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Super Stars

What are Superstar Dogs? They are beautiful, sweet, and patient greyhounds that have been at our shelter for more than six months or were settled in a home but returned when their adopters could no longer care for them. Each of these wonderful dogs is still looking for the right adopter and a forever home to call his or her own.

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This is Annie. She is 100% greyhound and 100% lovable! She is petite and fun and fast and never met a person she didn't like. She's a lively personality and very, very sweet.

She is 2 years old and very cute. She will be three on June 28th. She tested cat tolerant so she should have no problem living with felines as well as other dogs. She has beautiful markings and big, brown, attentive eyes!

Annie went out to an adoption home and has come back to us. She did not particularly get along with their other dog (also a greyhound!). It could certainly have been a personality clash or something more on either of their parts. We did just find out that she had a pretty bad urinary tract infection. We put her on medication and it should be cleared up in soon. Was that the cause of her crabbiness? It is entirely possible. It also just could have been that she didn't like him. She has an old racing injury in her leg that has healed but it slightly imperfect. Nothing more can be done for it so may be it bothers her. Or it could just be her nature (ask my husband about me - he's familiar with that grumpiness problem!!) Or maybe the whole thing has been misinterpreted.

Annie is not perfect but she's perfect for someone - Maybe you? There's a lot of sweet dog in her but she needs the right home to bring it out. She is affectionate and once she knows you, I suspect she will be an incredibly devoted dog.

To arrange to meet this dog and our other available greys, visit our website: for all the details. You'll find our manual of care, our application and lots of good information. We are based in South Florida and do not generally adopt out of our area.

If you are local and ready to visit, call us at 954-578-0072 to make an appointment to come to our kennel in Sunrise. And there's lots of other ways to reach us on our website. Text or call our cell at 954-937-9663 or email at We'd love to hear from you!

Greyhounds make the most amazing pets. Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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