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Click on my picture to learn more about me.



Basic Information: Kennel Name: Charlie, DOB: 10/5/09, Male, 5 Years Old, Color: Brindle, Racing Weight: 70 lbs.

Friends of Greyhounds tries very hard to show our dogs in the best light to find them a home but we are also very honest about our dogs. Charlie has been in two homes but please don't write him off because of that.

in his racing career, Charlie had 93 races and made some money fo his owners. His racingname was Chase the Storm but he goes by Charlie and he has given you permission to change his name if you give him a permanent home.

He is definitely not small animal tolerant, which includes cats, but loves humans and older children. But Charlie likes to run and exercise. His last home was wonderful for a while until they couldn't go to the dog park anymore. They were a sweet and caring and loving family and for five months Charlie went to the fenced dog park almost every day and ran like the wind.

Then there were problems with hookworm that mom thought was coming from the park so they stopped going. Over a period of four months, Charlie's personality changed, he became aggressive and Charlie couldn't live there any more. We don't know for sure but we think that Charlie really, really needed to run.

Greyhounds are born and bred to be runners. Most greys when running professionally, run races every third or fourth day and practice in between. If that suddenly stops, it's hard on them. Muscles that are used to stretching are left to atrophy and that racing serotonin stops coursing through their veins. Plus, these are social animals and they love seeing and playing with others.

Since he has been back here at the kennel, he has been a good boy, his normal self. Charlie is a fairly large, strong dog, healthy and happy but he will be happier in a home with a good sized yard. He loves to go for rides and is very good on a leash. Charlie gets a lot of comments on his beautiful brindle markings and is somewhat of a traffic stopper, so be prepared to play second fiddle to him when you are out and about. Don'€™t worry, he knows he'€™s handsome, but he'€™s not conceited in the least.

While some people may be skeptical about returns, please consider that a return has an advantage over the just off the track dogs. They'€™ve been a home, so they have experience, and most of the kinks have been worked out for things like house training and leash walking. The transition from retired racer to house pet is almost seamless.

There are plenty of people who like the challenge, but there are plenty of us who like to bring them in and just plug them into our system and go. If you are an experienced greyhound owner or a two dog person, please come check out Charlie. He needs a chance.

Come check out our wonderful greyhounds at the FOG kennel in Sunrise. If you are in the Broward area it'€™s entirely possible that they may even bring your choice over for a visit at your house. In any case, Charlie is a handsome, personable greyhound and this could be a life changing event for both of you.

For more information about how to adopt a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website: or email MIchelle at

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Basic Information: Racing Name: Kennel Name: Otto, DOB: 10/4/4, Male, 10 Years Old, Color: White and Black, Racing Weight: 69 lbs.

Hey, spread the word - Seniors need homes, too!!! Otto was adopted and lived with another retired racing greyhound and their military family for over four years. Then Uncle Sam told their humans that they had to move. Anyone who knows the military knows Uncle Sam don'€™t give a ham about your personal wants and needs, when you are assigned somewhere, you go, so they did. Unfortunately Otto and his sister were not allowed to go, so they became the standard '€˜returned through no fault of their own'€™ orphans. Otto's sister was since adopted, but Otto is now with us and is looking for his final retirement home to spend his golden years.

There is a lot to be said for adopting an older dog that a lot of people won'€™t want, something to do with peace and satisfaction, for you and the dog. Otto is not cat tolerant enough to be a good fit in a home with our feline friends, so if you have a cat, you may want to pass.

If you are one of those people who get great joy out of helping another soul and giving (as well as receiving) the comfort of seeing them spend their final years with dignity and can put them in a house with love and a soft bed, you will want to check out Otto. Like myself, Otto doesn't act his age, he still has that old get up and go romp, but only for a short time just like the younger greyhounds, then it'€™s back to the couch.

You can call Michelle or Jerry at FOG: (954) 578-0072, or email them at, and set up an appointment at your convenience. Otto is currently being fostered, and is available to be seen upon appointment, just contact Friends of Greyhounds.

For more information about adopting this deserving greyhound, please visit our website:

Make a fast friend today.

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Rocky, Color: White and Red Fawn, DOB: 05/24/09, 6 years old, Racing Weight: 71 lbs.

Rocky is a big, gorgeous, high-spirited dog. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard or a close dog park because this boy loves to run hard and play hard. Those long, long legs really carry him around the curves quickly. He was a professional racing dog and ran 178 professional races. He must have won a bunch of money or they wouldn'€™t have kept racing him! But eventually time caught up to him. He broke his leg at one point and it is now fully healed but he wasn'€™t able to race as well any longer so he came to us for adoption.

