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Student Volunteers

Volunteer ApplicationVolunteer AgreementPlease bring both forms with you when you first come to volunteer.

Ideas for the Younger Students

Although you may be too young to work directly with the dogs, there are many important things that you can do that will help the greyhounds.

  • Set up a decorated box at a store or at the school to collect things people can bring to help the dogs. See our wishlist for ideas.
  • Hold a bake sale to help raise money for the dogs’ vet bills.
  • Greyhounds are wonderful models for photography class projects. You are welcome to come down to the kennel and shoot pictures. Bring your friends.
  • When you need a “science” project, show people the geneology of the dogs and how far back they go – visit for lots of resources.
  • Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs have animal badges and we love helping scouts learn more about the dogs, their history, their individual stories and how to care for them.
  • Get the troop to come to our shelter. Decorate our kennel for a holiday or make special treats and bring them to the dogs.
  • One industrious young lady gathered her friends, made a few posters, got the manager’s permission (that’s important! and they stood at the door to their local grocery store to ask for donations for our dogs. They raised over $600. We really need help like that!
  • Hold a dog wash in your neighborhood or at a local pet store.
  • When you need to do a research paper or make a speech, choose a greyhound topic and spread the word about their history & racing life – and about FoG’s efforts to find them homes.
  • Hold a yard sale with proceeds going to help the FoG’s greyhound rescue efforts. Neighbors and friends always have a few things around that would make good yard sale items.
  • Art and photography groups can run contests and award prizes for greyhound artwork. An entry fee would be the donation. Ask us and maybe we can send a judge or speaker. Bring the group to the kennel for inspiration!

This list is just a starter to get your own ideas flowing. If you decide to do a project and want some help, let us know and we’ll help with whatever planning or supplies we can (like tables, banners, brochures). Students under 15 are welcome to come visit the kennel with your family but would not be allowed to work independently. If you have a parent that is willing to work with you, that can be arranged.