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Click on my picture to learn more about me.



Basic Information: Racing Name: Kennel Name: Otto, DOB: 10/4/4, Male, 10 Years Old, Color: White and Black, Racing Weight: 69 lbs.

Hey, spread the word - Seniors need homes, too!!! Otto was adopted and lived with another retired racing greyhound and their military family for over four years. Then Uncle Sam told their humans that they had to move. Anyone who knows the military knows Uncle Sam don'€™t give a ham about your personal wants and needs, when you are assigned somewhere, you go, so they did. Unfortunately Otto and his sister were not allowed to go, so they became the standard '€˜returned through no fault of their own'€™ orphans. Otto's sister was since adopted, but Otto is now with us and is looking for his final retirement home to spend his golden years.

There is a lot to be said for adopting an older dog that a lot of people won'€™t want, something to do with peace and satisfaction, for you and the dog. Otto is not cat tolerant enough to be a good fit in a home with our feline friends, so if you have a cat, you may want to pass.

If you are one of those people who get great joy out of helping another soul and giving (as well as receiving) the comfort of seeing them spend their final years with dignity and can put them in a house with love and a soft bed, you will want to check out Otto. Like myself, Otto doesn't act his age, he still has that old get up and go romp, but only for a short time just like the younger greyhounds, then it'€™s back to the couch.

You can call Michelle or Jerry at FOG: (954) 578-0072, or email them at, and set up an appointment at your convenience. Otto is currently being fostered, and is available to be seen upon appointment, just contact Friends of Greyhounds.

For more information about adopting this deserving greyhound, please visit our website:

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Rocky, Color: White and Red Fawn, DOB: 05/24/09, 6 years old, Racing Weight: 71 lbs.

Rocky is a big, gorgeous, high-spirited dog. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard or a close dog park because this boy loves to run hard and play hard. Those long, long legs really carry him around the curves quickly. He was a professional racing dog and ran 178 professional races. He must have won a bunch of money or they wouldn'€™t have kept racing him! But eventually time caught up to him. He broke his leg at one point and it is now fully healed but he wasn'€™t able to race as well any longer so he came to us for adoption.

Rocky is tall and handsome, white with red fawn spots, and will stop traffic with his good looks. He seems to know it too! He is a really happy, fun dog. He loves people and will lean on you just to be close. He'€™s a lot like little kids who wrap their arms around mom or dad for security. Rocky is a very loving guy, just looking for someone to pay attention to and love him. (He cannot live with a cat though - too many years of training to race - it wouldn'€™t be good for the cat!)

Yes, Rocky is 6 years old but greyhounds have a natural lifespan of 12 to 14 years and frankly, it would be a blessing if Rocky settled down a bit in his middle age! He is big and strong and very healthy. You can give him a try, can't you?

For more information about how to make an appointment to visit Rocky in person or have him brought to your home, or for any other information about adopting a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website: If you have specific questions or are ready to meet Rocky, feel free to email us at or call the office at 954-578-0072. If we are not around, the recording will give you our cell phones. Friends of Greyhounds has other wonderful greyhounds, too. if Rocky isn't the right one for you, maybe another one is! Feel free to call.

Friends of Greyhounds adopts in the South Florida area. If you are elsewhere, please consider a greyhound group near to you by visiting

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did. Greyhounds are GREYT!

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Kingsley, Color: Red Brindle, DOB: 07/18/13

Kingsley is almost two years young, and a handsome red brindle boy. He comes from a wonderful pedigree of greyhound racers but this little boy is a very, very scardy cat. We named him Kingsley hoping it will instill him with self confidence and strength. Hasn't seemed to have worked so far.

He is scared enough that he would not have any problem living with a cat. One look from the cat and he will turn and run. A hiss and he won't be seen all day. So living with a cat should not pose a problem for the cat. I think he would adjust to a peaceful coexistance in time.

He needs a quiet household and a loving parent or two to patiently help him develop confidence in himself and trust in others. He is very mild mannered and sweet and quite small for a racing greyhound. As shy as he is, I can't believe he even made it to the track. He has great potential as a clinging, snuggle bunny.

Update on Kingsley - Well, Kingsley wasn't getting any better by just being in the kennel so we brought him into the house and it has made a huge difference in him. We have multiple dogs already but Kingsley has his own kennel in the living room so he can be part of the family but still feel safe enough to sleep properly. Greyhounds need a lot of sleep! He has done great with the cats, the grandkids (they scare him but he handles it alright) and our other greys. In time, i think he could be a reasonably social boy and he definitely has a lot of love to give but he doesn't know how yet.

He had an issue with inappropriate urination but we found that pretty much went away when he came into the house. It may have been a matter of being "out-numbered" in the kennel. He is one of 5 dogs in the house now (3 cats, too) and he's doing a little better every day.

We've gotten him started on the way to normalcy but we really need someone to come adopt him so he can learn to relax and feel secure in a place where he is loved and living out his life.

He has the potential to be a well trained house dog but he needs to be watched and corrected. He has a penchant for chewing up paper. And, with his shyness, he absolutely needs his own private fenced yard. Leash walks in public would probably not be possible for some time.

