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How our lives have changed!

How our lives have changed! Wow! Friends of Greyhounds’ primary focus has always been Adoption. And we are still focused on adoption but that is tied with fundraising, a newer, larger, more focused form of fundraising than we have ever used before. We have never pushed our supporters too hard about donating or helping us raise money. We often struggled but managed to get by. But now getting by is not enough and fundraising is a major goal, every day.

Yes, we have dogs for adoption that really need homes. Our 9-year old sweethearts Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue should be lounging on dog beds in front of your TV rather than in kennels in my garage. Big boy Benny of Ruckus is too young and sweet and rambunctious to sit in the corner kennel when he should be tearing a racetrack path through your perfectly manicured back lawn. That lawn never made you laugh. But that expression of pure joy on his face when he runs will do it. Please, please remember that we still have dogs for adoption. Fewer, but they are here and waiting and I’m getting in more each week and my garage and living room are very full.

The fundraising for the new kennel is progressing. Our mailing list was awful. So many of you have moved since you adopted and we have not kept track of where you went. If you are an adopter and have not received the mailing from us, click here to see what we sent so you know what we are doing.

Then we used a mailing service to send out an email to all of you who gave us your email addys when you adopted. Those addresses are just as old and the mailing system (Mail Chimp) became hostile when so many of them bounced back. We almost got marked as a spammer. We were able to explain our way out of it but we cannot mail to most of you. We just got the ruling a few minutes ago. (Well how do they expect you to know that the address has changed if you don’t mail to it? I guess I’m just too old to comprehend.) I’m not sure what we do about that. If you are a supporter but not an adopter or just a curious bystander, please click here to see what’s going on.

We have a goal of $130,000 which should (hopefully) be enough for the down payment on a wonderful property, get a couple of appliances and a load of kennels and turn on the utilities. Total purchase cost on the property we have found will be about 500,000 but we can’t even begin negotiations until we have enough for a downpayment. There is a gray & purple bar on the home page of the website that will keep you posted on our progress. As of this writing, we are only at 8%. The economy has hurt all of us and recovery is slow. Everyone is doing what they can but we need to reach further to get this dream of having a safe and loving place for the greyhounds to reality. And we need to reach it soon or lose this property. Believe me, places with layouts as good as this for our needs are extremely rare.

So here’s the plan: (you knew I had a plan, didn’t you?) We all need to reach out to all of our co-workers, friends, relatives and acquaintances from the dog park, facebook, twitter, church and the corner tavern. For all the times you bought their kid’s candy bars and raffle tickets, donated for the baby shower or the choir robes, and everything for strangers from kidneys to shoes, it’s your turn for them to give back. Ask and ask again. We need to encourage all of our online and in person friends and relatives to donate to help the greyhounds.

And we need some parties and gatherings and events. Events get people out of their cocoon and help them understand our dream of a place for the dogs. If we keep it simple, we don’t need a lot of lead time. But I need a few hard working volunteers to help out. I want to do some “porch parties”. (drinks & snacks, dogs & raffles, on the outside patios of taverns and restaurants) They tend to be fun, easy and profitable. I have locations in mind in Dania, Boca and Plantation. I also was thinking of a get together in South Miami and a donut sale at Bass Pro in Dania. I would really like to get at least one person to volunteer to help out with each event. If you’re in those areas, can you email me? Let me know if you will help liaison with the location and keep me on track, help set up and run things that day or evening, etc. Each one won’t take a lot but if I have help, we can run them all and the total should at least help that purple bar make it’s way to the right. Besides, we really need some greyhound dog events!

And don’t be afraid to let the kids (or yourself) loose with other ideas. Lemonade stands still work and a box of Sam’s club chocolate chip cookies, packed two cookies to a baggie could sell for $1. That’s a profit!

We are looking for people who can figure out other programs. I only have so many hours in a day. I would love some help. Set us up projects like:

  • let people donate their excess airline miles and it becomes cash for FoG. (How do we transfer them and cash them?)
  • Help us run a “Change a Greyhound Life” program and have people donate their change jars and piggy banks. Those cents make sense! We would need collection areas.
  • Everybody has old watches lying around. When Jerry & i used to hold yard sales, there were always people looking for old watches. How do they cash them in? What are they looking for? Could we collect old watches from our people and help pay for the kennel?

Can you help us set up just one of these things? Please be committed to it and be willing to take charge and run with it. Have another idea you’d like to try out? Email or call me! Want to adopt a dog? Call me for that, too!

And YES we need the BIG donations to make this work. If you have the ability to make a large donation, please don’t wait to do it. We really don’t want to lose this property. We can accept cash, cards, checks, stock, land and even used cars. If you know someone who is capable of making a large donation, please step forward and tell them about us. Tell them about the greyhounds and the kennel we need. Tell them about the sweet gentle nature of these dogs and tell them about the lives their donation could save. You never know.

I can’t wait to tie this place down so I can make you a video tour of it and let you see how special it is. Please, help us help these dogs. If you have any questions at all about what we are doing, please email me at I will be happy to answer just about anything! And if that answer makes you more secure with our approach or intentions or devotion to this project, I will hope you will show that by donating to help us build them a kennel and a home of their very own. Hope to see YOU at the grand opening party!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds – – -Michelle