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Click on my picture to learn more about me.
Click on my picture to learn more about me.
Atascocita Daido



Basic Information: Racing Name: Atasascocita Daido, Kennel Name: Bailey, DOB: 3/23/09, Female, 5 Years Old, Color: Black, Racing Weight: 58 lbs.

Atascocita Daido is the former Dita, now known as Bailey. She has given us permission to tell you that if you want to change her name again, you are allowed to do so. Bailey is the only dog I'€™ve ever named at the kennel out of about four hundred or more. I named her after a friend'€™s daughter, and like her, she is slender, sleek, graceful, and a beautiful representative of her species. She is truly poetry in motion.

This girl raced in over a hundred sixty races, finishing first or second in over a quarter of them. She reached Grade A and was near the top of her class, just like my friend'€™s daughter. Baily originally went to live together with Chase The Storm, now known as Bentley. Their forever home did not last forever, but through no fault of theirs. They went out as a pair, came back after three months as a pair, and we'€™re really, really, really, hoping that they will go out again as a pair.

I have a return dog and I personally love them, probably because I'€™m lazy, but they usually work out very well. They'€™ve already been in a home, are adjusted to '€˜pet'€™ dog living, all the little things like routine, house training, etc. have mostly been ironed out, all you have to do is add water, food, shelter, and lots of love. Both Bailey and Bentley are not small animal tolerant or cat tolerant, so no other animals are needed to make their lives complete. Like her partner, Bailey loves car rides and is great on a leash. She also is great around children.

Bailey is a black five year old girl, unlike her buddy Bentley, she is not a beautifully marked brindle. She more than makes up for it with her personality however. She is very playful and affectionate, and is a bona fide toy hound in the extreme. If you are on a sofa or recliner, she has been known to join you by sitting on your lap. There'€™s no doubt these dogs received plenty of love in their first home and were well treated. Both also have microchips.

Bailey may not be a brindle babe, but she has one of the best sets of ears that ever passed through the FOG kennel. She usually wears them down, but she can flash them in the goal post position or the equilateral triangle position when she'€™s really interested in what you have to say. You can double your pleasure and double your fun if you take this dynamic duo home.

Call Michelle or Jerry at FOG, or email them and set up an appointment. Unlike the old kennel which was open only two days, you can now probably set up an appointment to see the dogs at a time that is convenient for you. And, I didn'€™t say this, or It may be edited out, but it'€™s possible that you can arrange for the dogs to visit your house, especially if you live in the Broward area. It'€™s not etched in stone and if they yell at you, tell them the idiot that writes the profiles said it and you will be ok, but we don'€™t have the new kennel yet and we don'€™t have our full complement of dogs yet, so,,,, you never know.

For more information about how to adopt a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website:

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Benny of Ruckus



Basic Information: Racing Name: Benny of Ruckus, Kennel Name: Benny, DOB: 1/27/10, Male, 4 Years Old, Color: Black, Racing Weight: 77 lbs.

Benny is back. Benny of Ruckus , aka Benny, is once again Benny of FOG, but only temporarily we hope. Benny was one of our last dogs adopted before we closed the Hialeah kennel. He went out with another greyhound, but proved to be too alpha for them to live together, so he returned to us, and has decided that he would be better off as an only dog (I'€™m an only child and there'€™s nothing wrong with me, except maybe spoiled beyond recognition) and in an environment without cats.

Benny is big and still energetic for a four year old and although not required, he would probably enjoy an average or large fenced in yard more than some of his couch potato cronies at the kennel. People are one of Benjamin'€™s favorite pastimes, he loves to be around them and play with them.

Although only in a home for a short time, Ben still maintains his beautiful teeth, and those of you who know greyhounds, know that beautiful teeth are not always standard equipment.

Benny sits with his bag packed by the door, he was one of the last dogs adopted out of the old Hialeah kennel and he wants to start off the new FOG kennel story as being the first or at least one of the first to be adopted in the new chapter.

If you are looking for a nice big happy and energetic black dog, Benny should be at the top of your list. Of course our current list is quite short at this time, but that doesn'€™t take anything away from Benny. Come on over and check out Big Ben, he'€™ll be waiting for you.

For more information, please visit our website:

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Chase The Storm



Basic Information: Racing Name: Chase The Storm, Kennel Name: Bentley, DOB: 10/5/09, Male, 4 Years Old, Color: Brindle, Racing Weight: 70 lbs.

