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John’s Happy Tales Report
4/10/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Happy one third of the way through April. There is less than a week left on our black dog sale. If you take any of our hounds, black or otherwise, before Easter Sunday, which is next Sunday, you can put fifty dollars back in your pocket. Our April Adopt a Greyhound Sale will most likely end next Sunday and we’ll be back to our regular price of two twenty-five for adoption. We have seven beautiful retired racers currently in the kennel, one is a special needs dog, but they will all make fantastic pets for the right family, so if you are looking for a fabulous pet, and you are looking to save half a hundred, now is the perfect time to make a fast friend and treat yourself to whatever fifty bucks will buy you now days.

Mr. Moose came in and went out in a hurry, there should be a picture and note about him on the Facebook page. He is doing fantastic so far, even changed his new mom from a miniature Schnauzer fan into a greyhound lover with just a few kisses. Yes, a lot of greyhounds do kiss. They say having him is like a cheap way to have a Ferrari parked in your living room. First time I’ve heard that, but he definitely could be considered the Ferrari of the dog world.


While I’m thinking about it, our friends from the Gold Coast rescue group has a greyhound, NY Vinny, entered in the American Hero Dog competition this year. All you have to do to help is vote for him, it’s simple, if I can figure it out, anyone can. You can help by voting each day, until May 3rd. The information and link is on our website, under the Latest News, so please take a moment to check it out and vote for Vinny. Scott has started up a blog of his own. Scott wandered into the kennel one stormy afternoon, completely soaked, his tail drooped down between his legs, looking forlorn, ok, enough of that. Scott started volunteering at our kennel a while back, giving Michelle and Jerry some much needed and appreciated help, and soon he was walking the dogs, got to know them, which as we know, leads to more serious stuff, and before he knew what hit him, he fell in love with a little moonbeam girl. He adopted her and so far, they have lived happily ever after. Anyway, Scott has started up a little blog about his girl Dusty and greyhounds and life with greyhounds. is the link to his blog. You can check it out and even subscribe to it, which I just did, I think. So, if all went well, I have voted for Vinny and subscribed to Dusty all in the same day. Someday I may even learn how to text.

Today we microchipped four of our adopted greyhounds at Flamingo Road Nursery. Microchipping helps lost dogs get re-united with their families. When FoG does it, the fee is $25 and includes implanting the chip and registration. The chip is no good without being registered. Vets usually run about $40 and up without a registration. It’s not a GPS tracker. It is a way for someone to find out who owns this dog. There were some problems with the Banfield chips a while ago. They had their own chips set up on their own frequencies and they could only be read by Banfield scanners. Other adoption groups, vets, pounds, etc. use a universal scanner and lost dogs were not getting home. It’s important to have a chip that can be read by the universal scanners and its important that your information be kept up to date with the registration database. There’s a section on the website about microchipping. (We use Avid Chips)

Have a Greyt week!


The preceding was from Michelle, I decided to just copy and paste since I’m lazy, I mean to show off my PC skills, which are rapidly expanding almost on a daily basis. Anyway, this is important, and if you’ve ever gone through a missing dog situation, it’s complete agony, and microchipping doesn’t solve everything but if your hound is microchipped there’s at least a little more glimmer of hope.

In other news, we have some therapy dog news from Elvis (the one that hasn’t left the building yet) and his human dad. Elvis is a therapy dog, one of his gigs is the Camp Erin Event. The Catholic Hospice conducts two overnight camping experiences for children who have lost a family member that was in their Hospice care. There were about 70 kids at this event, and three therapy dogs. It goes without saying that Elvis is always the most popular dog. You can check the link below, we have some nice pictures of Elvis at the event.

This past weekend we had another gathering at the Flamingo Road Nursery. I think I could get addicted to that barbque and seeing our people every weekend, like we did in the good old days. I found out that Charlie is not ready for prime time yet. Charlie is my mixed breed psycho, I thought he would do great with the rest of the hounds, but I was sadly mistaken. Charlie has been chopped from the hound gatherings. Diffy gave us a bunch of crap too, literally, which is totally unlike him, but I won’t even go into that. It turns out that our rookie party animal, Creepy, is the ‘good’ child. So the Grata dog family did not have a good day, but their humans did very well at the barbque stand. Thank you to the Flamingo Road Nursery, we were well treated, well fed, and there’s so much beautiful plant life there, just a fun place to go and the hounds make it even better, and it’s always fun to show off the hounds to the people that come over to say hello to them. Thank you all who attended, for your support, including, but not limited to Andy and his Poppy, Dusty and his Dad, Winnie not the Poo and her People, Bambi, Slinky and Dinky, Dinky being Jerry B., and now we start to head south, remembered one of a pair, now I forgot both. Ok, sorry, as always, for the ones I forgot, but will not forget another Thank You, we love to see you, even though the blogger can’t remember each and every one. Deadline time coming up, I think everything is covered. Have a greyt rest of the week, no other dogs out that I know of and no new arrivals. If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, please contact us. If you are financially motivated, get it done this week. Remember, you can contact the website, Michelle or Jerry, and visit the kennel or even possibly entertain one or two of our adoptables at your house, at your convenience, so there’s no reason left not to adopt a retired racing greyhound is there?