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Volunteer ApplicationVolunteer AgreementPlease bring both forms with you when you first come to volunteer.

You do not need to own a greyhound to help save greyhounds. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Friends of Greyhounds. We will always need help.

We are in Sunrise. We get terribly behind in paperwork and the organizing and pre-planning we need to be doing because adoption is our first priority. We really need you. Please call us if you can help.

Volunteers must be 15 or over to work at the shelter and must have their own transportation although exceptions may be made. Yes, we are able to give community service credit for work time completed and the volunteering jobs may be mixed or matched to suit your needs and ours. We will try to accommodate everyone but please be flexible.

Some volunteering jobs (in alphabetical order) Please browse the entire list:

Artists, photographers, writers, etc.: We can always use good greyhound photos, stories, drawings, etc. for media and for our photo album. Line drawings of greyhounds are really needed as they work better with some forms of printing than photos do. Work should be ORIGINAL art that can be donated to be property of Friends of Greyhounds so that when we use it, we’re not infringing on anyone else’s copyright. Your special talent can make us look extra special and catch the eye of a potential adopter. We’d love to find someone with writing and computer talent who can write a newsletter on occasion, too!

Bookkeeper: We terribly need one reliable person who can take a pile of receipts and make sense of them. He or she would need to understand our operation and put our mess into some kind of ledger so the end of the year isn’t such a project. We have a system started but are willing to adjust. Person must be willing not to laugh at the current systems. Quarterly reports? Wouldn’t that be heaven?

Computer Link/email: If you’re a net surfer, this is for you. No specific day or time. When you’re surfing all those greyhound sites, please see if they list Friends of Greyhounds website on their adoption links. If not, please email their webmaster and request that our link be added. If it is already there, please check it for accuracy. Every little bit helps!

Crafters: to make goodies we can sell at gatherings and on the Internet to raise funds to support the cause. Tell us your ideas. We have batches of craft supplies we’ve accumulated and maybe we can get you started.

Donation coordination: We need several dedicated people working on follow up with suppliers, wholesalers, etc. asking at retail outlets or writing to corporate headquarters, etc. This runs the gamut from getting veterinary drugs to food to raffle prizes to land for our new shelter.

Ebay handler: We have various items and craft goodies that are donated from time to time. We’ve considered putting them on Ebay but we have no experience with it. We can set up an account with Pay Pal, provide the items and maybe even help with the packaging or shipping if you need it. If this sounds like something you can do as a fund-raiser for us, let’s chat!

Etcetera: By now you know what we’re trying to do here. Keep organized, raise funds, care for dogs, publicize our efforts, adopt out dogs, and build a shelter to do even more of it. If you think of some other way you can help, please call us. We try to be open to new ideas that solve problems. Think through your potential project and have some detail in mind before you present it. Yard sales, dog food drives, sponsored walks are all good ideas but require sound management to be successful. If you can handle the project, we’d be pleased to be a part of it. Consider whether it is going to be more work for us or less right now, what the current investment is and what the future potential of it is. We’ll consider most anything that supports our mission.

Event coordination: We need someone to take charge of getting us scheduled into events like Promenade in the Park and Renaissance Festival. We’d need to work with you for a while to be sure we’re all on the same track but eventually this could probably just be done from your own home or office. It requires phone calls and filling out forms and some begging. We need someone organized who communicates well and is good at follow through. This is a very important job.

Godparent: This is basically telephone work. When our dogs are adopted out, we assign a Godparent for each new adopter to call if there’s a problem or a question that they don’t want to call us about. It gives the new adopters a sense of community with other greyhound people and it provides a follow up for us to be sure the dog is adjusting well, has had the appropriate vet visit, etc.

Shelter work: almost anytime but we’d like a regular commitment (e.g. every Wednesday evening or every other Thursday 10 to 2, etc.). Cleaning kennels, washing dog bowls, wash dogs, scoop the yard, spread mulch, trim nails, clean ears, leash walking, etc. The jobs are varied and endless. You can kind of work into your own niche and we’ll give you training as needed. If you have dog experience and can work relatively independently, we can use you for nails, ears and leash walking practice.

Noon time walkers (Sunrise location): walk the dogs around noon on weekdays while we’re at work. It takes an hour and you can commit to as little as one day a week. We also need walkers on weekends if we’re going to be out at a show or driving a long way to deliver a new adoption.

Office work – Computer: Thank you letters, certificates, database update (Excel), rabies tag forms, labels, mailings, assorted computer work. Excel, Word and and various other programs.

Office work – Non-Computer: Filing, faxing, collating goodie bags, putting together baby books, photo albums, etc. Basically, as much or as little as you are comfortable doing but we’d like reliable people who can take charge of a particular project and keep it going.

School visits: schedule short presentations at schools so that kids can meet the greyhounds and know more about them. We still need to develop more handouts and put this program into place. Volunteer must have own gentle, tolerant greyhound or two. This is tremendously important work and once the program is really developed, could really mean a difference in the numbers of greyhounds placed in the future.

Show Work (Meet & Greets): Come with us to community events and shows such as art festivals to introduce the greyhounds and talk to visitors about what great pets they make. We ask that you be very familiar with the information from our Fact Sheet and have read our adoption application and eventually our “Welcome to the Family”, greyhound adoption manual. You need to have a Friends of Greyhounds shirt and commit to at least a 4 to 6 hour shift (depending on the show). If possible, you may be asked to help with set up or shut down, too. Sounds like a lot to ask but this is occasional work and lots of fun. You meet some neat people and get to go to some great shows.

Tabling: A variation of show work. You and at least one other volunteer arrange to take a table, banner, flyers, and whatever to a public store or place and just make yourselves available to tell people about greyhound adoption. Sometimes done with dogs and sometimes without depending on the management of the location where the table is set up.

Volunteer coordinator: call and schedule people to cover shows, follow up with volunteer information calls, etc. Keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Walk and Dinner: Walk dogs about 5 PM and feed them dinner. It only takes about an hour and if we can get someone to do this regularly once a week it would give Jerry and Michelle an evening to run errands on the way home from work.

Please contact us if you can help with any of these tasks or if you have other ideas that might help the dogs!

Volunteer ApplicationVolunteer AgreementPlease bring both forms with you when you first come to volunteer.