Rocky is tall and handsome, white with red fawn spots, and will stop traffic with his good looks. He seems to know it too! He is a really happy, fun dog. He loves people and will lean on you just to be close. He'€™s a lot like little kids who wrap their arms around mom or dad for security. Rocky is a very loving guy, just looking for someone to pay attention to and love him. (He cannot live with a cat though - too many years of training to race - it wouldn'€™t be good for the cat!)

Yes, Rocky is 6 years old but greyhounds have a natural lifespan of 12 to 14 years and frankly, it would be a blessing if Rocky settled down a bit in his middle age! He is big and strong and very healthy. You can give him a try, can't you?

For more information about how to make an appointment to visit Rocky in person or have him brought to your home, or for any other information about adopting a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website: If you have specific questions or are ready to meet Rocky, feel free to email us at or call the office at 954-578-0072. If we are not around, the recording will give you our cell phones. Friends of Greyhounds has other wonderful greyhounds, too. if Rocky isn't the right one for you, maybe another one is! Feel free to call.

Friends of Greyhounds adopts in the South Florida area. If you are elsewhere, please consider a greyhound group near to you by visiting

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did. Greyhounds are GREYT!

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Kingsley, Color: Red Brindle, DOB: 07/18/13

Kingsley is almost two years young, and a handsome red brindle boy. He comes from a wonderful pedigree of greyhound racers but this little boy is a very, very scardy cat. We named him Kingsley hoping it will instill him with self confidence and strength. Hasn't seemed to have worked so far.

He is scared enough that he would not have any problem living with a cat. One look from the cat and he will turn and run. A hiss and he won't be seen all day. So living with a cat should not pose a problem for the cat. I think he would adjust to a peaceful coexistance in time.

He needs a quiet household and a loving parent or two to patiently help him develop confidence in himself and trust in others. He is very mild mannered and sweet and quite small for a racing greyhound. As shy as he is, I can't believe he even made it to the track. He has great potential as a clinging, snuggle bunny.

Update on Kingsley - Well, Kingsley wasn't getting any better by just being in the kennel so we brought him into the house and it helped him. So one of our very experienced foster parents has made room for Kingsley. It has made a huge difference in him. He does well with the other dogs, has learned the dog door and has become part of the family. He has adapted well. It wasn't an easy transition but he managed to do it. He even feels safe enough to nap outside of his crate. Greyhounds find a crate to be their safety zone and Greyhounds need a lot of sleep! He has done great with the cats and the other greys. In time, i think he could be a reasonably social boy and he definitely has a lot of love to give but he doesn't know how yet.

He had an issue with inappropriate urination while in his kennel but we found that pretty much went away when he came into the house. It may have been influenced by the other dogs in the kennel as they sometimes get very excited about nothing and that may have been scarey for Kingsley. He is one of 5 dogs in his foster home now (2 cats, too) and he's doing a little better every day.

We've gotten him started on the way to normalcy but we really need someone to come adopt him so he can learn to relax and feel secure in a place where he is loved and living out his life.

He has the potential to be a well trained house dog but with his shyness, he absolutely needs his own private fenced yard. Leash walks in public would probably not be possible for some time.

If you have questions about Kingsley and are in the South Florida adoption area, feel free to email me ( if you would like to meet Kingsley. His foster home is in Plantation.

For more information about adoption and events, please visit our website:
Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Bruiser/ Sav's Stinger


Basic Information: Racing Name: Sav's Stinger, Kennel Name: Bruiser, Color: Fawn, DOB: 09/24/07, Racing Weight: 66 lbs.

Sav's Stinger, known around our kennel as Bruiser, was a strong racer with 131 races to his credit but an injury to his right rear leg catapuled him from the status of racer to adoptable pet. He was in a home for 3 1/2 years but Momma had to move and could not take Bruiser. Sometimes it just works out that way. So at the age of seven, Bruiser is retired, without a pension plan and homeless. Luckily he was able to fall back on Friends of Greyhounds.

Bruiser is a nice fawn color with a skinny snout. He's solid and tall but not bulky or too large. He ran 131 races in his career which is a lot! But now he only has to run for fun. He is ready to jog off into the sunset with his new human, or family. He has tested as cat tolerant, and has a sweet and gentle disposition, which will fit in with just about anyone, but is looking for that special connection which is possible when the absolute right person comes along.

