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Super Stars

What are Superstar Dogs? They are beautiful, sweet, and patient greyhounds that have been at our shelter for more than six months or were settled in a home but returned when their adopters could no longer care for them. Each of these wonderful dogs is still looking for the right adopter and a forever home to call his or her own.

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Click on my picture to learn more about me.
Click on my picture to learn more about me.



Basic Info: Racing Name: DKC Jagger, Kennel Name; Jag, Color: Brindle, DOB: 05/23/09

Jagger is a handsome brindle dog, strong and well behaved. His racing name was DKC Jagger and he ran 151 races in West Virginia before his trainer brought him down to South Florida to Friends of Greyhounds. He figured this guy would appreciate a retirement in Florida!! We found him a great dad in Hollywood and the two of them were inseparable. But dad'€™s health has deteriorated and the assisted living home won'€™t let Jagger join him. At the age of 8, he is homeless for reasons beyond his control.

The photos with the brown fence background are from his first adoption in May, 2014, but he still looks a lot like that - just a bit heavier which on him, looks really good. Racing dogs are too skinny anyway. We'€™ll get new photos up soon - or you can come meet him in person at our kennel in Sunrise. (Phone numbers are below - or email me!!)

A local blogger let Jagger come visit with him for a few days when we were overloaded. He posted a great blog about him. You can see it at:

So Jagger is back with Friends of Greyhounds. It has taken a some time but he is adjusting to kennel life again. Jagger has lived in a home and will not require any training. He'€™s a sweetheart of a guy, polite and quiet and well behaved. Greyhounds have a natural lifespan of 12 to 14 years so he has a lot of love left to give. He'€™s excellent on a leash but would love an off-leash run at a dog park or fenced yard once or twice a week, just to get the kinks out.

Other than his age, his only other slightly negative point is that he is not cat or kid tolerant. He likes people and most other dogs - depending on the other dog's personality. Jagger is a laid back and quiet sort of guy.

Senior dogs make the best pets. They already know the basic rules and they value their quiet time. They are patient and loving. They don'€™t need all those trips to the park and they really like taking naps with you!. Jagger is healthy and happy but homeless. He deserves a good home. Can you help with that?

Contact Michelle at 954-937-9663 (cell) or 954-578-0072 (office/kennel) or by email We know the right home is out there for Jagger. If we find the right home, we will be willing to discount the adoption fee in acknowledgement of Jagger'€™s age. He's a good dog and a sweet spirit.

Come make a fast friend today. You'€™ll be glad you did.

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Kelly is a very special guy with a shiny black coat . He is a medium size for a greyhound and only 4 years old. He has a whole lot of love to give! He is really fast and would love to run around with you in the backyard. But going to a dog park once in a while is okay, too!! And once he's run, he'll sleep like a baby for the next three days!

Kelly has a some training to live in a house already. He was in a home for four months and the loved him dearly. He was originally called PJ Loaded Dice (his race name) but they named him Kelly. They had a fenced yard of gorgeous green grass of over an acre and it was truly greyhound heaven. Mom spoiled him with home cooked chicken and Dad took him everywhere.

BUT. . . Kelly resented the six grandchildren when they came to visit and he finally snapped at one. That's a greyhound no-no and he had to come back to us.

Kelly (yes you can change his name - it's okay) doesn't need an acre to run in but he does need a new home - without children. He's a good boy and wants someone to love. He already knows all about living in a home. He doesn't have accidents in the house and he doesn't bark unless it's necessary (burglars, UPS, etc.) and he has a whole lot of love to give. We even have a letter from his first mom who will tell you about Kelly in her own words. Wouldn't you like to have a beautiful, healthy, young dog who is already housetrained???

A local blogger has done a video profile of Kelly - check it out at:
Greyhounds are the easiest big dog you ever lived with - just ask anybody you see with one!! And Kelly is definitely a sweetheart. He only wants to please you. He has a beautiful black coat and great ears. Greys love to travel. They have been driven from track to track and are great at jumping into the car and riding long distances. They lie down and take a nap!! Once they know your rules, they will do everything they can to be the best roommate you ever had.

Friends of Greyhounds wants to find the right home for each of our dogs and we don't want anyone to live with a dog that isn't right for them. We'll do all we can to help you find the right dog and in turn help each greyhound find the right home.
To arrange to meet Kelly and our other available greys, visit our website: for all the details. You'll find our manual of care, our application and lots of good information. We are based in South Florida and adopt locally so you and your new dog have the backup and support available if you have questions.

If you have questions or are ready to visit, call us at 954-578-0072 to make an appointment to come to our kennel in Sunrise. If we're not around, the recording will give you our cell numbers. You can also email us at We'd love to hear from you!

Greyhounds make the most amazing pets. Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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