If you have questions about Kingsley and are in the South Florida adoption area, feel free to email me ( as he is staying here at FoG's kennel.

For more information about adoption and events, please visit our website:
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Basic Information: Kennel Name: Buddy, Color: Black, DOB: 11/22/11, Cat Test: no

Buddy is a neat dog and learns the routine and rules quickly. He is very handsome and seems to get along with everyone but is content with a soft cushion and a toy. He shows a bit too much interest in a cat so we'll classify him as "not cat tolerant" He has a bum leg but doesn't let it hold him back. He's very social and very sweet.

We marked Buddy as special needs only because he broke his leg on the racetrack and has had problems with the way it was set and then re-set. We took him to an Orthopedic Surgeon and she did the best she could with it. It's not perfect but he doesn't seem to mind it. He is not in pain and there is no further vet work that it needs. He walks and plays just fine and he still runs faster than you do! Racing greyhounds can run up to 45 miles per hour. Buddy will probably top out at 30. Other than the leg, he'€™s perfectly healthy.

He has a black shiny coat, white blaze on his chest and white tips on his feet (French tips!). His tail was pretty much a mess when he came to us. He wags his tail so much that he'€™s slammed it on his kennel and worn a lot of the fur off of it. So when a foster home came available, we got him into a SOFTER home! His tail looks much better.

Buddy is a people dog. He is affectionate and his big brown eyes will look deep into your heart. Many people don't like black dogs but Buddy is a wonderful boy and deserves a wonderful, loving home. Like yours, maybe?

If you are interested in learning more about adopting Buddy, please email: For more information, please visit our website:

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Chester, Color: White and Brindle, DOB: 06/29/09

Chester is a recent return to the kennel through no fault of his own. His family was unable to keep him because Mom twisted her knee and could not leash walk him any longer and they did not have a yard. Chester prefers a fenced yard, since he needs attention while walking on leash. He is a high energy dog who likes to romp and play, so a fenced yard would be perfect for him.

Chester just turned six years young. Greys have a normal lifespan of 12-14 years so he has a lot of wonderful love to give. He is go affectionate and such a big puppy, always eager to please. He'll do anything you can make him understand that you want.

He is so good looking, people literally will stop you on the street with this boy. He is large and handsome and so very sweet and loving. Because he is so big and a bit boisterous, he would probably do better to avoid a family with small children.

Chester is cat tolerant and house trained, and ready to be part of your family. Won't you give him a second chance at his forever home?

You can meet Chester in person by arranging an appointment through Michelle or Jerry at Friends of Greyhounds. Call (954) 578-0072, or email
For more details about adopting a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website at:

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Basic Info: Kennel Name: Wednesday, Color: Black, DOB: 07/21/13

Wednesday is a beautiful, black girl. Sweet, young and eager to learn. She can run like the wind and nap like Sleeping Beauty! That's what greyhounds are famous for - running and sleeping. And Wednesday has the Beauty part down pat, too. She is just barely 2 years old and has tested cat tolerant.

If you would like to schedule an in-person visit, please contact Friends of Greyhounds by calling: 954-578-0072. You can also find out more information by visiting our website: We adopt in the South Florida area and have wonderful dogs for you to meet.

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Max is a big tall boy who is so ready to be in a home. He was in one for a while but the kids drove him crazy and he needs a new spot. He has wonderful, classic brindle markings and his coat is soft. He has tested to be cat tolerant and will most likely get a long fine with a feline, given a proper introduction and a oversight in the beginning.

Max is four years young. The general lifespan of greyhounds is 12 to 14 years so he is an adult and you don't have to take him through puppyhood but he has a whole lot of love left to give. He's a sweet boy who will go for a walk with you or watch TV on the couch. Greyhounds make great couch potatoes. Greyhounds are also easy dogs to live with and want with all their heart just to please you. Max is healthy and up to date on all his shots and tests and is ready to go out the door.

Friends of Greyhounds will even deliver him to your door! We like to bring the dog to your home so you can see how he handles your environment. Many ex-racing dogs have never gone up steps!! When you adopt a greyhound, you get to see the world through new eyes.

Based in Sunrise, FoG adopts in the South Florida area and we can be reached at the office number 954-578-0072 or call our cell phones. The message has the numbers. Check our website at or email us at

Let a Greyhound Race into you Heart!

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Sarge is a skinny brindle boy with a white blaze on his chest and great, happy outlook on life. He is so ready for adoption! He's heard all about living with the humans when he was in the racing kennels and he can't wait to have a couch and a family to call his own. Sarge is an optimistic, happy boy.

Sarge is still at his skinny-minny racing weight right now so come adopt him quickly so you can have the pleasure of fattening him up. No one is more appreciative of a good home than a retired racing dog. And no matter how bad your cooking is, he'll think you are ready to teach Emeril a thing or two!!

