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New Dogs

We would like to introduce the greyhounds that have arrived at our shelter at the past 60 days.

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Apollo is a wonderful, healthy eight-year old greyhound. He only ran seven races before they retired him and a man adopted him in 2011. Then the family began to grow.

It became Apollo, mom, dad and then two kids. Now mom and dad have split up. Dad works as a chef doing 12 hour days and then tries to co-parent his kids but Apollo cannot adjust to the long hours and other options just aren't working. So Apollo has come to Friends of Greyhounds.

He is a very slender red boy with bright eyes. He has only been with us a short while but he's made friends and is having fun. His dad wrote us a nice letter about all his likes and dislikes. He has no experience with small dogs but is terrified of cats. He loves kids and is patient with them.

He likes to snuggle on the couch or the bed and he loves his crate. If he's going to be left alone, he'll be happier in his crate. Nobody is perfect sooo - - just keep a lid on the trash can. That's all I'm saying.

He's a good boy and he's been through a tough emotional time. Greyhounds are very sensitive souls and this guy needs a home to call his own. How about sharing yours?

We would love for you to come meet Apollo and all of his kennel-mates. Our kennel information as well as the application and handbook of care are on our website, For specific questions or to make an appointment to meet our dogs, please call or email us!!

Email is Office is 954-578-0072 (don't leave a message - I'm terrible about messages.) Cell is 954-937-9663.

For directions and more information, please visit our website:

Come make a fast friend today. You'€™ll be glad you did.

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Read some of our adopters’ stories in the Letters from Home Section. We love to hear how our dogs are doing!