Chase the Storm is part of a dynamic duo that was returned after living three months in their not forever home. He goes by the name of Bentley, but has given you permission to change his name if you will give him a permanent home. He went with Atascocita Daido and came back with her, they lost their loving home but it was not their fault. Daido goes by the name of Bailey but has also given us permission to change her name if she can go with Bentley. Both are microchipped. Both are definitely not small animal tolerant, which includes cats, but they love humans and are great around children.

Bentley and Bailey both love to go for rides, but they also love to walk and are excellent on a leash. Bentley gets a lot of comments on his beautiful brindle markings and is somewhat of a traffic stopper, be it auto or pedestrian, so be prepared to play second fiddle to him when you are out and about. Don'€™t worry about him trying to charge people for autographs or photos, he knows he'€™s handsome, but he'€™s not conceited in the least.

While some people may be skeptical about returns, I happen to have one, and from my experience with him and listening to others who also have them, I think they have an advantage over the just off the track dogs, especially the dogs that have been returned but not because of anything they have done. The '€˜through no fault of their own'€™ as they'€™re usually called, are the best of both worlds for many people. They'€™ve been a home, so they have experience, been there done that, most, if not all the kinks have been worked out, like house training, etc., the transition from retired racer to house pet is almost seamless.

There are plenty of people who like the challenge, but there are plenty of us who like to bring them in and just plug them into our system and go. If you are an experienced greyhound owner or a two dog person, come check out Bentley and his sidekick Bailey, they are a matched set, used to being with each other and go together like ham and cheese.

Call Michelle or Jerry, or come check them out at the temporary FOG kennel. If you are in the Broward area it'€™s entirely possible that they may even bring them over for a visit at your house. The last part is not standard policy, but until we get the new permanent kennel and more dogs, or they edit this part out, you can ask and they just might do that. In any case, Bentley and Bailey are a beautiful pair of greyhounds and this could be a life changing event for both you and them.

For more information about how to adopt a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website:

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Atascocita Sue



Basic Information: Racing Name: Atascocita Sue, Kennel Name: Runaround Sue, DOB: 6/22/05, Female, 9 Years Old, Color: White and Black, Racing Weight; 53 lbs. also see Atascocita Otto

Atascocita Sue and Atascocita Otto are our senior dynamic duo. We currently have a younger couple, Atascocita Daido and Chase the Storm, but this story is about our little Runaround Sue. Susie had been living happily for the past four years in a military family with Otto. They are now returns, one of the old standard '€˜returned through no fault of their own'€™. Those of you who know the military understand that the brass doesn'€™t take into consideration your feelings or desires when it comes to your assigned duty. At least that'€™s the way it used to be. So, as we always do, we have accepted them as returns and will find them a home that they can finish out their retirement in. Sort of a retirement home? Yes. There are all kinds of dogs looking for forever homes and fortunately, there are also all kinds of people looking for dogs.

That'€™s where you come in. Not everyone, but certain people are looking for the older, more mature dogs, some people desire the special dogs, the sick or injured or abused, as a challenge to make their lives better. Sue and Otto are both nine years old, so they'€™re fast approaching the golden years. I rescued a ten year old Lab that had been abused. She only lived with us a little over a year and died with a seizure, but my take on it was that she got to live her last year in dignity, in a home with three dog companions and a family that gave her love, along with food, water, shelter, and a soft bed. It may be just me, but the high feeling I got from that can'€™t be matched by any drugs or alcohol, so I feel sorry for anyone trying to get their kicks from that junk, when you can get love and comfort a soul or two just from being with one of these rescue animals, be they greyhound or mutt. I have both. Maybe a little overly dramatic here, but we are very passionate about our animals. In my experience here, I'€™ve heard so many stories about '€˜best dog I ever had'€™, '€˜most loving and gentle'€™, '€˜I'€™m so glad I found him/her'€™, so you might want to check out one of these exotic retired racers and see for yourself.

