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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/8/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel

The first thing I’d like to suggest this week is to check the home page for the Latest news, written by Sloan, one of our inmates. It gives a little inside information on a couple of our new hounds. It is cute, I wish I could have done that one, but since Sloan didn’t give me any information about himself and the others, I was left out in the cold with a stocking full of coal. Also, these neat writings seem to come out on Monday, coincidentally, just before I have to come up with something neat for my blog. Just kidding, anything and everything that will help the hounds get to their real homes is fine with me, the more information out, the better chance they have. I do have one VERY NEAT AND IMPORTANT bit of information that was not elaborated on enough for my satisfaction. If you have previously adopted a dog from FOG, whether it be twelve years ago, or last month, and you adopt one of the current inmates that we have, the adoption fee will be waived. This means the dog is yours for no adoption fee. You are free to make a donation if you wish, but there will be no cost to give one of these guys a home. This offer is good between now and Christmas, I’m sure Michelle would even deliver on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. There are, according to my count, six dogs available, you can check the website for further information on them, or call Michelle or Jerry. I’ve heard it said countless times that having two greyhounds is no harder than having one, having three is no tougher than having two, etc., all the way up to six. I would have another in a heartbeat, however I also have two cats and two regular mutts, and in my case, the mutts give me all that I can handle. I would never trade them or say it to them to their faces, but my Diffy is so much easier to care for than the other two. Once again, I wouldn’t trade my two mutts for the world, but I’ve also seen firsthand the truth in the statement, ‘they are big dogs, but live small’. So if you already have one of ours, or ever had one, and you’ve thought about possibly bringing another into your life, this would be about the perfect time to do it. As you know, we don’t dump and run, we deliver and support all our dogs, kind of a lifetime guarantee so to speak. We take returns in case it doesn’t work out for either the adopter or adoptee, so you won’t be getting stuck for life with something that didn’t quite work out. We are currently in transition, we’ve only got a few dogs, it’s not in any way their fault that there was a breakdown in our regular operation of moving dogs to good homes. They don’t care whether it was the adoption kennel’s fault or the fault of the racing industry for interrupting their smooth transition from racing pro to house pet, the bottom line is that they are the ones that have to pay for humans acting the way humans act and it’s not fair to them because they have nothing to give but love and they don’t really have a voice in the matter.

This breaks my heart, I’d have one of these dogs in a heartbeat if I could, so please, there’s got to be six people who feel the same way about this and have the ability to take in another beautiful grey. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to give a good home and new life to a beautiful animal, who probably doesn’t have a motorcycle, but on the other hand, probably doesn’t play the drums either, so you will get nothing but appreciation and love for the rest of their lives from them. I’ve got that from my guy Diffy, who was actually a dead dog walking with a broken leg, on his way to the vet of no return when we got him and the joy he’s given us cannot be duplicated by any or all of the materialistic gifts you see advertised on the television. I really don’t have to tell any greyhound owners out there about that.

In other news, Jerry and Michelle are celebrating their 75th anniversary this Friday. I don’t think it’s their actual 75th, maybe she meant it just seemed like it. Michelle was sitting around the table with Sloan the other night and they came up with a little song/poem that they’ve been singing all week. It goes something like ‘On Bella, On Lucy! Hey Max, grab that toy! With Slash and with Rocky, we’re out to spread joy. Our kennels are ok, but they’re not a home. So read the new blog by our home boy Sloan’. I think they broke into the Kahlua and Cream or something, maybe that’s how the ‘waive the adoption fee’ thing came about too. I’m very excited about that, I’m hoping that it will result in six quick adoptions. Why not? You have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain, remember, as previously stated, we support our adoptees and adopters, if it doesn’t work out, they are always welcome back at our kennel, their perfect home is out there, even if it’s not found the first time every time, so think it over, it’s a win/win situation for you, the greyhounds, and us. Yes, as always, the dogs are ready to go. Some already have house living experience, they are already spayed/neutered, have their shots, teeth cleaned, and frontline protection, adoption fee covered, your cost $ 0, the satisfaction, peace of mind, and love you receive, priceless.

The fundraising has slowed a little due to the season, we still have some things going on, and you can check the website for all events. The meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket in Sunrise is still on for this Saturday, 10-2; I hope to be there if I can. We also have some updates of our alumni in the “Letters from Home” page and the newest ones are included on the home page. Have a greyt week.