was also at last report doing well in his new home. He has had some real skunk luck, so we’re keeping our paws and fingers crossed for him also.



We have possibly five dogs for adoption at the current moment as per my records. Otto, Rocky, and Chester are waiting to meet you, you can scout them out on our website. We also have Buddy, who suffered a severe leg injury, he will never drive a car again, but that won’t stop him from being a fabulous pet. Kingsley is a young scared puppy. Look at his picture, he’s got to be the saddest looking specimen I’ve seen in a long time. Both of these are sympathy candidates, by that I mean, there are people out there that want and gravitate towards an animal that they perceive as being disadvantaged. I am one of those kind of people, I have taken many a ‘hopeless case’ animals and had them fixed up and found beautiful homes for them over the years. There’s just a little more satisfaction in your heart when you help or take one of these animals that you think won’t have a chance because no one will take them, then you hear the stories about ‘best animal I ever had’ and it makes it all worthwhile.

This week was high tide, we could go on forever about the Memorial Project, and there’s a beach party scheduled for the end of the month, with details on the website. Frankie and Annette won’t be there but there’s going to be enough greyhounds there. I’ve been there, it’s not a shallow pond, it’s an actual lake and there are rocks, but it’s shallow on the edge, there’s some shade, and there was a great breeze when I visited, so middle of the day may not be as hot as it sounds, and the water is wet, so check it out, I know the dogs had a greyt time there, but some supervision may be needed. Have a greyt week, vacation next week, for this person anyway, and hopefully lots more news to come shortly thereafter.

FoG Dog Lake Party

Sunday, May 31st from 1 PM to 3 PM
At Performance Pups (Tigertail Lake), 580 Gulfstream Way, Dania Beach
♥ Lynne the Collar Lady will be here! ♥
Click here for more information.