I consider Sue and Otto a matched set, you can get them separately but I write them up as a pair, I know under the same circumstances, I'€™d want someone to do the same for me. They are both nine years old, and a return, which just means that they have lived in a home and know the system, as far as house trained etc., and I consider that an advantage. They are both good looking white and black dogs, they would look great at both ends of your sofa or love seat. Sue might get along with a strong willed cat, which to me means a cat that will kick her endrear. Otto does not do cats at all, so if you have little cute friendly furry friends, you might have to pass on this duet. Perhaps by being together, Sue and Otto don'€™t act their age, they have their moments of fun and games, like most greyhounds, then it'€™s back to the couch. I am a senior and I don'€™t act my age and the couch is also my friend, so this is absolutely normal behavior as far as I'€™m concerned.

If you are interested in this pair of aces, you can contact Michelle or Jerry at FOG, or email them and set up an appointment. Unlike our previous kennel, we have flexible hours for visitation at your convenience and it'€™s possible, if you live in the Broward area, that they can be brought to your house for a visit. I'€™m going to keep writing that until it'€™s proven otherwise, but ask about it if you want.

For information about how to adopt one or both of these deserving greyhounds, please visit our website:

Make a fast friend today.

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Atascocita Otto



Basic Information: Racing Name: Atascocita Otto, Kennel Name: Otto, DOB: 10/4/4, Male, 9 Years Old, Color: White and Black, Racing Weight: 69 lbs. also see Atascocita Sue

Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue were friends, more like brother and sister than say Romeo and Juliet. They raced professionally a while back and then retired. They tried the professional Shag Dancing circuit in South Carolina for a while but that didn'€™t work out.

They were adopted and lived together with a military family for over four years. Then Uncle Sam told their humans that they had to move. Anyone who knows the military knows Uncle Sam don'€™t give a ham about your personal wants and needs, when you are assigned somewhere, you go, so they did. Unfortunately Otto and Sue were not allowed to go, so they became the standard '€˜returned through no fault of their own'€™ orphans. They are now with us and are looking for their final retirement home to spend their golden years.

These two have lived together and get along beautifully, so we really want to get them a home together. This pair is considered special needs along with the sick, injured, seizure, and other dogs that require special people who want and accept a little challenge. The only challenge with these special dogs is that they won'€™t be with you for as long as the younger dogs.

There is a lot to be said for adopting an older dog that a lot of people won'€™t want, something to do with peace and satisfaction, for you and the dog. Otto and Sue are not cat tolerant, or not tolerant enough to be a good fit in a home with our feline friends, so if you have a cat, you may want to pass.

If you are one of those people who get great joy out of helping another soul and giving (as well as receiving) the comfort of seeing them spend their final years with dignity and can put them in a house with love and a soft bed, you will want to check out Otto and Sue. Like myself, neither of these two act their age, they still have that old get up and go romp, but only for a short time just like the younger greyhounds, then it'€™s back to the couch.

I call them our pair of aces, and they would look good as a matched set, one at each end of your couch or love seat. You can call Michelle or Jerry at FOG, or email them and set up an appointment at your convenience. Although leaving the old kennel broke my heart (I was only a few minutes away), we now have the advantage of flexible visiting as opposed to the old five hours only on the weekend, you can most likely set up your most convenient time, and it'€™s possible if you live in Broward, that they might even bring the dogs to your house to visit. It doesn'€™t get much better than that, except maybe if they clean your house and wash your car, but don'€™t'€™ expect that.

For more information about adopting one or both of these deserving greyhounds, please visit our website:

Make a fast friend today.

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Como Se Yama



Basic Information: Racing Name: Como Se Yama, Kennel Name: Yammy, DOB: 11/9/03, Female, 10 Years Old, Color: Fawn, Racing Weight: 58 lbs.

Oye, como se yama? My name is John. As you already know, or will know after this sentence, not only do we adopt out retired racing greyhounds, but we also take returns for the people that can no longer take care of their greyhound pets, and we also rescue them off the streets and kill shelters. Como Se Yama is one of those, she was picked up wandering the streets of Miami. She is a senior lady, ten years old and was not in good shape when she was picked up. We had two benign tumors removed from her back and she has since recovered and is back in good health and looking for a loving home for the rest of her days.

We know that Yammy raced professionally 91 times and was a brood mom in the kennels. What happened to her after that is unknown and she won'€™t tell us. Yammy is a spunky old lady, she'€™s both frisky and playful, and a little ornery when she wants to be. She is semi cat tolerant, would probably be good with a cat that takes no dung from anyone. She is also up to date on her vaccinations and shots. She is house trained and spayed.

