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John’s Happy Tails Report
8/18/14 Mostly Happy Tales About The Future Kennel And Local Happenings Is What We’ve Been Reduced To.

Not only that but Michelle has covered the week’s items with her latest Dog Days of Summer Post, which turns out great for me because I just got in an altercation with a big roach and lost, so I am somewhat incapacitated as my left knee or thereabouts is rendered useless for the time being. We are currently very close to 20% in raised money for the new kennel. We are progressing slowly but surely.

As covered previously, we have eight dogs up for adoption. A little bit of everything is how I would call it, old, young, experienced, male, female, including two beautiful white and black seniors that are ready, willing, and able to move in with you, hopefully together, since they’ve been together so long it would be a shame to split them up now. We have Macy’s coupons on the website, they are only good this Saturday, so check the website for complete details and if Macy’s is in your plans this week, maybe you can help us out too. [Click here for more information about Macy’s] Michelle, as many others are, is in love with the Today Show on NBC. She has written them and asked that they come down and see who we are and what we do, maybe help us out a little bit. Most of the time this is a long shot, but you never know, if we get a bunch of people sending in facebook and twitter, we might get lucky. It could happen to us, but we’ll never know if we don’t try, so it doesn’t cost anything but a little time, give them a holler and maybe we can get some help from some big people. We also have ongoing projects that you can check on the website. Every little bit helps and if we get some big bits, all the better. If you feel ambitious, especially if you are in the Broward area, FOG can use virtually any kind of volunteer help from filing, cleaning, typing, composing, decomposing (just kidding), there are thousands of things to be done, we got a long way to go and a short time to get there (Jerry Reed couldn’t have sung it better), so if you can help us push the pedal to the metal, it would be greatly appreciated. Check out Michelle’s Blog and there’s plenty of little and big projects to choose from. I also noticed that Stephen Seal has issued a challenge that he will match will match the first person to make a $2,500 donation. Note that I said first and not all. Just in case you read it like I did the first time. Anybody know our biggest Marlin, Mr. Stanton? Maybe you could ask him to donate something for every home run he hits. At the rate he’s going, we could get the money real quick. Where’s Mark Buehrle when you need him? He was a Marlin and a friend of dogs, unfortunately he’s now in Toronto. Anybody know a professional baseball or football player that’s a friend of animals. If I knew our local boy Sam Young personally I’d ask him to see if any of the guys in the locker room could help us out, it’s rumored that some of those guys make some pretty good money. Anyway, my version of California Dreaming, maybe someone really knows someone with some great connections. The world of sports is a great place to look, lots of people with big bucks and good hearts if you can get to them, some have been known to help champion a cause that’s near to their heart.

Miami Springs Dog Park

Miami Springs Dog Park

On the local front, we have Jonathon, aka Pachino and Gunner’s dad, talking about having a little social get together after labor day in September. He has a dog park in mind I think up around the Oakland Park area, so maybe we can get something going on that. This past weekend at the Miami Springs dog park, we had Joan O’Brien both days and Slugbug Bob made a special appearance on Sunday. We hit there usually on Saturday and Sunday evening, a little after seven. It’s a nice park, all grass, plenty of room to run, and the other people and dogs are all nice and well behaved. Yesterday there were about ten or eleven dogs, which was unusual, including our three greyhounds, and everyone got along, with our Charlie being the closest to a PITA of all. Just before dark, Joan led about eight of the others on a romp around the perimeter and it was tremendous to watch, but too dark to get a good video of it. Next weekend is fantasy football for my people, so we will not be there on Sunday, but if you’re in the area on Saturday, come on out, it’s short and sweet, maybe a couple bugs, but we have a good time, and it will have to do until the new venue comes along.

Forgot to mention a little note we got about CD’s Shannon.

Dear Greyhound Friends,

We are Tom and Gail, of North Wales, Pennsylvania. A note to let you know that we have adopted CD’s Shannon through Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. Her name now is Zarha. She has a loving home now with another female greyhound and has experienced Greyhound parents.

Zarha is absolutely adorable and doing amazingly well after only 3 weeks in our home! She is so smart and affectionate. Thank you for helping to bring this amazing little girl into our home and lives! She is part of our family and has found her forever home.

Our girl Shannon made it up to Pennsylvania, and it’s looking good for her. I love getting these notes and pictures. Have a greyt week, stay positive, we’ll see what next week brings.