Now, Sarge is not experienced in home living yet but he is crate trained. When you adopt a greyhound we encourage you to use a crate (42" size works well) to get your new dog on your schedule. Greyhounds are used to a regular routine and learn new schedules well. Ask any greyhound owner you see. We all just love to tell new people how wonderful these dogs are!

Sarge has already been neutered, which makes him available for a quick home delivery! For more information about greyhounds and how to adopt one, please visit our website or if you have specific questions, call the office at 954-578-0072 or call the cell numbers that the message gives you. We deliver greyhounds in the South Florida area.

We Don't Believe in Miracles, We Rely on Them

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Bruiser/ Sav's Stinger


Basic Information: Racing Name: Sav's Stinger, Kennel Name: Bruiser, Color: Fawn, DOB: 09/24/07, Racing Weight: 66 lbs.

Sav's Stinger, known around our kennel as Bruiser, was a strong racer with 131 races to his credit but an injury to his right rear leg catapuled him from the status of racer to adoptable pet. He was in a home for 3 1/2 years but Momma had to move and could not take Bruiser. Sometimes it just works out that way. So at the age of seven, Bruiser is retired, without a pension plan and homeless. Luckily he was able to fall back on Friends of Greyhounds.

Bruiser is a nice fawn color with a skinny snout. He's solid and tall but not bulky or too large. He ran 131 races in his career which is a lot! But now he only has to run for fun. He is ready to jog off into the sunset with his new human, or family. He has tested as cat tolerant, and has a sweet and gentle disposition, which will fit in with just about anyone, but is looking for that special connection which is possible when the absolute right person comes along.

Greyhounds are large dogs but they curl up small and sleep long hours so they really don't take up much room in your life. They do need to go out a few times a day and like most dogs, they need food and water. But they will listen to your problems or watch TV with you. They will let you make the rules and when you take them to a nice fenced area, they will astound you with their speed and grace and then will ask you to take them home for a nap. They nap really, really well. If you're looking for a pet that will give you years of love and loyalty, these are the ones. They're bred for racing, but they love people and are considered to be some of the most loving and loyal of the dog species. They will do anything for you.

So please consder a greyhound - especially Bruiser. Visit our website at: for general information about greyhound adoption. Or email us at if you have specific questions or want to make arrangements to meet the dogs. We recently lost our commercial kennel so we are keeping most of the dogs at our home in Sunrise (West of Ft. Lauderdale). You can arrange to visit here or we can bring a specific dog or two to your home. Email or call.

Greyhounds are Greyt - Make a fast friend today.

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Mr. Gee



It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mister Greyhound who we lovingly call '€œMr. G'€ or Gee. This is a classic and classy boy. He is tall and slender and happy and all the things that make a greyhound great. He has huge eyes and the happiest disposition ever. You cannot be sad with this guy.

He is RED - not '€œred'€ or '€œRed'€ and most certainly not well '€œread'€, but he is a leggy, RED dog. He tested cat tolerant and after a trip with us to Pet Supermarket, we can tell you that he tested '€œgerbil/ ferret/ bunny and a few other things'€ tolerant. That doesn'€™t mean that if you have those critters in the house, they will be playing together. But it does mean that he probably won'€™t go out of his way to harm them and for some, may even become friends. Gee is three as I write this but will be four in August. He is healthy, very sweet, incredibly happy and will make someone a wonderful pet. I just wish I had more room in my house. This is one awesome dog. Come meet him for yourself!

Greyhounds make wonderful pets. If you are in the South Florida area, please consider adopting one of our sweet, loving and clean dogs. For more information about greyhounds in general and about adopting from Friends of Greyhounds, please visit our website: or join our conversation on Facebook.

Our headquarters is located in Sunrise, Florida but we will deliver a dog just about anywhere in South Florida if it means a good home for him or her. These sweet creatures deserve it!

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Lee is sweet brindle boy who is getting lost in brindle boy crowd in the kennel. Brindle is the most common greyhound color and more males race than females so I guess having a lot of brindle boys in the adoption kennel is just par for the course. Lee'€™s coat is not the usual black and fawn stripes or splotches. His coat is more of a mink look. His brindle is muted and subtle like a slightly out of focus photograph. It'€™s really quite beautiful and we don'€™t see that look very often.

Lee has tested cat tolerant. Please know that we are very careful about our cat tests and try hard to get the right answers but how a new dog reacts with the cat at your house may be different so proceed with caution in the beginning for the sake of the cat. That said, we have four greyhounds and three cats living together without a problem in our home. It can be done. And should any FoG dog need to come back to the kennel, whether because of cat issues or any other reason, we are here to welcome them back and start looking for a new, more appropriate, home for them. And we look for a greyhound that is a better fit for your home and for you!

Greyhounds make wonderful pets. If you are in the South Florida area, please consider adopting one of our sweet, loving and clean dogs. For more information about greyhounds in general and about adopting from Friends of Greyhounds, please visit our website: or join our conversation on Facebook.

Our headquarters is located in Sunrise, Florida but we will deliver a dog just about anywhere in South Florida if it means a good home for him or her. These sweet creatures deserve it!

Come make a fast friend today!

Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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