Being ten years old means that Ms. Yammy will probably not be with you as long as a younger dog, but I am a champion of adopting older, less desirable dogs, because the feeling you get when you provide an animal, no matter what they'€™ve been previously through in their life, with a quality life and let them have their dignity back, simply by living in a caring home with loving companions or people, is unmatchable. So those of you who do that sort of thing, you might want to check out this sexy little senior citizen, she is a lot of fun and has a great personality to boot. Also, for the financially motivated, you might want to ask if there is a senior discount available on this girl, which is highly possible.

You can come see Yammy at FOG, or if you are within our tri county area, it'€™s also quite possible that Michelle or Jerry can bring her out to your house. If you are interested in this girl, or any of the others, give them a call or an email and you can set up an appointment at your convenience. I love saying that, it'€™s so much better than saying Saturday or Sunday, ten to three only. So get off your tail and run on down to our kennel and check out our greys. Grey is good and senior is better, at least as far as I'€™m concerned.

For more information about how to adopt this deserving senior greyhound, please visit our website:

Make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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O Ya Shotgun Red



Basic Information: Racing Name: O Ya Shotgun Red, Kennel Name: Red 3, DOB: 6/22/10, Male, 4 Years Old, Color: Red Fawn, Racing Weight: 75 lbs.

As you already know, until we get our new kennel, we will have limited space available for our potential adoptables. We always have room for returns and dogs that have managed to find themselves on the street or in a kill shelter. O Ya Shotgun Red, known around the local water dish as Big Red Dog, or simply Red, is a return. He was adopted out at the beginning of this year and has recently been returned. Yep, he'€™s another one of our '€˜through no fault of his own'€™ pups, but I don'€™t know the exact circumstances. I'€™m guessing another military family transfer, but you can find out the story if you check him out.

Red is four years old, tall, light, and handsome, and looking for his forever home. Personally, I like the returns, especially the '€˜not their fault'€™ dogs, who have gone to a home, played the game correctly, and still lost out. I can understand some of the returns that maybe tore up a house, attacked and killed three cats and a horse and took the neighbor'€™s kid hostage for six hours, or something like that, but my heart breaks for the ones that play by the rules and still lose. My heart has been broken before, and in these cases, it'€™s always mended again because there'€™s always been someone to come along and give the story a happy ending. This story will be the same, and remember, Red has already been in a home, he knows the rules, is house trained and most likely will make a seamless transition into your house and heart.

Big Red ran 88 races, of which he won or finished second in 24 of them. He reached Grade AA, so he was a no nonsense type of racer, I'€™m pretty sure when he finds the human love of his life, they'€™ll get a hundred ten per cent from him in that race also.

Every dog has his best feature; with some it'€™s their coat, with others it may be their ears or tail. One look into Red'€™s beautiful big brown soulful eyes, and you will immediately know his best feature. Caution is to be used here, however, because you may fall hopelessly in love with the boy.

He loves children and small animals, as long as you are not a cat. He did not test as cat tolerant, so if you have cats or are one looking to adopt a grey, you might want to pass on this guy but don'€™t worry, we have others. The goal is to find a home for everyone, some will naturally take longer than others, more from the luck of the draw than anything else. With a rare exception once in a while, every dog that has had the title of number one in seniority, or less politely said, been there the longest, the people always write or call and comment something like '€˜'€™how did this dog take so long to get adopted? He'€™s fabulous.'€™'€™

So, whether they be return, puppy, senior citizen, broken, or just off the track, they all have a retirement home and family out there that'€™s just perfect for them and the dog will be a perfect fit for the right family, and it'€™s our wonderful job to match them up. It doesn'€™t always happen on the first try, but we are willing and the dogs are willing to keep working at it until it is a win/win situation for everyone.

If you have checked the website and have a dog or two in mind, Michelle or Jerry will probably be able to even bring them to your house to see them up close and personal. You can also visit the kennel, just call or email Michelle or Jerry and you can set up an appointment at your convenience. I love saying that, it is so much better than Saturday or Sunday ten to three. So do check the pooches out. Temporarily we have only a few dogs until we get the new facility, but you most likely only need the right one or two.

Please visit our website for more information about how to adopt this beautiful greyhound:

Come make a fast friend today. You'€™ll be glad you did.

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