Greyhounds are large dogs but they curl up small and sleep long hours so they really don't take up much room in your life. They do need to go out a few times a day and like most dogs, they need food and water. But they will listen to your problems or watch TV with you. They will let you make the rules and when you take them to a nice fenced area, they will astound you with their speed and grace and then will ask you to take them home for a nap. They nap really, really well. If you're looking for a pet that will give you years of love and loyalty, these are the ones. They're bred for racing, but they love people and are considered to be some of the most loving and loyal of the dog species. They will do anything for you.

So please consder a greyhound - especially Bruiser. Visit our website at: for general information about greyhound adoption. Or email us at if you have specific questions or want to make arrangements to meet the dogs. We recently lost our commercial kennel so we are keeping most of the dogs at our home in Sunrise (West of Ft. Lauderdale). You can arrange to visit here or we can bring a specific dog or two to your home. Email or call.

Greyhounds are Greyt - Make a fast friend today.

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Lee is sweet brindle boy who is getting lost in brindle boy crowd in the kennel. Brindle is the most common greyhound color and more males race than females so I guess having a lot of brindle boys in the adoption kennel is just par for the course. Lee'€™s coat is not the usual black and fawn stripes or splotches. His coat is more of a mink look. His brindle is muted and subtle like a slightly out of focus photograph. It'€™s really quite beautiful and we don'€™t see that look very often.

Lee is only two years old and he is sweet and friendly and quiet. He loves people and loves to ride in a car (or truck in my case) Greyhounds have a natural life span of 12 to 14 years old on average so this boy is still a youngster but is full size and soooo good looking!

He is crate trained and lives in a kennel at this time. He is not officially "house broken" because he has never lived in a house. But greyhounds know not to go potty in their kennels and this generally translates quite well for housebreaking. When we deliver your male dog, we bring along a belly band and explain it. it's basically a diaper for male dogs. if he leg lifts in your house, you will know if. And the belly band can be washed and dried in the laundry which is easier than getting urine out of the arm of a couch. Once you've used the band regularly and have two days of clean band in a row, you know your dog is house trained. Many of our dogs never mess in the belly band. Greyhounds are great dogs!

Lee has tested cat tolerant. Please know that we are very careful about our cat tests and try hard to get the right answers but how a new dog reacts with the cat at your house may be different so proceed with caution in the beginning for the sake of the cat. That said, we have four greyhounds and three cats living together without a problem in our own personal home. It can be done. And should any FoG dog need to come back to the kennel, whether because of cat issues or any other reason, we are here to welcome them back and start looking for a new, more appropriate, home for them. And we look for a greyhound that is a better fit for your home and for you!

Greyhounds make wonderful pets. If you are in the South Florida area, please consider adopting one of our sweet, loving and clean dogs. For more information about greyhounds in general and about adopting from Friends of Greyhounds, please visit our website: or join our conversation on Facebook.

Our headquarters is located in Sunrise, Florida but we will deliver a dog just about anywhere in South Florida if it means a good home for him or her. These sweet creatures deserve it!

Come make a fast friend today! You'll be glad you did.

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Lexi, Color: Blue Fawn, 2 years old

Lexi has just arrived in our adoption kennel. She's very special, because she is a very rare color of blue fawn - fawn color with a silver-blue cast to it. This color is probably more rare than blue in the greyhound line. Lexi is strikingly beautiful - she has gorgeous, soulful eyes, and has a very sweet, somewhat shy disposition.

You can set up a time to meet with Lexi in person by contacting Friends of Greyhounds (954) 578-0072. Please check out our website: to learn more about greyhound adoption, or join us on Facebook:

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Lady, Color: Red Fawn, 2 years old

Lady has just arrived in our adoption kennel. She just turned 2 years old, she's happy, healthy and ready to play! She is a red fawn beauty and is looking forward to gaining weight in her forever home.

You can set up a time to meet with Lady in person by contacting Friends of Greyhounds (954) 578-0072. Please check out our website: to learn more about greyhound adoption, or join us on Facebook:

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Pepper, Color: Brindle, 2 years old

This greyhound has just arrived in our adoption kennel and we're still getting to know her. We do know that she's only two years young and energetic, happy and healthy! We'll give you more information as soon as we learn more about her.

You can set up a time to meet with Pepper in person by contacting Friends of Greyhounds (954) 578-0072. Please check out our website: to learn more about greyhound adoption, or join us on Facebook:

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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